Are we back on track???

10 Nov

So remember when I used to blog?  I hardly remember it.

I don’t know if I don’t have time for blogging, if my priorities have changed, or if I’ve lost interest.

Seeing as I’ve blogged on and off for 11 years (and there’s a reason my moniker is flybynyght…), I wouldn’t say I’ve lost interest. And not having time – well, if you want to do something badly enough, you’ll find the time.  So does that mean that my priorities have changed?  Well, they sure have! I have a 9-month old who occupies my days and my thoughts.  I have a husband that I endeavor to spend time with as much as I can when the baby is asleep, and he is not working.  I have a new house that I am trying to get in order, while still dealing with the old house that has a real estate deal that just won’t close (fingers crossed for this Tuesday).

So is this my swan song?  Or my announcement that I’m back? Even though I haven’t posted in nearly a year (time flies, my friends, time flies), I’ll never leave blogging completely and will always love it.  Do I wish that I had kept my anonymous blog with my regular posts? Absolutely.  Do I wish that I hadn’t decided that blogging could be for notoriety/financial gain, and thus felt a pressure to do it, or post in a particular way?  Again, absolutely.  But as always, my blog evolves as I do, and as my interests do.  I don’t think I’d want it any other way.

So will I see you on the flip side?  I sure hope so…



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