Well whaddya know…

28 Dec

If you would have asked me what I thought pregnancy would be like for me before I actually got pregnant, I probably would have said it would probably look this way:

  • Very nauseous and lots of hurling in the toilet
  • Sadness over cutting out alcohol, sprouts, sushi, etc
  • A lot of weight gain and a lot of swelling
  • Excitedly writing detailed posts about all of my pregnancy experiences as the weeks went along

Well, I’m now at 36.5 weeks and can say that absolutely none of those are an accurate depiction of how my pregnancy has been thus far.  I have had a very good pregnancy (IMO) and have loved just about every minute.  I had the type of pregnancy that I would have thought that I’d want to share with the world! …and I do!  I just haven’t had the desire to spend the time writing blog posts about it.  This truly shocks me!  A lot of the time I don’t post  because I seem to have a lack of subject matter.  This clearly isn’t the case right now!  But instead of sitting down and typing, I find that I’m taking that time to read books about pregnancy, birth and parenthood; to research stuff online and to do all of the many preparations that come with a first child.

So although I haven’t been keeping a daily weekly monthly record of this pregnancy as it happened, I can say that I have lots of pictures (although mostly phone/mirror self portraits….lol), lots of memories, and lots that I’d like to share now!

Before getting pregnant, I had read that motion sickness and morning sickness have a lot of similarities and if you’re prone to motion sickness, you’re likely to have fairly bad morning sickness.  Well, my motion sickness is so bad that I have trouble watching someone on a swing (let alone getting on one myself!).  Despite this, I had only minor bouts of morning sickness.  I had a few weeks where I was quite nauseous (and it returned in the beginning of the third trimester), but I never threw up.  Not one time.  Shocking.  I had some aversions (barbecue chicken, leafy lettuce, opening used lunch tupperware containers), but none of them sent me to the porcelain throne either.  I feel VERY fortunate about this.

However, I did deal with several musculo-skeletal issues.  For several weeks I had an issue with my coccyx where it hurt to sit, stand, or even lie down in some positions.  I actually developed this one right before we went to Vegas (at 21 weeks…and I forgot to mention that even pregnant, Vegas is amazing :P) – always great issue to have when sitting on planes for hours on end and walking miles and miles a day…  After that cleared up (after lots of chiro), my sacroiliac joint decided to lock up (at 25 weeks).  This meant that I couldn’t bend or raise my right leg (like when you walk…) and sort of had to shuffle it along.  This took chiro and massage (and I believe, a shifting of the baby) to get this back on track, and although there were several false starts, it finally went away after about 3 and a half long weeks.  And just when I was celebrating that victory, I had another issue!  This time the ligaments in my pelvis had loosened (at 32 weeks) and were aggravated by running (I’ll get to the running in a minute…) and I felt as though I was breaking in half.  I felt as though someone had put my pubic bone in a vice and I was cracking in half.  This took about two weeks of not being able to move faster than a snail before it felt better.  Notice I didn’t say get better.  I still have this and there’s a chance it could continue after pregnancy too :*(  , but it’s just an annoyance now and not incredible painful like it was.

While none of those issues were *fun* I feel so fortunate that those were what my major problems were – quite manageable indeed.  And other than the musculo-skeletal issues, I’d say my worst pregnancy symptom was tiredness.  The first trimester had me in bed by 830 and sleeping like a ton of bricks.  After that, I was able to stay up until 930 (wow!) and that’s pretty much where my bedtime has stayed.  Unfortunately, now that I’m nearing the end of my third trimester I’ve had a change in my sleeping habits again.  I have absolutely no problem falling asleep, but once I wake up, I have a lot of difficulty falling back asleep.  And I wake up constantly – to pee, to attempt to roll to my other side…again.  A couple nights ago I woke up at 3.  And stayed awake.  And had to work in the morning.  It was a ROUGH one, and although the time is a little earlier, it’s not just the exception, it seems to be the rule these days.

But I’ve had some good symptoms too!  In the first 25 or so weeks, my nails and my hair were in great condition!  Longest nails I’d ever grown in my life and nice shiny locks.  Now my hair isn’t quite as lustrous (but still looking great!), and my nails are actually dry and a little brittle.  And my skin!  My gosh it has never looked better!  I didn’t have a ton of zits as a kid, but there’d always be one or two hanging around, now I have clear, very smooth skin (hope it sticks around!).  Although weirdly, from week 10ish-22ish, I had oodles of small bumps on my forehead.  Never had that before, and hadn’t changed anything (like different hats, changing the way I washed after running), but they disappeared as suddenly as they came on!

By far one of the best pregnancy symptoms was the lack of symptoms that enabled me to continue running!  I ran quite regularly until about 22 weeks, then switched to basically just running on the weekends (which is all I seemed to have the time and energy for!).  When I ran I had no discomfort with my belly, and was able to continue running until 31.5 weeks!  I worked through the coccyx issue, and the sacroiliac issue (although sadly had to walk a half marathon because I just couldn’t raise my leg enough to run), but it was the pelvic ligaments that were my downfall and ultimately stopped my running.  I’m very proud of all the races that I completed while pregnant, so here’s a recap:

Martian Marathon – Half Marathon: This technically was the day before the first day of my pregnancy, but I’m including it anyway…it’s my list ;)  This race was filled with rain and I had a chest cold, so my only goal was to finish.  I must have taken this goal to heart though, because it was probably my best finish – as in I chose a spot and ran hard until I crossed the finish line – definitely improved my mental game.

Grand Prix Shakedown – 5k: (6 weeks) This race was incredibly hot (think heatwave and a 4 o’clock start time on an asphalt course) and I knew I was pregnant so tried to take it a little easy.  This resulted in my worst 5k (by far) ever, and I couldn’t have been happier!

Moon in June – 10k:  (8 weeks)  This race was still during our heat wave and the first one where I wore a camelbak.  Having access to 1.5litres of water was essential to being able to run throughout the summer.  I was the very last 10ker to come in and the one who probably had the biggest smile :)

Escape to Belle Isle – 10k: (13 weeks)  This race was in July, and I was able to eek out a 20 second better time than the Moon in June 10k, but realized that that no part of me wanted to race in August, so although I continued to run, I took a racing break until,

Run for Heroes – Half Marathon: (23 weeks) This race was awesome for me.  I wore a shirt that said 23 weeks and a baby on board sign on my camelbak.  I finished 10 minutes faster than my goal and the first 10 miles felt absolutely amazing!  I also experienced my first trip to a portapotty during a race (3x) and my first Braxton Hicks contractions.  Todd ran the last quarter mile with me and it was great to cross the finish line with him…even if it was his second time crossing ;)

Detroit Free Press Marathon – Half Marathon: (27 weeks) I was in the throes of my locked sacroiliac pain with this race, and combined with the fact that my OB said I wasn’t allowed to actually run this (walk only because my placenta was low), it wasn’t the experience I was expecting, and was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. 4 hours of pain with every step (my SI joint, nothing to do with the baby) definitely showed me what I could do when I put my mind to it.  I wore a shirt that said Oh Baby on the belly (and my BOB sign on my back)and ended up on the Detroit Free Press website!  (and this race was also special because it was Todd’s first full marathon! Yay!)

Wicked Halloween Run – 10k: (28 weeks)  This was to be my last race of pregnancy, and I wasn’t sure how things would go, having been in such pain the week before during the half marathon.  When I started running though, it all felt perfect.  I finished well ahead of my expected finish time, and that was with having to pull over and completely stop for  a few minutes because my round ligaments had me cramping.  I wore an orange shirt that had a jackolantern face and was tight across my belly…adorable if I do say so myself! The race was so great that I told Todd that I had to run one more 10k (my favourite distance!) before I gave birth.

Detroit Turkey Trot – 10k: (31.5 weeks)  My endurance was definitely non-existent by this race, but the weather was perfect (cool and sunny, although windy) and I was ready to go out (of the running game) with a bang.  The route started out on the Thanksgiving Day parade route, so there were oodles of spectators.  Todd ran the last half mile (he’d already finished…and eaten…and changed, lol) with me and I was so happy he was there!  Although the happiness faded momentarily when I realized they’d run out of medals (pregnant lady needs a medal, dammit!), but came right back when I realized that I’d finished more than 2 minutes faster than at the Halloween race – and I was much bigger now!

But alas, this was my last run.  I actually had to go to work for 5 hrs after this (it wasn’t Thanksgiving in Canada, afterall…) and it was all I could do to get in and out of my car and up the stairs to my desk.  The pelvic pain was incredible (baby was fine, it’s just because during pregnancy the relaxin in your body causes joints to be lose – and the run had exacerbated this).  It wasn’t until two weeks later that I felt comfortable enough to try to run again.  Todd and I decided that I wouldn’t run alone any longer, or I’d only run on the treadmill at the gym.  So at the gym I warmed up a bit, ramped up the speed and within 10 steps knew that running would be done.  Every step felt like I was breaking in two.  So now I’m relegated to walking, and even with that, I have to watch how much I do, my pelvis can get quite sore.

So with 3.5 weeks left in my pregnancy (we hope! Keep percolating baby!), I feel the need to reflect on what I’ve gone through so far.  It feels like it has flown by, and who knows if I’ll ever have the opportunity to do it again!

As I soon transition to the next phase of being the Mom of a newborn, I have to say that I feel extremely fortunate to be pregnant and to have had the pregnancy I’ve had.

Here’s to the next part of the adventure ;)




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