Summer lovin had me a blast…

23 Aug

The best part of summer – the fact there are so many fun summer weekends to be had!  As much as it sometimes seems to be a pain to be so busy, it certainly isn’t a pain to be busy having fun!  This past weekend Todd and I packed up the SUV and the Monster and headed up to Haliburtan for a long weekend.  We were staying at my friend B’s cottage, which is on an awesome lake and has all of the amenities and peacefulness (mixed in with adventure!) you could want.

In total, we had 6 adults, 2 young kids, a 7-week old and two dogs in the 2 bedroom cottage.  It sounds crazy, but the space is much bigger than it sounds and everyone was comfortable where they were, and everyone had a spot to lay their head.

And fun!  Omigosh, did we have fun!  This is our second annual trip and although it couldn’t have been more different than the first trip, it was a blast nonetheless.

Last year we spent hour upon hour in the lake, swimming, tubing, waterskiing, paddle boarding, kayaking, riding on the pontoon boat and yes, even skinnydipping ;)  This year, there was one trip out for waterskiing, one paddleboard escapade, and the kids took a short dip.  But that was all the lake offered us this.  Instead of being brutally hot August sun and crazy Ontario humidity, we had, wind, cool mostly overcast days and VERY cool nights (like, down to 8 degrees Celsius cool!).

Our days still seemed full and the nights were spent snuggled around the campfire in sweats and blankets (ok, somehow I was the only one that seemed to be so uber-cold that needed a sweatshirt on all day and a blanket all evening…), eating smores and drinking alcoholic beverages.  Well, except me of course.  And Min, who is breast feeding, and had a glass of wine or two over the weekend, but was mainly a teetotaler with me.  While around the fire, I came to a realization – I’m no longer jealous of everyone drinking!  I’m not saying that I wouldn’t down a glass of red in a minute (if I could!), but I’m quite fine with drinking mocktails and water while everyone else is imbibing.  Now, it’ll be interesting to see if that’s still the case when Todd and I are in Vegas in 3 weeks.

Oh wait, did I not mention that before?

That’s right, I’m going to Vegas.  5 months pregnant.

It’ll definitely be interesting.  And different from every other Vegas trip we’ve been on (this will be trip number 6), which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  We had planned on doing a roadtrip to DC, then promptly changed our minds.  We realized that we could always do DC with a stroller.  We would never do Vegas with kids in tow.  I also realized that I wanted more of a pool and relaxation vacation, instead of the hustle and bustle of museums.  However, the thing that actually made our mind up, was the drive.  Both of us realized that 10-14hrs in a car was not ideal for either of us right now (sciatica, lower back issues, ummm… pregnancy…).  I’d rather do 3.5-4 hrs in a plane.

So Vegas it was.  Or is.  We haven’t gone yet…

Ok, I must sign off now – otherwise I’ll talk about Vegas and won’t be able to stop telling you how awesome it is, and you’ll get tired of scrolling.  So I’ll leave it for the next post ;)




One Response to “Summer lovin had me a blast…”

  1. Timmy August 28, 2012 at 8:23 am #

    I personally just loved the weather. Sunlight makes me very happy.

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