Tuesday, oh what a day…

14 Aug

It’s been an interesting day today.

Let’s see…

1) I now cry at not just the drop of a hat, but any sort of slightly stressful situation, mention of homeless children, or lost puppies.

2) After 3.5 years of open internet at work, my employers have started to monitor…not that I ever went on sites that weren’t work related ;)

3) I realized that the room booked for vacation appears to be the wrong type.  I had Todd call the hotel and they insisted that it said the proper type on their end.  Something tells me that this is going to come and haunt us in about a month…

4) Discovered the deliciousness that is a brownie in a mug!

5) Did the math for when the sale ends on the chair I want for the nursery ends and realize that I have exactly two opportunities in the next week and a half to purchase it.  Neither of which are ideal.  And one of which I won’t even be there for.  On second thought, maybe that is ideal!

6)  I now despise the words “venue” and “baby registry”

Oh, and as for #2, this means that I’ll have to plan my posts out a bit better from now on.  And speaking of posts, oh how I love writing them again!  It doesn’t quite feel like old hat yet, but after blogging for a whopping 10 years, I certainly can’t leave it for too long without it pulling me back.

Speaking of ten years of blogging, I find it interesting to look back at the transformation my blog has endured.  When I first started out, I wrote an anonymous blog that was mostly about venting about a job I hated and a boss that I sincerely did not like.  When I realized that putting so much negativity out there was just making me re-live it, and put more energy into things I didn’t like, I decided to change the direction.  I then wrote about my daily life, the strange occurrences, things that I loved as well as my hopes and dreams.  During this time, I decided that it was time to leave the world of anonymity behind and be open with all of my IRL friends and family and let them know that I have a blog (and had been blogging for years!).  While I loved being able to be honest, I found that there was a new sense of pressure from people.  I felt that I had to  document every moment of every experience I had.  If I skipped a few days, I had some people that would ask me (in person) why I hadn’t updated, and it drove me bat.shit.crazy.  I hated it!  So of course I did what I always do, I stopped writing for a bit (flybynyght, remember).  When I decided to come back, I decided for the blog to be less of a diary, and more daily/weekly life and hijinks recap.  And that was great, until I found the world of food blogs and decided to transform my blog (and now domain!!!) to be foodie centric.  But of course, as much as I enjoyed this, I realized that food was just a small part of my loves and continued to write about it, but to also write about fitness and running, and general healthy living.  I felt much more free to write and not so boxed in.  And then suddenly, I just didn’t feel like writing anymore.  So I didn’t.  And I felt completely okay with that, as blogging for me is a journey.  And where is this journey now?  Well, we shall see, but I think I’m going to once again write for me, about what I want, and how often I want.  And that sounds perfect to me.  For right now.




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