And a new chapter begins…

13 Aug

A new chapter of Flybynyght?  Yes.

A new chapter of Life?  Absolutely.

As normal, my urge to write here ebbs and flows and is what brought me to my moniker in the first place.  But for the past four months I’ve had an incredible urge to write, but knew that I couldn’t.  If this were the non-public Flybynyght of yesteryear I could have, but that’s (happily) no longer the case.  You see, I’ve been harbouring a secret.  A secret that I was afraid I’d let slip if I tried to dance around it and write about other things.

A happy secret.

A secret that will take about 40 weeks to percolate:)

Yup, there’s going to be a Baby Fly!

Now that all friends, family, bosses and co-workers know, I can be free and honest with all of you (Ummm, like I have any readers left, lol!).  So my writing should become more frequent now (again), and although I’d classify my blog as a healthy living/daily life blog, there may be a little bit of a shift toward more pregnancy talk – because that’s clearly what’s on the forefront of my brain!

So, for the pertinent information…

Todd and I were fortunate to conceive quickly.  We wernt being careful for the 3 months before, but did nothing else to quicken the process.  In April I bought an Ovulation Prediction kit and found out that I ovulated much later in my cycle than I would have thought!  That month we began officially “trying,” and that month we actually conceived!  Talk about a surprise!  I figured that being 33, it may take some time!

At 6 weeks I had a prenatal exam with my medical doctor and she did bloodwork (to ensure I was pregnant).

At 14 weeks I saw my OB for the first time.  They tried to let me hear the heartbeat with the doppler, but my placenta was loud and the nurse was concerned that I couldn’t hear the faint sound of the heartbeat – even though I could!  Soooo, I got to have my very first ultrasound!  Now, it was maybe 10 seconds long and there were no pictures or measurements.  But I got to see my baby (looked kinda like a sweet potato, lol) and I got to see the heartbeat.  This meant that I was, indeed, pregnant.  It all seemed so unreal up until that very point.

Today, I’m 17 weeks and can’t believe that it has already been that long – it’s gone so quickly!  Next week I have my first real ultrasound – anatomical – and couldn’t be more excited.  I’m also excited that Todd will get to be there to see the baby, because he missed the first one (I told him there was no need to go, it would just be history, pee, weight…but, surprise!).

I’m due January 21, 2013 and although in a way that seems quite far off, it also feels like it’s just around the corner.I know these next 5 or so months are just going to fly by (haha) and can’t wait to share the experiences with you and to log them as a reminder to myself!

I am so looking forward to this journey…




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