*tap**tap* Is this thing on?

24 Jan

Well, hello.

It’s been a while.  To say the least.  A lot has happened in the past, oh, YEAR!  My hiatus from blogging certainly wan’t planned (they never are…) but I enjoyed my time away.  About once a month I’d yearn for detailing my life with my legions (*ahem*) of fans.  I believe that I may just be down to one fan now (Hi, Mom!).  However, I’m completely fine with that.

I went through a short time where site views and comments seemed oh so very important.  I’m glad that that phase was short.  I also realized that although I love to post about the recipes I’ve made – I really don’t like to read other peoples’ recipes in their posts.  The food, yes – the recipes, no (sad, but true).   Because of that, I think I’ll cut down on the number of full on recipes that I post.  Or post the dish and link to the recipe on the Recipe Page for easier reading (although this may be more work – so I wouldn’t hold your breath…).

I also want to post more about me (hello, egocentric blogger here…) and my thoughts, opinions and dreams.  I think I will always be a healthy living blogger (not a food blogger, not a fitness blogger, not an everything-I-do-every-second blogger) but with a big emphasis on sharing my life experiences, healthy or not.

The thing I love about blogging, is that it can ebb and flow with my life.  If I am all about fitness, I can gear my posts toward that; if I am all about black quinoa (yum, by the way), I can gear my posts toward that; and if I’m all about cats, well, someone shoot me.  I also love that I can come and go as I please and not answer to anyone for lack of posting or the content of my posts (more or less, I’m not really rockin any boats here…).

So herein lies another chapter of the ever-evolving flybynyght.com

My first order of business will be to update last years’ Commitments to see how well I did, then a recap of the year, as I did last year  (although I took so few pictures this year, it could be mostly text and oh, so thrilling…).  Then I want to outline what my Commitments are for this year and finally bring you back into my daily life!

I look forward to the journey, and hey, this blog isn’t called flbynyght without reason :)




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