We’re lookin for you, we’re gonna find you…

27 Feb

So I appear to have taken a blogging break. I don’t think that it was entirely intentional, although I must say that I have felt that there were two things keeping me from updating:

– A big backlog of posts to catch up on – all which seem very long and involved

– The injury I alluded to in my last post :(

First off, I’d like to say that my Recipe Challenge is going swimmingly and I’m enjoying creating and following recipes each week. I’ve definitely tried a lot of different dishes that I haven’t either cooked before, or in some case, even eaten before! I had someone ask me, if that’s all I cook during the week, my one (or two, or three) recipe for my Challenge. Ummm, no. I make all sorts of things! Some of which is just all thrown together so doesn’t seem recipe worthy to me, and some are recipes I’ve been making for forever (or, re-making the same one’s I’ve already discovered through this challenge!).

The one thing that I didn’t think about when committing to this challenge, was just how much time it would take to blog about the recipes! Perhaps I’m too involved in my descriptions and instructions? Although I no longer blog my daily eats, I like to blog about any new recipes, whether for the Challenge, or not. With the amount of time I’ve set aside for blogging, this just hasn’t been working! …And part of this is that I’ve been in kind of a funk lately, which brings me to point number two.

4 weeks ago I hurt my foot. I went for a run and oh, how it was a great run. That run and the one before were the first runs where I felt that I was finally starting to feel my mojo come back. They were the type of runs where you got in your groove and it just felt natural.  I haven’t felt that way in MONTHS.

Anyway, I got home, took my shoe off, and immediately felt pain.  I knew that there was something wrong, but not sure what, or why.  I hadn’t undone my tightly-laced, doubled-knotted shoe to take it off (nature was calling!!!) and thought that perhaps I pulled something in my foot, by pulling my foot out of the shoe.  The pain would come and go as I walked on it – the further I walked, the more it would hurt and I would limp (ridiculously, I must say.  I looked so silly!).  However, I continued to run on it for the next week.  I know this sounds crazy as I was a limping mess, but I didn’t find there was really any pain when I was running on it.  The consequence though, was that walking was starting to become quite an ordeal and very painful.

And then everything changed.  I went to a park that had a nice walking path that would be very snow-covered, but a traffic light-free place to run 6 miles.  By mile one I knew that things with my foot weren’t good; my foot was VERY sore (it hadn’t really hurt running on it until now…).  I managed to finish up one more mile on sheer determination, but was in severe pain, so called it a day.  I know that this sounds a little crazy, but at the time, I was pretty sure that I hurt my foot by not untying my shoe before taking it off…

The pain was intense enough though that I went home, looked in the phone book for walk-in clinics that had on-site x-rays available and went straight to the one I found. Unfortunately, when I got there, I found out that being a Sunday, their x-ray wasn’t open (burn!), so I just left and decided to go after work on Monday.

Well on Monday, I waited an hour to see the doctor and it was a complete waste of time. SERIOUSLY.  When he came into the room, he asked what happened, had me walk 3 (3!) steps, declared that my feet are ‘flat’ and I needed orthotics. “Get orthotics, take advil and come back in a week if it still hurts.”  And then he left the room. !!!!

Excuse Me???   Seriously, what just happened?

Ummmm, you think I have this major limp because I need orthotics? Ya, I already have them and that’s irrelevant, I can tell you that….

*Run and tell dat, Homeboy, homeboy, homeboy….*   oh how I love Antoine Dodson  :)

He actually didn’t touch my foot at all and barely looked at it.  I was so shocked that I didn’t know what to do.  I ended up going home and then decided that I’d give it a couple more days to heal; if it was still a problem by Friday, I’d go to a different clinic. Well, by Thursday I realized it wasn’t getting better and I couldn’t wait any longer.

This time the doctor actually listened to me!!!!   Yaaaayyyyyyy!!!  He said that he thought it was a stress fracture.  Booooooooo!!!  I asked him if he really thought that it was necessary to get x-rays and he was pretty adamant that it was.  I think that in my eyes, if I didn’t get x-rays that it meant that I was really ok and that there wasn’t really a possibility in the fracture department.

The Doc sent me down the hall for x-rays and when I came back, actually read them with me.  Unfortunately they showed a stress fracture on the head of the fifth metatarsal – exactly where my foot hurt – imagine that…

This isn’t my foot, and actually it’s a right foot, and my issue is with my left, but to give you an idea as to where the stress fracture is…

Night and day between the two Doctors, I tell you. So 6-8 weeks off of any weight bearing exercise. Boo. I’m glad that I hadn’t signed up for my next Half Marathon yet, because it’s on April 2 and clearly that’s out now.  Maybe I’ll be able to do a couple of 5ks in the spring before the humidity gets to be too gross.

I certainly won’t ever take being able to run for granted anymore…  I miss it so much!


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