Motor City doin what it knows best…

25 Jan

Ahhhh, what a good weekend  :)  Full of cooking, relaxing, exercise and my favourite, grocery shopping!

This weekend was also FRIGID.  Where I live, it’s very humid in the summer and a damp cold in the winter.  Damp, frigid and oh, did I mention windy?  Sounds like a great weekend for running!  My run was only 5 miles (thank goodness), but I thought that I’d better do it on Friday after work (my Rest Day!) when it was only –10 air temp.  When I was originally supposed to run Saturday morning, it was –18 air temp and the wind chill was in the –30’s!!!!  Thank goodness I ran the day before.

Instead, Saturday morning Todd and I took my parents to Detroit to go to the North American International Auto Show.  We’ve been before and had a great time, but they’ve never had the opportunity to go.  With the economic downturn and the virtual collapse of the auto industry, there was a definite change in how the vehicles were presented.  A lot of the glitz and opulence wasn’t as present as in years past.  Mind you, it was still flashy and amazing to see; but not with the past grandeur.  I don’t think that that’s necessarily a bad thing!

A couple of concept cars that kinda look like large vacuum cleaners,

IMG_0345 IMG_0346

This was part of the Michelin display and I don’t know what they had to do with tires, but these little guys sure were adorable!

IMG_0347 IMG_0348

After I took this picture, I heard a giggle beside me and one of the reps put a Michelin pin in my hand.  Alrighty, then.  I gave the pin to my dad as a belated Christmas gift because I didn’t know what to do with it.

This exhibit was people using the Kinnect to drive the new Chevy Volt.  There were several stations and it was really funny to watch all of the people using their whole body to drive the car :) 

IMG_0350 IMG_0351

The show is huge!  What you see is ONLY the Chevy exhibit.  Now think about how many car and luxury car companies their are…


The Volt really seems amazing – I’d love to plug my car in!


Me sitting in my dream machine…  


And look!  It’s a hybrid!  …ya, because that makes it more likely that I’ll be driving this gorgeous vehicle any time soon  :)

IMG_0364   IMG_0367

The Lexus exhibit.  It had little LED lights that constantly changed patterns and colours. 


It was on the floor, up the walls, on the ceiling and everywhere!

IMG_0371  IMG_0373

This was probably one of the flashier displays and it was really cool! 

IMG_0376 IMG_0377

Don’t these Scions remind you of Hot Wheels? 


I’ve always wanted a porthole in my car…


Todd sitting in the Toyota Land Cruiser – his dream mobile :)  


There were a few driving simulators.  Really neat, with really long lines.  Ummm, I’ll just get in my real car and really drive, thanks.     


This video was hilarious!  It was a couple rapping about their Toyota minivan – their Swagger Wagon  :)

IMG_0390 IMG_0391

I stood and listened to the whole thing.  Funniest thing I’ve heard in a LONG time!

Behold the brightest car I’ve ever seen.  This picture doesn’t show just how bright this Mercedes is – but it actually HURT my eyes!


Doesn’t it look like a face?

IMG_0397  IMG_0399

One of the few cars that you couldn’t get near…     


We had a great time.  And did you notice that everyone in the pictures were carrying red reusable bags?  Ya, they were handing them out and they looked like the perfect size.  For some reason I couldn’t figure out where they were being given out!  I walked every inch of that show with my eyes peeled and nada.  oh, such a fan of free :)

And it may not be free, but White Castle must be the place to be, because look at the sign that I saw when we left the Auto Show…


Better get those calls in quick  :)


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