I hope you’re not wanting to drive that…

8 Jan

I woke up this morning before the sun had a chance to reach the sky, and also before most people had had a chance to shovel their sidewalks. 108_0001And it was –11.  So why not go for a run! I decided to head out in my neighbourhood and get out before everyone else did.  I also decided to make this the first time that I have ever took a camera with me on a run!  Ya, smart when everything has a good coating of snow and you KNOW that there is a bunch of ice underneath it, (which I found out firsthand here).

108_0002My route was to the left, where there were no more sidewalks. I wasn’t sure if this would be a good thing, or a bad.  My run the other day had me running on everyone’s yards, because the road was so slippery.  Today I was a little more fortunate!

108_0003The first peeks of the sun between the trees, coming up over the houses…

108_0004I love when evergreen trees are full of snow.  So pretty! Although, you don’t want to be walking underneath when they let go…

108_0005I ignored the  subliminal message and continued along the snow covered road.

108_0006Not a ton of snow, just enough to keep your feet sliding with each step and getting your feet full of snow.

108_0008My first ever running self portrait.  I can’t believe, 1) it turned out (as did ALL of my pics), and 2) that I’m posting such an unflattering pic.

108_0009 108_0010 108_0011

Ummm…I live in an okay neighbourhood – I hope that this was done by the owner –lol!

108_0013Look!  shovelled sidewalk!!!!

108_0014Of course this wasn’t to last…

108_0015And only got worse.  Fresh powder is good for skiing (and apparently biking?), not so good for running.

108_0017Let’s just say, it’s a good thing that Todd had a dry pair of socks and shoes waiting for me at the gym.

108_0018That’s right, my destination was to the gym!  I actually live only 4/10 of a mile from the gym (meaning their is NEVER an excuse not to go), so I definitely took the long way.  I managed to make it take me 2.10 miles to get to the gym :)

I was meeting Todd at the gym (where I ran another mile and did some major stretching) because I wasn’t sure how long I wanted to be outside running with the low temps.  I figured I could shorten my route if it felt really cold, but it was actually really nice.  I know that my city’s name (Windsor) has nothing to do with the wind, but it seems like it is ALWAYS windy here.  Except this morning – which helped the air temp and windchill.

108_0021Yay!  Made it to the gym in one piece, no slips, no falls and not even that cold (except for my ankles).  This looks quite like the last unflattering pic, except this one has more sweat and a redder face:)

I really felt fine here, lung wise and cold wise; but I must say that my legs really got a workout with searching for traction the entire run! This was the slowest that I think that I’ve EVER run 2 miles.  And it doesn’t bother me a bit, because it felt great and it was nice to see the neighbourhood waking up.

However, I must say I’m happy that I have this,


I was in a race on New Year’s Day – the Resolution Run 10K – and this is what you got instead of a tshirt.  It’s lightweight, but keeps you warm (without you overheating), it has thumbholes for days unlike today when you don’t need gloves and it’s bright enough that no car has an excuse not to see you.

Getting this jacket was well worth the ick race.  I’m pretty sure I never did a review of it, but here are the main crappy points:

  • It was way colder than today and windy as all get out
  • The course was FOUR 2.5k loops (idiotic)
  • There was a 5k and a 10k, with only a few dozen people running the 10k
  • It was described as flat, but had some of the biggest hills I’ve ever seen in a neighbourhood (and remember, I had to run up them 4 times!)
  • The course wasn’t closed, so we actually had to battle traffic
  • I finished last :( ….and JUST barely…

But I’d do it all again for the jacket!

My next run is Monday – I’m hoping for a thaw by then, think I’ll get it?


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