I’d like to think I’d make Sophie Kinsella proud :):):)

7 Jan

It’s Friday, yay!!!!

It was a great day at work, except for the fact that I made a mistake in payroll that affected 2/3 of the staff…oops!  never done that before!  Great way to impress the new General Manager though, eh?

To blow off a little steam, I did one of my favourite things after work – I went grocery shopping!  I really do love shopping for food and ingredients.  Today’s trip was grocery shopping:  bulk store edition!!!

IMG_4961The Goods!!!

Now I must say that as I look at this, I see a ton of plastic.  However, at the bulk store, it is a necessary evil.  For spices I use the smaller bags, which I really can’t reuse (because of the spice residue, duh), but I always reuse the larger bags from grains etc.  In fact any plastic bag that I receive (bread bag, produce bag from the grocery store), always gets reused it some way.

The name of the game today was stocking up and refilling.  So you wanna see what I bought?

Well, if not – see ya later ;)


  • Chili Powder $0.85
  • Ground Coriander Seed $0.70
  • Garam Masala $0.70
  • Curry Powder $0.92
  • Cinnamon $0.56


  • Organic Red Quinoa $1.98
  • Toasted Light Sesame Seeds $1.31
  • Pearl Barley $.018


  • Whole Bay Leaves $0.11
  • Rubbed Oregano $0.66
  • Granulated Garlic $1.32


  • Tahini (Sesame Seed Butter) $3.51
  • Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) $1.31

IMG_4974 IMG_4962

I also got some Rawhide chips ($2.13) for this cute little lady,


I put our Mexican blanket on the couch and thought that she’d make herself a little nest in it (one of her favourite things to do).  Instead she buried herself completely in it so that only her tail was showing out of the back of the blanket.  Of course, I reached for the camera.  When I turned it on, she heard it and had to pose :)

So the total damage for this whole stock up:

$16.24 + .28 tax – 3.00 coupon (!) = $13.52  Love it!

The best part is that I still have a few more things that I’d like to buy and I still have another $3.00 off coupon (after you buy $10) that’s good until January 20.  If I’m going to buy it anyway, why not buy it when I have a coupon!

Speaking of coupons, have you seen that new show on TLC (I think), called Extreme Couponing?  It’s crazy!  People will take a $500 bill and bring it down to like $7, just by using coupons!  Unfortunately, 95% is for food (I use that term loosely) that I’d never eat.  I’m not saying I won’t watch the show again though  ;)

On my way to the bulk store, I walked next door to HomeSense to look for something like this for my counter.


I found two that I liked, both stainless steel, but thought I should get some input from Todd before I went ahead and bought one (not sure if they could be returned).  Hopefully you’ll see something new on my counter soon though!

When I was there looking around, I saw their planner and journal area (they have GREAT journals) and instantly realized that I just needed to have a new notebook for my Recipe Challenge!  However I had 3 stipulations:  1) it needed to be lined, 2) it had to be coiled so it would sit flat, and 3) it had to be contained in some way that if I left a partially written recipe card in it, it would stay there.

Unfortunately, HomeSense had nothing that fit the bill exactly (although they had a ton of daily planners and journals that I wanted to grab!). However, on my way home, I stopped in another store and found exactly what I was looking for!

IMG_4979Coiled – Check!  Self Contained – Check!

IMG_4980 And lined – Check!

And the best part, I got it at Dollarama for a mere $2!!!  Wahoo!

And since I got such a great deal, I picked this little baby up too.


Isn’t it cute?


This is actually the size that I use for the gym.  It fits perfectly on most machines and it’s not cumbersome.  The one I have is nearing completion, so I feel that this purchase was a necessity  :)

So apparently this was actually the Flybynyght goes shopping post.  Hope it wasn’t too boring ;)

I’m thinking about taking my smaller camera on my run with me tomorrow – don’t know though, I’ve never tried running and taking a picture at the same time before.  Oh, and managing to stay on my feet too.  We just got some fresh snow – maybe I shouldn’t chance it…  although I bet the snow will make for some great pics!  Decisions, decisions…


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