It’s such a good vibration!!!

6 Jan

This morning didn’t start out as a great day… 

At 5am, Todd’s watch alarm went off.  He didn’t need to get up this morning, and I don’t get up until 620.  Of course Todd didn’t hear the alarm.  And I didn’t know where the watch was.  When it went off for the second time 10 minutes later, I jostled him and made him find it :)  Of course I couldn’t really get back to sleep after that. 

Then as I was packing my lunch, my lunch bag fell off the counter and spilled all over the floor.  Thankfully none of my Tupperware containers opened, but my fruit went everywhere and it received some real nice bruises. 

I took a break from the kitchen to get dressed and realized that when I put my clothes out the night before, I did so with the intention of doing laundry.  Laundry that I totally forgot that I was going to do.  So I had to wear a pair of dress pants that I had previously worn (they might not have been fresh, but they were clean).  Muttering under my breath, I went back to the kitchen  to fill my travel mug, and proceeded to knock it over – along with all of the half and half that was in it.  Let me tell you how fun that stuff is to clean up at 645 in the morning.

I had a few choice curse words, and then I decided to make it a better day.  Instead of going into my day with the attitude of, another thing crappy just happened, what’s next?  I said, from this point on, it’ll be a good day and I then I CHOSE to have the positive outlook I try to carry myself with every day.

And what do you know, it worked.

The rest of my day was great! 

And started when I saw this sitting with the mail from yesterday,

IMG_4949 IMG_4950 It’s a $10 gift card courtesy of P.F. Chang’s!  They sponsored the Rock and Roll Marathon in Las Vegas and sent this out as a Congratulations!  And since Todd and I both ran, we got two!  Well, worth a trip across the border to me!

Speaking of Vegas, nearly 4 weeks later, I finally have my Google Reader under control!  Between vacation and the holidays, it just exploded and continued to explode.  Thankfully at the beginning of December I whittled down my reader a bit – otherwise, oh my!  As of right now, there are a mere 6 posts waiting to be read!!!

Continuing on with my productive day, I went for a short run outside after work.  Surprisingly, it was my first run outside since the half marathon.  I’ve done short runs at the gym, but the treadmill is nothing like running outdoors.  Unfortunately I picked a craptastic day to run outside.  It snowed last night (just an inch or so) and warmed up just above freezing, letting everything melt a little.  Of course this afternoon, it cooled back down and everything froze.  And then it started snowing again.  So the people who didn’t shovel had an icy, bumpy mess on their sidewalks, and the people who did shovel, had a slick bit of icy snow on theirs.  Perfect running weather!  I managed to stay on my feet amazingly, and had a pretty good run.

I actually used my run today to run my errands – pun intended!  I had to take money from one bank and put it in another and usually I just do this on my way home from work.  However, sometimes I find that the littlest diversion from getting straight to my workout can really do a number on my will to complete it.  So instead of allowing that possibility to occur, I incorporated my running around into my running around – ha, pun intended again!  Now I’m sitting on the couch, typing this out in my Snuggie and my hair wrapped in a towel.  I look like Cookie Monster in a turban.  Mmmm, cookies…

Now it’s time to chill out and read my new cookbooks!!!

…although I think Todd was trying to send me a message by fanning out all of my unread magazines,

IMG_4953Normally I don’t buy magazines, but between travelling and freebies, I’ve amassed quite the collection.  However, it doesn’t usually occur to me to pick one up when I’m not on the go. 

I did happen to notice that one of those magazines wasn’t mine, but was actually Todd’s.  Although, I think he put it in my pile because he knew that I’d want to read it

IMG_4954Hello Marky, how you doin? 



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    […] I woke up this morning before the sun had a chance to reach the sky, and also before most people had had a chance to shovel their sidewalks. And it was –11.  So why not go for a run! I decided to head out in my neighbourhood and get out before everyone else did.  I also decided to make this the first time that I have ever took a camera with me on a run!  Ya, smart when everything has a good coating of snow and you KNOW that there is a bunch of ice underneath it, (which I found out firsthand here). […]

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