That’s hot…

4 Nov

Yesterday I was way too zonked to write a post.  Sorry bout that ;)  So here’s what I would have written…

Ten minutes before I was to leave work, I found an error (a $4000 error).  There was nothing I could do about it then, because of the end of the banking day, but I was still able to take the problem home with me.  If you know what I mean.  Which meant that I really needed a kick-my-ass workout at the gym.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten my gym bag at home.  Fortunately, I only live a third of a mile from said gym! (I won’t say that the third mile still isn’t a deterrent some days…)

I got to the gym and had a very tough workout. Tough, but full of sweat and wonderful.  Also wonderful, was the fact that I came home to dinner ready for me,     IMG_4164

Baked potato, carrot coins (made in the rice cooker!), steak and buttercup squash.  This was our first time having buttercup squash (that we remember) and I thought that it was really good.  Todd thought that it was ok.  When he cut it open, it reminded him A LOT of kabocha squash.  He prepared it in the oven as we would kabocha, but unfortunately it had none of the ‘french fry’ flavour of a kabocha :( 

Speaking of kabocha, they seem to be absent right now.  Although they’re also called Japanese Winter Squash, so maybe I’m just looking a little early?

Oh how I miss kabocha…

Maybe when I get some, I should can it!


Todd was actually given this book a few years ago when we canned a lot of pickles, beets and salsa each year.  We’ve gotten out of the canning mode and this year I’ve decided (because my abundance of green tomatoes has forced me…) to bring back canning to the Perrin household!

I used the Salsa Verde recipe from the Bernardin book above (which is actually much bigger than it looks – maybe 150 pages?).

It started out with more of my garden green tomatoes,

IMG_4166All chopped up with some red onion (that were so strong that my eyes were not only burning, but were extremely painful).

IMG_4167and some jalapeno peppers!!!  I have a newfound love for these babies.  They still kill me, but it’s like a love/hate relationship ;)  IMG_4169And how do I seed, de-vein and chop these babies without having burning fingers and nailbeds?

The good old Ziploc bag!

IMG_4176Just be sure that it doesn’t get any holes in it as you chop.

Holes = ouch.  I know from one heck of a horrible experience.  Think jalapeno juice on finger, but not noticed, rub eye..OWOWOWOWOOWOW!

All chopped up (took forever, because I’m so careful) and lookin pretty  :)IMG_4175

All mixed together with some lime juice and brought to a boil.  IMG_4177Bring to a boil = steam.     IMG_4180

Cilantro and spices are added in and simmered for a mere 5 minutes.

IMG_4182 More steam…IMG_4184This is after the burner was turned off.  Only 5 minutes of simmering?  Hmmm…I’m not sure….  IMG_4186Immediately after the simmering was complete, I canned the salsa verde.  Sadly this whole recipe (and all of the hard work) made only a litre and a half of finished product. 

Canning is sooo much easier than you’d think.  Fill a stock pot with water so that it’s an inch over the jars you’re trying to seal.  Bring the water to a boil and once it’s boiling, keep it boiling for 15 minutes.


That’s it !

So how was the salsa verde? Ummm…  different…  As it was simmering, Todd could smell it and said he didn’t like the smell. I asked if it was the cilantro.  He wasn’t sure but as soon as he tasted it, he knew it was the cilantro he didn’t like.

*More for me!*

To me, cilantro just screams Mexican food, so I enjoy it  – in moderation.  I think that the salsa verde could have used a little less cilantro and actually would have had a more well-rounded flavour.

The other issue I had, was that it was crunchy!  Being that it only simmered for 5 minutes, of course it was crunchy.  But this isn’t salsa to me.

That all being said, it was still very delicious.

…Just next time I would half the cilantro and simmer it for closer to 20 minutes :)

Tomorrow I’m going north for a girls’ weekend with my HS BFF’s so there’ll be no posting…here’s hoping that I remember to take tons of pictures though for blackmail to make some good posts afterwards.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. TheSceneFromMe December 21, 2010 at 10:31 am #

    Wow, yeah for salsa with tomatillos! Looks similar to the Santa Salsa I made:

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