A grilled what???

30 Oct

Today has been a great day, but definitely not the day I expected to have.  Todd had to work today, so the plan was to do an 8-mile run and then do a deep clean of the spare room, the bathroom and the kitchen.

Instead, I didn’t run (the plan is to run tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be much nicer) and there was no deep cleaning.  I did however, tidy my little heart out, so the house is now clean again and everything is in its’ respective homes.

I also finally finished my 2010 Detroit Free Press Half Marathon race recap – have you read it yet?  If not, you should! …If for no other reason than it took me FOREVER to write!  I’m talking, hours…and hours!

Tonight we’re going to visit my parents.  Gonna have some of Mom’s cooking and play some euchre.  I love that they only live a half hour away.  Up until last year at this time, they lived four hours from me and I’d lived the previous twelve years (dating myself…  :P) only seeing them a handful of times a year.  Now I can go visit for a couple hours on a random Wednesday if I want! 

I tweeted earlier, (if you don’t follow me on twitter, what are you waiting for?) that it’s interesting how your parents start to not just be parents, but friends and fun people to enjoy hanging out with as you get older.

If only my 15 year-old self could see me writing this :)

For lunch today, I made something that I don’t eat nearly enough.  I saw my Gala Applesauce sitting in the fridge and decided that this was the perfect opportunity to make a Grilled Applesauce Sandwich!

When I told Todd about this sandwich, he shook his head and wondered if he heard me right, but once he tried it… Yum.

You make a Grilled Applesauce Sandwich much in the same manner that you’d make a grilled cheese sandwich.

Grilled Applesauce Sandwich

Take two slices of your favourite bread and spread it liberally with butter (or your favourite butter replacement).

IMG_4133Take enough applesauce to give you at least 1/3 inch of thickness.  IMG_4137 I really like homemade applesauce for this, because you have some chunks and the actual sauce isn’t thin like some store bought sauces are.  As I mentioned, I used my Gala Applesauce.

IMG_4138Put it in a pan over medium heat.

IMG_4140Just like when you’re making a grilled cheese and don’t want the bread to grill before the cheese is melted, you don’t want the bread to be fully grilled until the applesauce inside is heated through.

IMG_4146mmmm, delicious looking!  But how can we make this better?  Ketchup?  Um…no.  That is where we veer from the grilled cheese sandwich…

IMG_4147Dust it with cinnamon and icing sugar!!!! 

IMG_4149 Notice the nice smattering on the plate – this is completely on purpose and used for “dipping.”


Mmmm….I forgot just how good and satisfying this is, expect to see it again Very Soon.

Grilled Applesauce Sandwich

  • 2 slices of your favourite bread
  • 2 Tbsp butter (or equivalent)
  • ~1/2 cup of applesauce
  • Cinnamon for dusting
  • Icing sugar for dusting

Spread butter on one side of both pieces of bread.  Spread applesauce in a thick layer on one of the pieces of bread, on the opposite side from the butter.  Put sandwich, butter side down, in pan and grill at medium heat.  Flip when bread has browned, putting the butter side down on the second piece of bread.  When second side is grilled, dust with both icing sugar and cinnamon.  Enjoy!


One Response to “A grilled what???”

  1. beyondbennett October 30, 2010 at 7:05 pm #

    Um, your parents were totally cool when we WERE fifteen! They were the best! But I totally get what you’re saying. (Give them hugs for me, btw…I miss them!)

    And grilled applesauce sammys? BRILLIANT!

    Twitter? What’s this Twitter you speak of? (kidding…)

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