Looks can be deceiving…

19 Sep

I seem to have gotten a little bit behind in my posting…  So excuse me as I try to reach back into the past…

Still eating (and loving!) the Butternut Squash and Chickpea Soup that I made a few days ago…


I’m alsoloving leftovers.  I don’t know how people don’t like eating leftovers.  Todd and I always intentionally make extra food so that we’ll have lots for future meals!


This mess of items is leftover grilled vegetables, leftover grilled chicken, and leftover linguini with cracked pepper right in the pasta (which was very yummy and you could really taste the pepper!!!).



I also added in a *bunch* of these,



And tossed it all with a couple tablespoons of this.



Not my favourite Sweet Chili Sauce, but not bad.  I really find that each SC Sauce that I try is so much different from one another.  I guess the recipe must be *quite* subjective.

I warmed up the leftover mixture and put it in a flat out wrap (love these!).  I then made some easy coleslaw for the side.  I switched the Hellman’s for Trader Joe’s garlic mustard aioli and it was awesome.  It really gave it a nice tangyness.


Ready to eat.



Each end actually looked like a completely different wrap…

IMG_3658 IMG_3659

Looks absolutely delicious…. 


Except that it wasn’t  :( 

Absolute fail.

I’m generally VERY good at throwing together a myriad of flavours and enjoying the uniqueness.  This was definitely unique – as in, ewww.  I think it was the combination of the flat out wrap flavour with the leftover mix.  I opened the wrap and ate the inside and it was good. I’m wondering if the wrap might have been a little old…  I’ve never found that the flavour of the flat out has interfered with the whole dish before before.  I ate most of the inside and said goodbye to the wrap.

I can’t say that the coleslaw made up for the ditched wrap, but it really was phenomenal and I will definitely be making that dressing again.

I guess you have to have a fail every once in a while in order to appreciate the successes!


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