Aaaaannnnd she’s back!!!

13 Sep

So I was gone for the summer.  What have I been doing?

Well, I went to the zoo with two of my bestest friends in the whole wide world and got to see this guy,


And a whole bunch of these guys.  The Toronto zoo actually redesigned their Polar Bear Exhibit not too long ago and the way it’s set up, you feel like you could walk right over to them – the fences were kind of hidden.


I also spent a lot of time with my garden.  Between planting it,


In this location,


And then digging the entire thing up to put our new shed in this location (and replanting the garden at the back fence).


And then destroying the old one


But of course, even though there was lots of work, there was also lots of play.  Like when we went here,


and here


And the cherry on top, watching two great friends devote themselves to one another for life.


So it’s been a great summer!!!  I’ve been busy, but I’ve been living and enjoying my life.  This summer has taught me a lot about what’s important to me.  My blog is definitely important.  Seeing as I’ve been blogging for *gasp* 8 years, my voice and what I’ve wanted to say has changed throughout that time.  What started as a way to vent, turned into a creative outlet.  I’ve gone from talking about my day to day life, to food journaling, to realizing that my actual voice is a combination of this.  I won’t be journaling everything I eat from now on, I’ll be more selective in what I show (simply because I tend to eat the same things for breakfast and lunch is inevitably some variation of dinner the night before = boring).  I’m also going to talk more about what goes on in my daily life (although I really don’t do very exciting things) and the quirks and blunders that I see in life.  I also hope to talk more about my running (and my struggles with running!) and incorporate more recipes into my posts – because I’m not sure why I haven’t been sharing them up until now – lol!

So what to do when you decide to make your grand re-entrance (to your 1 reader you have left?) to the blogosphere?  Well, you change your theme and do your best to make your amateur blog look somewhat decent!  If my html skills, or my pocketbook, were better, it would be better too, but alas, I’m pleased with what I have right now.

So when it’s a beautiful day and you need to do some updating on your blog, you bring the laptop outside.  Then you drag the little tv out and watch the football game as you edit.  Then things get even better when your husband pours you each a glass of wine and sits down beside you  :)


Also in attendance was Miss Moxie, who was basking in the sun.


She was basking by our back deck, which we built after we tore our old shed down this summer.  We lose the sun on the deck attached to our house fairly early in the day/evening, so we built this to have a little bit more sunshine time.


Which is exactly what we did.  With the help of a big, fat extension cord, we continued with our escapades.  I actually got a ton done, and Todd was trying to do re-con for our trip to Vegas in December.  And yes, Todd is eating with our dog sitting on his lap…I swear this is not the norm…lol!


Speaking of eats, Todd made some brown jasmine rice, so I tossed about 2/3 of a cup with some iceberg lettuce, feta cheese, and soy sauce.  So simple, so delicious.


It’s amazing how pictures using natural light are soooooo much better!

Blogging again feels good!!!!  …it also took forever for me to compose this.

I’ll be back tomorrow – with a yuuummmmy recipe with zucchini and roasted carrots and a chat abou howt the summer ruined my running confidence (but how I’m much better now!).

Until then, everyone get a great night sleep!


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