Breakfast for dinner, mmm mmm mmm…

13 May

I slept fantastically last night.  I had to get up in the middle of the night – too much water consumed too close to bedtime – but other than that, I don’t think I even moved.  I’m glad I slept well, because the weather would have done nothing for me otherwise.  Rainy and stormy.  Again. Today is supposed to be the last of it for awhile though.

Gloomy morning calls for oats!


Today’s accoutrements (ok, I guessed at how to spell that and got it right!) were kefir (obvi), PB and dried cherries.

For a change of pace (and a near lack of walnuts in the house), I added these:


Multigrain flakes.  Not bad.  Not something I’d add everyday, but it added a nice crunch in place of nuts.

Before I ate, I added these beauties to my snack pile for the day.


I ate one in the morning and I ate one as I was leaving work.  Boring, but oh so tasty.

Lunch was hearty today (gotta keep my calories up today – blood donation appointment after work).  Whole wheat linguini with Todd’s homemade, but blurry, sauce.


Thought I’d jazz it up with a little shaky parmesan.


Doesn’t look so tasty in the container – but trust me – it most certainly was.


I told you that you’d see the peppers and tomatoes again today.  They were tasty, btw.


And the perfect end to lunch is always one of these tasty devils.  I’m afraid that I’m becoming known as the grapefruit girl at work.  And it only took a year and a half  :)


Notice my recycling boxes at the curb?  This is light, I usually have 3 blue boxes and one *very* full red box.  The red box is for any type of paper or cardboard product.  It drives me nuts when I see a house with no recycling out.  You know their garbage is full of it.  Ugh.

Bad segue approaching…

After work, I met Todd at Canadian Blood Services for our blood donation appointment.  It’s in you to give!  The key to quick donation?  Lot’s of this:


Water, water, water.  Hydration is obviously good for the body, and it certainly is good for blood flow.

After you give blood, you’re supposed to sit for a few minutes and have a drink and some cookies.  I always have apple juice and fudgeeos.  I have a slight adoration for fudgeeos and they’re part (of course just a small part..) of my reason for donating blood, as has been documented here and here.

I certainly ate my share of fudgeeos.  I ate your share too.

Remember the Neighbourhood duck from yesterday?  Well after giving blood, I had a few errands to run, so dropped Todd off and was on my way.  Backing out of the driveway – no I didn’t run the duck over – I looked down the street and saw it trying to scoot out of the way of an oncoming car.  Yup, it was in the middle of the road.  Something tells me that I won’t be writing about this duck for much longer…

When I got home I had nooooo desire to have dinner (read:  I ate too many cookies), so got to work instead.  It’s that time of year…re-applying for the school board.  Long story short, my board is barely hiring anyone, even supply teachers.  Lots of people who graduated when I did (2 years ago) haven’t made it on the supply list yet.  Including moi.  I do feel good about this application though.  Positive thinking!

Thankfully I just had a few tweaks to make.

I celebrated  my finished application with this itty-bitty piece of leftover pizza.  It was ooooooh so tasty.  The cookies had moved around enough that I had some room ;)


The pizza is a little blurry, but that’s so you can see my lovely teaching qualification in the background.  This is my membership in the Ontario College of Teachers, allowing me to teach in the province.  I get to pay lots of dollars every year to have that piece of paper…and not even teach.

After I cleaned all of my many papers up, finished packing for my girls’ weekend (more on that in a minute…), washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen up, I decided to have this:


Yes, after I’d cleaned up the kitchen and washed the dishes, I made a mess and created new dishes.  Cereal is the perfect ‘I can’t figure out what I want’ meal/snack.  This is kamut and multigrain flakes (looks kinda like my oats this morning) with a big blob of PB, dried cherries just a couple walnuts …running so low, I had to split the last bit up so I’d have some for tomorrow morning.  Oh, and of course a bunch of kefir, with some moo juice underneath.

So tomorrow I’m driving a bunch of hours to meet up with two of my oldest and dearest friends.  BFF just doesn’t suffice for these gals.  This will be our first get together with kids (none for me obviously…) and I can’t wait to see everyone.  We plan to hit up the zoo on Saturday and I’m sure that there’ll be some wine consumed (as sure as the bottle packed in my bag…  :P).  I can’t wait – but there will likely be a lack of posting.  Probably until Sunday evening…maybe Monday.

Ok, wish me a good time and no rain!


One Response to “Breakfast for dinner, mmm mmm mmm…”

  1. Dawn (healthySDLiving) May 20, 2010 at 1:46 pm #

    Good luck! Sending positive thoughts your way for the school board! :)

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