I see why Popeye eats it…

6 May

Hi all!!!!  I’m using Windows Live Writer to bring this message to you tonight.  I’ve used it a couple of times and not liked it a whole lot, but it takes so long to add pics right to WordPress…  We shall see…

So glad that today is Thursday – only one more day until Friday!!!!  The week has gone fairly quickly work-wise, but man, I feel like I haven’t seen Todd in forever!  I just can’t stay up until he gets home at 1130.  Friday nights are another story though – and next week he’s back on days!  Yay!  And you know my major complaint that I always have when Todd’s on days:  that I don’t get enough computer time?  Well, we finally bought a second laptop!!!  I happily told him that it is all his (except when he’s not at home that is…) and I’ll take the dinosaur.

The morning started off with some very yummy milk and yogurt oats, topped with dried cherries, walnuts, almond butter and chia seeds.


You can never go wrong with oatmeal.

Before I ate my oats (because I like to relax and eat my breakfast knowing that it’s the last thing I have to do before I go to work), I packed these beauties for snacking.

IMG_2788If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what do two do?  I ate one for my morning snack and the other in the afternoon.  You’d think that eating two apples a day (most days of the week), would make me tired of them.  But I love them.  Almost as much as grapefruits…which I also eat every day.  Huh.  ….but no grapefruit today, never got to a grocery store!

Lunch started off with some leftover whole wheat rotini,


and some chicken breast,


and some of Todd’s homemade tomato sauce.  Does this look like dinner last night?   Well, it’s about to differ…IMG_2794No rapini today, instead, I mixed in that whole bag of spinach.  No, not the gigantic bag, the small one.IMG_2796

I shook on some parm and enjoyed thoroughly.  I also enjoyed these carrots.


Sometimes there’s just nothing quite like the crunch of a carrot.

Since I didn’t have a grapefruit to bring, I routed around the freezer and found a half a smoothie in the freezer.  When I only want a small serving, I’ll throw the other half in the freezer to eat at a later time.  Throw it in the mic for 20 seconds and you have a nice icy dessert.


This was mango, banana and greek yogurt.  I’m thinking that I might make some for the freezer to specifically take for my lunch.  Oh, and because my lunch was in a fridge for 5 hours before I ate it, the smoothie was just soft enough to eat without microwaving – and it was an even better consistency. mmmmmm

I had planned on going to the gym today, but I woke up and my left calf was very tight and not pulled, but definitely strained.  By the end of the day, I knew that the gym would be a bad idea, but gardening sounded like a good activity…

When I got home, I grabbed the ole Garden Claw and and gave the veggie garden a good working up.  Todd did it a couple weeks ago so it wasn’t rock hard  – but it certainly wasn’t easy!!!  I also threw a few bags of topsoil on it.  The further down the pile of topsoil bags I got, the heavier they got.  The rain yesterday had them saturated.  Oh, and these are leftover bags from last year, so they were a little stank.  Nothing wrong with them (it’s dirt after all), but definitely stanky.

Dinner was some coleslaw made with low fat coleslaw dressing (do you know how hard it is to find a lower calorie coleslaw dressing that’s not horrendous for you?  Not easy!  And I haven’t perfected a home version yet…) and vinegar.


And some more leftover bean salad…amazeballs I tell ya.


Wait a minute…cabbage and beans….ummm… sorry office peeps?

Todd was kind enough to make me a panini when he was making his lunch today.  It was chicken, marble cheese, orange peppers and green onions on a 9-grain ciabatta.


I didn’t quite get the pic before I had to mow down.  Yum.

All together…


This was an awesome meal and perfect no-fuss plate to put together after working hard in the garden.  Did I mention that I gave myself one heck of a blister?  I tried to take a picture, but it didn’t do justice and just looked like my hand…

I just made plans to see my two oldest BFFs.  I met them both in grade nine but didn’t start hanging out with them until grade ten.  They, however have known each other forever – in fact their Mom’s even went to high school together!  We all live hours apart and don’t get to see each other very often, or often enough – so I’m so excited that I’m going to see them next weekend!  Yay!

Alright, Survivor time!!! …yes I’m one of the few that still watches it  :)


One Response to “I see why Popeye eats it…”

  1. beyondbennett May 7, 2010 at 10:53 am #

    Um, I totally watch Survivor. And I’m totally not afraid to say it! This season ROCKS! I spend the whole hour yelling at the tv and throwing my hands up in despair. Love it!!! :)

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