Hurry up and wait…

5 May

Happy Wednesday!!!!

When my office mate walked into work this morning, I was about to say, “Happy Wednesday” to her, but suddenly had the unsettling feeling that it was actually Tuesday.  Eek!  One Tuesday a week is more than enough!  Wednesday to us is almost as good as Friday.  The way we see it, Wednesday is almost the weekend.  If you think really hard, and maybe squint your eyes a little, you might be able to get to this way of thinking too.  Or maybe it’s just a survival technique…  :)

Well before I made it to the office this morning, I had this yummy bowl of cereal,

This picturesque bowl is kamut, multigrain flakes, raisins and almond butter.  To prevent sogginess I added these two after I took the pic,

When I was nearly done the bowl, I realized that my chia seeds were sitting on the counter and never made it into the bowl.  I think that it’s amazing how much some little chia seeds can transform a bowl of cereal or oats.

I decided to make a half a smoothie to go with my cereal.   Cereal doesn’t always keep me full and I noticed when I was packing my lunch that there weren’t a ton of veggies, so I thought some extra fruit and spinach wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Can you see that scary colour?  Or should I say, DELICIOUS colour!

Kinda hard to see the strange greenish brown colour, but it’s from the spinach and frozen blueberries.  It also had half a frozen banana, frozen mango and greek yogurt.

Unfortunately it also contained this,

I have a bad habit of pushing the non-moving smoothie down toward the blades and today was the first time where I had collateral damage.

Thankfully I was able to sieve the smoothie (which made it much smoother than I would have wanted…) and I got all of the pieces strained out of it.

Work was busy, enough so that I looked at the clock for the first time and it was a half hour until lunch.  Today’s lunch was a mish mash of things in the fridge:

Brown rice, chicken and beans,

A huuuuge handful of spinach,

All mixed together and topped off with some balsamic vinaigrette.

This was a great combination and I think that I’ll actually plan to have this again sometime!  I love when a bunch of things thrown together ends up being a fantastic new find.

Along with my masterpiece, I had two hard-boiled eggs – so simple and yet soooo yummy.

And to finish off, some yummy, albeit nearly nutritionally void, pretzels.

Did you notice the lack of grapefruit?  I eat a grapefruit for lunch almost every single day.  I went to the grocery store yesterday and couldn’t see spending $1.00 on one measly grapefruit.  I told Todd this, and he asked why I just didn’t go to a different grocery store?  I told him that if it wasn’t on my way to the gym, there was no way that fruit shopping and the gym would happen.  The gym won.  I’ll get grapefruit on the weekend.

Of course my house isn’t completely out of fruit,

I had one of those galas about an hour before lunch and another for an afternoon snack.  I also had one of those gorgeous bananas while I sat in traffic on my way to the gym.  My 10 minute drive took me 45 minutes.  There was a big thunderstorm (complete with hail!) right as I was walking out of work and most of the traffic lights on my way to the gym were out.  Traffic lights out = people forget how to drive.

I debated going straight home and skipping the gym (it’s a whopping 1 block from my house).  But thought, “Hey, I’m soaking wet and have to change anyway, I might as well change at the gym and work out.”  I did 20 mins on the EFX  and then did another 10 backward.  I increased the resistance I use when I’m on this to 3 – and WOW!  What a difference!  I was dripping sweat.  I then went over to the bike and knocked out 15 minutes of random hills at level 9.  More sweat ran and I cooled down with some easy stretching.

When I got home I tossed together some stuff from the fridge (hey, it worked well at lunch didn’t it?).

Whole wheat rotini with rapini, and chicken.  Then tossed together with Todd’s homemade tomato sauce, parmesan and asiago.

Pretty, no?

And on the side I had some fabulous bean salad that Todd made.  I have no idea what’s in it (he’s on afternoons), but I saw some carrot and green onions.  And assorted beans.  Duh.

When I was done dinner, I chilled out on the couch with some jogging pants, slippers and a nice piece of 85% dark chocolate.  Yum.  I really like dark chocolate and I really like milk chocolate – but how can two things be more different and yet still be named chocolate?

And with that deep thought, I’ll say Goodnight!!!!


One Response to “Hurry up and wait…”

  1. beyondbennett May 7, 2010 at 10:48 am #

    Is Todd slacking? Where are the hard boiled egg doodles??? I guess since he made tomato sauce and bean salad I’ll let it go… :) Food looks fabulous and tres yummy! Again, thanks for coming back!

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