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Breakfast for dinner, mmm mmm mmm…

13 May

I slept fantastically last night.  I had to get up in the middle of the night – too much water consumed too close to bedtime – but other than that, I don’t think I even moved.  I’m glad I slept well, because the weather would have done nothing for me otherwise.  Rainy and stormy.  Again. Today is supposed to be the last of it for awhile though.

Gloomy morning calls for oats!


Today’s accoutrements (ok, I guessed at how to spell that and got it right!) were kefir (obvi), PB and dried cherries.

For a change of pace (and a near lack of walnuts in the house), I added these:


Multigrain flakes.  Not bad.  Not something I’d add everyday, but it added a nice crunch in place of nuts.

Before I ate, I added these beauties to my snack pile for the day.


I ate one in the morning and I ate one as I was leaving work.  Boring, but oh so tasty.

Lunch was hearty today (gotta keep my calories up today – blood donation appointment after work).  Whole wheat linguini with Todd’s homemade, but blurry, sauce.


Thought I’d jazz it up with a little shaky parmesan.


Doesn’t look so tasty in the container – but trust me – it most certainly was.


I told you that you’d see the peppers and tomatoes again today.  They were tasty, btw.


And the perfect end to lunch is always one of these tasty devils.  I’m afraid that I’m becoming known as the grapefruit girl at work.  And it only took a year and a half  :)


Notice my recycling boxes at the curb?  This is light, I usually have 3 blue boxes and one *very* full red box.  The red box is for any type of paper or cardboard product.  It drives me nuts when I see a house with no recycling out.  You know their garbage is full of it.  Ugh.

Bad segue approaching…

After work, I met Todd at Canadian Blood Services for our blood donation appointment.  It’s in you to give!  The key to quick donation?  Lot’s of this:


Water, water, water.  Hydration is obviously good for the body, and it certainly is good for blood flow.

After you give blood, you’re supposed to sit for a few minutes and have a drink and some cookies.  I always have apple juice and fudgeeos.  I have a slight adoration for fudgeeos and they’re part (of course just a small part..) of my reason for donating blood, as has been documented here and here.

I certainly ate my share of fudgeeos.  I ate your share too.

Remember the Neighbourhood duck from yesterday?  Well after giving blood, I had a few errands to run, so dropped Todd off and was on my way.  Backing out of the driveway – no I didn’t run the duck over – I looked down the street and saw it trying to scoot out of the way of an oncoming car.  Yup, it was in the middle of the road.  Something tells me that I won’t be writing about this duck for much longer…

When I got home I had nooooo desire to have dinner (read:  I ate too many cookies), so got to work instead.  It’s that time of year…re-applying for the school board.  Long story short, my board is barely hiring anyone, even supply teachers.  Lots of people who graduated when I did (2 years ago) haven’t made it on the supply list yet.  Including moi.  I do feel good about this application though.  Positive thinking!

Thankfully I just had a few tweaks to make.

I celebrated  my finished application with this itty-bitty piece of leftover pizza.  It was ooooooh so tasty.  The cookies had moved around enough that I had some room ;)


The pizza is a little blurry, but that’s so you can see my lovely teaching qualification in the background.  This is my membership in the Ontario College of Teachers, allowing me to teach in the province.  I get to pay lots of dollars every year to have that piece of paper…and not even teach.

After I cleaned all of my many papers up, finished packing for my girls’ weekend (more on that in a minute…), washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen up, I decided to have this:


Yes, after I’d cleaned up the kitchen and washed the dishes, I made a mess and created new dishes.  Cereal is the perfect ‘I can’t figure out what I want’ meal/snack.  This is kamut and multigrain flakes (looks kinda like my oats this morning) with a big blob of PB, dried cherries just a couple walnuts …running so low, I had to split the last bit up so I’d have some for tomorrow morning.  Oh, and of course a bunch of kefir, with some moo juice underneath.

So tomorrow I’m driving a bunch of hours to meet up with two of my oldest and dearest friends.  BFF just doesn’t suffice for these gals.  This will be our first get together with kids (none for me obviously…) and I can’t wait to see everyone.  We plan to hit up the zoo on Saturday and I’m sure that there’ll be some wine consumed (as sure as the bottle packed in my bag…  :P).  I can’t wait – but there will likely be a lack of posting.  Probably until Sunday evening…maybe Monday.

Ok, wish me a good time and no rain!


There’s no place like home…

11 May

Hey all!  I was hoping to spend some time on the ole bloggy updating the layout.  Not so surprisingly, I totally didn’t have the time.  Good weekend, though.

I started writing this post Sunday night, now Tuesday night, I’ve got to play a little bit of catch up…

Friday was busy at work and the day went by quickly (a Friday that went quick?  Unheard of!) and after work I went and hung out with my parents. It’s so nice having them close enough that I can just drop by for few hours.  I left there around 9, but had to hang out on my own until Todd got home at 1130.  I caught up on some blogs (not my own of course) and watched two of my faves:  Criminal Minds and Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.  Oh ya, and I fell asleep.  For like 20 minutes.  It was the kind of sleep where you wake up feeling like crap.  Yay.  It was nice actually seeing Todd (awake) – a week is soooo long.  We chatted and called it a night around one – oh so late for me.

Saturday morning I woke up at 630 and my body said “5.5 hours of sleep is plenty for you!” It was definitely incorrect, but there was no way that I was going to get back to sleep.  So what do you do, when you can’t sleep and your husband is laying beside you?  Why, you wake them up of course!  Actually, I whispered that I was going to the gym (thinking that he could get some more sleep and I’d be productive).  How surprised was I, when he said that he was going to come with me!

One of my new obsessions.  Also a reason to be going to the gym early on a Saturday morning….


When we got back from the gym, we got cleaned up and had a tasty oatmeal breakfast,

   IMG_2814Todd was shocked to learn that I make oatmeal with milk.  Why use water when milk is sooooooo much better?!?! This is a 1/2 cup of oats with 3/4 skim milk, 1/2 banana, dried cherries and the last of my Chobani Greek yogurt.  I must say that I prefer Trader Joes Greek yogurt to Chobani.  I think it’s more tart and thicker.  Sadly, I’m all out and I probably won’t have anymore til I do a cross border shopping run.  Might not be for several weeks though – busy weekends coming up! 

When breakfast was done, we were out the door and off to the Heinz D and R.  I have no idea what D and R stands for, but we say ‘Dented and Rusted.’  It’s where everything that has something wrong with it goes.  It might have glue on the lid, or no label.  The product might be too thin, or just something they tried and didn’t sell.  We bought a case of ketchup, 2 cases of 500ml tomato juice, some spicy thai sauce, and a few things that I’m not remembering about.

We also got some chili beans.  They were .40 and looked really good.  There was a high sauce to bean ratio, so we opened a can of black beans and mixed it in.


Looks tasty, no?

We decided on the way home (we stopped by to say Happy Mother’s Day to Todd’s Mom on the way back…) that we were jonesing for burgers.  If I’m going to have a burger, it’s going to be a big fat juicy ‘look at me’  burger.  Todd made these burgers with extra lean ground beef, onion soup mix, garlic, red pepper flakes and some other things I can’t remember….

And the secret ingredient?  Charcoal!  Charcoal makes burgers go from awesome, to amazing!!!! 

We have a little portable barbecue that we’ve turned into a charcoal barbecue.  It works marvelously.


We just set it right onto out regular grill, light the charcoal and….



IMG_2830Doesn’t that look sooooo tasty?  My burger has tomato, onion, dill pickles, sprouts, relish, ketchup and coarse mustard.  And it’s on a burger bun!  I realized that I hadn’t eaten a burger bun in probably close to 2 years – I always use a sandwich thin.  The bun was different, but too bready – I think I prefer the sandwich thin route.  

Saturday evening was spent on the couch watching NASCAR, and falling asleep before it was over.  Surprise, surprise.  I had hoped to watch Betty White, but I was exhausted from the lack of sleep the night before.

Sunday morning was filled with cleaning and laundry – Woohoo!  In the afternoon, my Mom and Dad came over for some Mother’s Day cards and dice.  We had a great time, but unfortunately I didn’t take a single picture!

Picture taking resumed Monday morning with my soothing bowl of oats,

IMG_2838I doctored it up in a different way from the usual,

IMG_28401/2 cup of oats with peanut butter, craisins, hazelnuts and kefir.  Yum. 

Normally this would keep me satisfied until around 11 (I eat at 7).  This morning was a MAJOR exception.  At 8:30, I was already reaching for one of these guys,   


The apple was wonderful, but didn’t do anything for my hunger, even with a handful of almonds from my desk.  I then watched the clock for the next 4 hours until it was lunch time.  It was all I could do not to gobble this baby right up.


The most delicious whole wheat pita with hummus, sprouts, orange pepper, grape tomatoes, cheddar cheese and coarse mustard.  After I ate it, I wished there was a second one….

Instead I had some yummy grape tomatoes and carrots.  Unfortunately, all I wanted another one of those burgers from Saturday….


I can only imagine if I didn’t have the carby pita in my lunch…  I still enjoyed my usual,


This grapefruit was fantastic, as usual.

My hunger didn’t subside throughout the afternoon and I ate my pre-gym apple, hoping that my stomach would respond with some satiety.  Ummm, nope.

I was planning on going to the gym, but wasn’t even sure that this was possible with my stomach leading the way.  I used my noggin though and asked Todd to make me a half of a peanut butter and pumpkin butter sandwich, as I was picking him up on my way to the gym.  I think I had it finished before I even backed out of the driveway…

After the gym, we whipped up a stir fry together.


This yummy mess (notice the 2 sprouts that escaped…) had bean sprouts, broccoli, bamboo shots, celery, orange bell pepper, garlic, chicken, shrimp, spicy thai sauce (the one we bought from Heinz) and soy sauce.  It was a whole lot of yum.

I ate a whole lot of this, but unfortunately you don’t get to see it.  I accidentally deleted the wrong pic.  Oops.  Won’t do that again…well, here’s hoping.

Ok, I’m all caught up now.  Except for today’s eats and events of course.  However, I think I’ve blabbed on long enough and will make it a two-day post tomorrow.

See you then!

I see why Popeye eats it…

6 May

Hi all!!!!  I’m using Windows Live Writer to bring this message to you tonight.  I’ve used it a couple of times and not liked it a whole lot, but it takes so long to add pics right to WordPress…  We shall see…

So glad that today is Thursday – only one more day until Friday!!!!  The week has gone fairly quickly work-wise, but man, I feel like I haven’t seen Todd in forever!  I just can’t stay up until he gets home at 1130.  Friday nights are another story though – and next week he’s back on days!  Yay!  And you know my major complaint that I always have when Todd’s on days:  that I don’t get enough computer time?  Well, we finally bought a second laptop!!!  I happily told him that it is all his (except when he’s not at home that is…) and I’ll take the dinosaur.

The morning started off with some very yummy milk and yogurt oats, topped with dried cherries, walnuts, almond butter and chia seeds.


You can never go wrong with oatmeal.

Before I ate my oats (because I like to relax and eat my breakfast knowing that it’s the last thing I have to do before I go to work), I packed these beauties for snacking.

IMG_2788If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what do two do?  I ate one for my morning snack and the other in the afternoon.  You’d think that eating two apples a day (most days of the week), would make me tired of them.  But I love them.  Almost as much as grapefruits…which I also eat every day.  Huh.  ….but no grapefruit today, never got to a grocery store!

Lunch started off with some leftover whole wheat rotini,


and some chicken breast,


and some of Todd’s homemade tomato sauce.  Does this look like dinner last night?   Well, it’s about to differ…IMG_2794No rapini today, instead, I mixed in that whole bag of spinach.  No, not the gigantic bag, the small one.IMG_2796

I shook on some parm and enjoyed thoroughly.  I also enjoyed these carrots.


Sometimes there’s just nothing quite like the crunch of a carrot.

Since I didn’t have a grapefruit to bring, I routed around the freezer and found a half a smoothie in the freezer.  When I only want a small serving, I’ll throw the other half in the freezer to eat at a later time.  Throw it in the mic for 20 seconds and you have a nice icy dessert.


This was mango, banana and greek yogurt.  I’m thinking that I might make some for the freezer to specifically take for my lunch.  Oh, and because my lunch was in a fridge for 5 hours before I ate it, the smoothie was just soft enough to eat without microwaving – and it was an even better consistency. mmmmmm

I had planned on going to the gym today, but I woke up and my left calf was very tight and not pulled, but definitely strained.  By the end of the day, I knew that the gym would be a bad idea, but gardening sounded like a good activity…

When I got home, I grabbed the ole Garden Claw and and gave the veggie garden a good working up.  Todd did it a couple weeks ago so it wasn’t rock hard  – but it certainly wasn’t easy!!!  I also threw a few bags of topsoil on it.  The further down the pile of topsoil bags I got, the heavier they got.  The rain yesterday had them saturated.  Oh, and these are leftover bags from last year, so they were a little stank.  Nothing wrong with them (it’s dirt after all), but definitely stanky.

Dinner was some coleslaw made with low fat coleslaw dressing (do you know how hard it is to find a lower calorie coleslaw dressing that’s not horrendous for you?  Not easy!  And I haven’t perfected a home version yet…) and vinegar.


And some more leftover bean salad…amazeballs I tell ya.


Wait a minute…cabbage and beans….ummm… sorry office peeps?

Todd was kind enough to make me a panini when he was making his lunch today.  It was chicken, marble cheese, orange peppers and green onions on a 9-grain ciabatta.


I didn’t quite get the pic before I had to mow down.  Yum.

All together…


This was an awesome meal and perfect no-fuss plate to put together after working hard in the garden.  Did I mention that I gave myself one heck of a blister?  I tried to take a picture, but it didn’t do justice and just looked like my hand…

I just made plans to see my two oldest BFFs.  I met them both in grade nine but didn’t start hanging out with them until grade ten.  They, however have known each other forever – in fact their Mom’s even went to high school together!  We all live hours apart and don’t get to see each other very often, or often enough – so I’m so excited that I’m going to see them next weekend!  Yay!

Alright, Survivor time!!! …yes I’m one of the few that still watches it  :)

Hurry up and wait…

5 May

Happy Wednesday!!!!

When my office mate walked into work this morning, I was about to say, “Happy Wednesday” to her, but suddenly had the unsettling feeling that it was actually Tuesday.  Eek!  One Tuesday a week is more than enough!  Wednesday to us is almost as good as Friday.  The way we see it, Wednesday is almost the weekend.  If you think really hard, and maybe squint your eyes a little, you might be able to get to this way of thinking too.  Or maybe it’s just a survival technique…  :)

Well before I made it to the office this morning, I had this yummy bowl of cereal,

This picturesque bowl is kamut, multigrain flakes, raisins and almond butter.  To prevent sogginess I added these two after I took the pic,

When I was nearly done the bowl, I realized that my chia seeds were sitting on the counter and never made it into the bowl.  I think that it’s amazing how much some little chia seeds can transform a bowl of cereal or oats.

I decided to make a half a smoothie to go with my cereal.   Cereal doesn’t always keep me full and I noticed when I was packing my lunch that there weren’t a ton of veggies, so I thought some extra fruit and spinach wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Can you see that scary colour?  Or should I say, DELICIOUS colour!

Kinda hard to see the strange greenish brown colour, but it’s from the spinach and frozen blueberries.  It also had half a frozen banana, frozen mango and greek yogurt.

Unfortunately it also contained this,

I have a bad habit of pushing the non-moving smoothie down toward the blades and today was the first time where I had collateral damage.

Thankfully I was able to sieve the smoothie (which made it much smoother than I would have wanted…) and I got all of the pieces strained out of it.

Work was busy, enough so that I looked at the clock for the first time and it was a half hour until lunch.  Today’s lunch was a mish mash of things in the fridge:

Brown rice, chicken and beans,

A huuuuge handful of spinach,

All mixed together and topped off with some balsamic vinaigrette.

This was a great combination and I think that I’ll actually plan to have this again sometime!  I love when a bunch of things thrown together ends up being a fantastic new find.

Along with my masterpiece, I had two hard-boiled eggs – so simple and yet soooo yummy.

And to finish off, some yummy, albeit nearly nutritionally void, pretzels.

Did you notice the lack of grapefruit?  I eat a grapefruit for lunch almost every single day.  I went to the grocery store yesterday and couldn’t see spending $1.00 on one measly grapefruit.  I told Todd this, and he asked why I just didn’t go to a different grocery store?  I told him that if it wasn’t on my way to the gym, there was no way that fruit shopping and the gym would happen.  The gym won.  I’ll get grapefruit on the weekend.

Of course my house isn’t completely out of fruit,

I had one of those galas about an hour before lunch and another for an afternoon snack.  I also had one of those gorgeous bananas while I sat in traffic on my way to the gym.  My 10 minute drive took me 45 minutes.  There was a big thunderstorm (complete with hail!) right as I was walking out of work and most of the traffic lights on my way to the gym were out.  Traffic lights out = people forget how to drive.

I debated going straight home and skipping the gym (it’s a whopping 1 block from my house).  But thought, “Hey, I’m soaking wet and have to change anyway, I might as well change at the gym and work out.”  I did 20 mins on the EFX  and then did another 10 backward.  I increased the resistance I use when I’m on this to 3 – and WOW!  What a difference!  I was dripping sweat.  I then went over to the bike and knocked out 15 minutes of random hills at level 9.  More sweat ran and I cooled down with some easy stretching.

When I got home I tossed together some stuff from the fridge (hey, it worked well at lunch didn’t it?).

Whole wheat rotini with rapini, and chicken.  Then tossed together with Todd’s homemade tomato sauce, parmesan and asiago.

Pretty, no?

And on the side I had some fabulous bean salad that Todd made.  I have no idea what’s in it (he’s on afternoons), but I saw some carrot and green onions.  And assorted beans.  Duh.

When I was done dinner, I chilled out on the couch with some jogging pants, slippers and a nice piece of 85% dark chocolate.  Yum.  I really like dark chocolate and I really like milk chocolate – but how can two things be more different and yet still be named chocolate?

And with that deep thought, I’ll say Goodnight!!!!

I Can See Clearly Now…

4 May

Well, I’m back.

Do I have any readers left???  I’m sure that you’ll start to trickle back as I jump back into the blogosphere… And if not, we’ll that’s okay too!  This whole thing is really for me anyway ;)

So where have I been?   I’ve been out there enjoying life!!!  I felt like I needed to take a little break to decompress and to re-evaluate what I wanted this blog to be.  If you don’t know, I’m a long-term blogger (almost at my 8-year blogoversary!), who is now on her fourth blog.  This is it.  This is my last home and so I really want to make sure that I’m really focusing on what I want it to be.

So what is flybynyght?  …besides a strange moniker…

1)  This is first and foremost a healthy living blog.  I eat healthily 98% (at least!) of the time and care about how I fuel my body.  I also care about how I take care of my body and love to push it to new limits.  So of course, there will be lots of talk about healthy food and exercise.

2)  This is a food blog.  Although I don’t think that it’s necessary that I always blog every bit of food that enters my body.  Right now, I think that it is.  Right now, this is not just a record of how I nourished my body, but it’s also a food journal that keeps me accountable to myself and to all of those people (hey!!!) that read this.  If you’ve read my about Flybynyght page then you know my story and you know that I’ve lost 70lbs.  I’ve actively started to try to lose weight again in the last 2 weeks (opposed to being in training mode for the half marathons I just ran – it’s completely different) because I still have weight to lose.  It’s hard for me to put a number on it, because I don’t know what my ideal weight will be.  A journey it will be.

3)  This is a blog about me and my life.  I have lots of other interests (besides food and fitness) and want to incorporate more of my day-to-day life in my posts.  Mind you, there are LOTS of days that are absolutely lacking in excitement.  Okay, those are most days, but sometimes out of the mundane come the best stories…

4) In line with number 3, I have lots of ‘hobbies’ and like to talk about them.  I love reading.  I love running (although I call myself the slowest runner ever).  I love celebrity gossip and fashion (hobby?).  I love to make jewellery.  I love to watch tv.  I LOVE BLOGGING.  The trick is to balance all of these and admittedly I don’t always do the best job.

So there you go.  This is the (new?)  I’m making a commitment to be true to myself and update a lot.  However, if I want to take a week off – I will!  I don’t want to resent the fact that I have to update.  In the past when I’ve taken more than a day or weekend off, I’ve felt guilt.  Well, forget that! This is for fun and I’m going to make sure it stays that way.  Now if this sounds like it is up your alley, I look forward to taking you through my journey!

Alright, so I’ll see you all tomorrow…  and I haven’t forgotten that I still have my last half marathon recap to do…