Why does he get to be the pretty one???

9 Apr

Happy Thursday!!!

Tuesday’s tomato sandwich was tasty, but certainly not filling, so I decided to crank it up a notch today,

This would be a non-dairy breakfast with not only tasty tomatoes, but protein too!  The added chicken (and the second half of the one bun) helped this breakfast to stick all morning.  So much so that I didn’t start to feel hungry at all until about 45 minutes before my lunch.  It’s not very often that I don’t feel the need for a morning snack!

And clearly, I’m all about the mustard.  Moving along….

Since I’ve embraced my whole positivity outlook, work has been going great!  I make a conscious decision to decide to have a great day at work, before I even get there.  Now my job isn’t that bad or anything, but I was finding it a little blah lately.  This has really changed my day.  Of course, I still count the minutes until 4 o’clock – but this no longer begins 2 hours after I get there anymore.  Now I look at how much work I can achieve in that time.

This seems to be working well now, while I have tons to do, but I do have to wonder if it’ll be the same when I’m in a period where I have less busy days, and less to do.  Food for thought!

And speaking about food…

My lunch was leftover homemade whole wheat pasta and mushrooms with a sprinkling of parmesan and a heaping portion of kale.  How do people not eat more greens?  They’re so tasty and are a great addition to just about any meal!

I also had some Pita Chips.  I had some of these earlier in the week and said that I’d snap a pic of the bag,

Tada!  Unfortunately I couldn’t seem to get a clear pisture to save my life.  They’re called ‘in snax’ and they were absolutely fabulous!  They’re very hearty and very flavourful!  This bag lasted Todd and I almost an entire week of taking snacks in our lunches and nibbling here and there.  I think I ate them 4 times and Todd probably had them even more than that.  Because of thier density, you don’t feel the need to eat very many – and unlike a chip, you actually have to chew them several times.  Now why didn’t I take a pic of the ingredients?  Next time, but they’re petty good though.

This last serving was about four whole ones, a couple of broken ones and a bunch of bits – and it was the perfect amount (and I totally cleaned out all of the extra herbs and seasonings from the bottom of the bag, mmmmm…..).  I’d definitely buy these again – and plan to this weekend lol!

And of course, my lovely grapefruit to cap off my lunch.

I completely forgot my grapefruit knife again and had to cut it up into segments.  I hate doing this when I’m in a room full of people, I just feel so improper and animal-like.  Huh, I don’t think I’ve ever referred to myself as animal-like before  :)

Speaking of nature (kinda),  when I was going through my pics before doing this post, I saw that Todd had taken one in the middle of all of my pictures.  Mr and Mrs Cardinal.  Don’t they look pretty?

This is across the street from my house.  Yes my neighbour has two satellite dishes.  Yes my neighbour has two different coloured shingles on his roof.  Yes my neighbour is a dealer.  Well, ok, I don’t actually know that, but there is a lot of traffic into that house and just some plain old suspicious activity.

Dinner was leftover stirfry.

Tell me again why people eat food out of boxes?

It took me forever (we’re talking a good 25 pics) to get a decent shot of this – I don’t know why.  I practically inhaled this and had a good portion of it gone before I even sat down.  :)

I had a bad feeling that it was going to be one of those nights where I just wasn’t going to feel ‘satisfied.’  I decided to have some peanut butter, almonds and chocolate bunny to curb the cravings I was having for chocolate covered almonds and Reece peanut butter cups.

It worked!  the peanut butter looks a little gross, but that’s because I took it from the side where it was a little dried out.  I figured it would stick to the chocolate better (as natural PB can get kinda thin).  Speaking of the chocolate, it looks like a tiny pice, but it’s actually standing on it’s end, so it’s a little bigger than how it appears (wow, usually I’m always telling you that something on my plate looks bigger than it actually is, never smaller! lol).

About an hour later I decided to have a substantial snack so that I wouldn’t just go and pick at stuff.

Peanut butter and pumpkin butter on a piece of toasted 12-grain.  Clearly I was hungry.  This hit the spot and I indeed felt satisfied.

After I ate this, I had a couple of friends stop by for a couple hours.  They have some major things that they’re dealing with right now and it was nice to be there to be an ear and to offer a kind word or two.  I haven’t seen the one friend much over the past 5 years or so, because of these major things and it was nice to not only catch up, but to definitely reconnect.

Okay, the plan is to stay up late and visit with Todd for a bit when he gets home from work….at 1130.  We’ll see if I make it…


2 Responses to “Why does he get to be the pretty one???”

  1. Kelly April 10, 2010 at 11:37 am #

    Did you make it?! Happy Saturday!!

  2. According To C April 27, 2010 at 4:27 pm #

    Are there shoes hanging from the wires outside your neighbours house?? I just learned today that that’s a sign you can score some good stuff inside. There’s a pair hanging outside of one of the residences at U of T and I was informed by my friend what they meant. Who knew? I’m so naive.

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