Were you this close???

8 Apr

How was your Wednesday?  Mine was great!  I set out in the morning deciding that I was going to think positively and make it a great day!  I’m generally a positive and cheery person, but sometimes we forget how much a positive outlook is important and can change your life for the better.  Just ask Susan!

Btw – You may have missed my return from Easter post

The morning started off with a yummy bowl of kamut and harvest flakes, with 1/2 a banana, PB, dried cherries, chia seeds, walnuts, greek yogurt, kefir and skim milk (kefir and milk were post pic).

Looks awesome doesn’t it???  It was.  However, it was also a MAJOR FAIL!  In my sleepiness I completely forgot that I was on self imposed dairy restriction until Saturday!  Good thing it’s only Wednesday – it shouldn’t hurt me too much.

After breakfast, I somehow had tons of time on my hands, so took my time making my lunch while watching my favourite Morning Show Breakfast Television.

As I posed these two guys, it brought back a memory… but I couldn’t quite place my finger on what it was…

Then suddenly it came to me…  Do you remember the Cosby show where Cliff is talking to Vanessa’s date and asking him how close the two of them were?  He puts the apples closer and closer until he puts the two of them on top of one another.  To this the boyfriend has a mild panic attack and instantly takes the two of them apart.  Hilarity ensues!  What a funny show…

Remember yesterday when I bet you ten bucks that I’d bring leftover stirfry for lunch today?

Well, it’s time to pay up sucker!  :)  I love how dishes like this always seem to taste so much better after the flavours have time to meld together for awhile.

Along with my stirfry, I had a large piece of cauliflower

I was too lazy to actually break it apart.  I did that at lunch.  I didn’t just stick the whole thing in this,

Doesn’t that look completely yuck?  It’s about a T of italian dressing, 1/2 T of ranch and a bunch of white vinegar.  It was good, but I only used about half of it.  I’m more of a naked veggie person.

Look who made an appearance!!!!

My favourite little yellow friend (don’t tell the bananas….)!  I didn’t get to a grocery store last night (pure laziness…), but Todd had went earlier in the day and knew that I was out.

Lunch felt much more complete today :)

Sadly, I forgot my grapefruit knife and had to eat it in quarters instead (not the most polite way…).

Todd was a busy boy, because along with going to the grocery store, he also made some homemade whole wheat pasta!

I paired it with some collard greens that were sautéed with vinegar and red pepper flakes and some tomato because my plate definitely needed some colour!

I wasn’t sure what was actually on the noodles, but Todd has since told me that it’s just a little bit of chicken stock, olive oil, fat free sour cream, spices and garlic.  The noodles soaked most of the ‘sauce’ up, so you don’t see much, but the noodles are very flavourful.  There are also mushrooms and a few small pieces of chicken in it.

And how could I resist making my plate more colourful when I have tomatoes that are not only local (I actually bought them from the farm), but look as delicious as this??!!?!

After dinner, I quickly cleaned up, because I had a meeting across town.  I’m part of an organization called Leadership Advancement for Women in Sport, and we’re trying to reorganize right now.  There were some new people at the meeting and I think that the general message may have gotten buried in personal agendas.  I have hope that we can keep going and be even stronger.  We’re meeting again in two weeks, and I think that this will determine our direction for the next several years.

Hey, that’s me!  I think that someone didn’t realize that LAWS is an acronym  ;)

Hope you have a great day!

BTW – Do you make your own pasta?  If not, why not?  Do you think it’s difficult?  Do you think it takes a long time?  Would a tutorial be helpful?


3 Responses to “Were you this close???”

  1. Kelly April 8, 2010 at 10:09 am #

    That pasta looks awesome! I haven’t ever made my own…too imidating! haha!

  2. beyondbennett April 9, 2010 at 7:49 am #

    Have the pasta maker, the recipes, just haven’t made the time! It’s on the list though. A tutorial would be fun! Love tutorials! The pasta looks yummy — and getting it made for you makes it even better!!

    Thanks for the food inspiration, btw. Grapefruit and sprouts have made it back onto the favourites list, and I’ve picked up some chia seeds to try. Though I can’t stop singing the song every time I think of them…ch-ch-ch-chia… :)

    Good luck this weekend! Have lots of fun!!


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