From fail to feast!!!

8 Apr

Well, I guess that my Easter hiatus turned out to be a little longer than I intended! *blush*

Sorry about that!  And guess what?  In addition to not blogging, I took zero pictures.  No pictures of our Easter BBQ, no pictures of Easter dinner with the in-laws, no pictures of little chocolate bunnies or mini eggs.

That would be a big FAIL on my part…  Ooops!

But hey, I did manage to take one picture at some point during the weekend.  I think that this was what I ate before Todd and I took a nice 15km bike ride on one of the trails at Point Pelee.  I think.  Anyway, it was mighty tasty :)

Tuna with mustard, pickles (and juice), a pinch of mayo (I guess you really can’t pinch mayo…) and sprouts on toasted 12-grain.  Ever since I was a kid, I would avoid the butt end of the bread.  I’m not sure why…it’s absolutely delicious!

Now onto Monday’s eats… errr, rather drinks…

I know this looks gross, but I think it just plain looks interesting!  This is chocolate milk with kefir in it pre-stir.  If you’ve never had kefir before – you should! Yum.   I had such a great time on my ride with Todd the day before, that I decided to go on a 14 mile ride after work.  I drank this to re-fuel so that I could concentrate on making dinner.

My ride was through my city, and about half on a trail that goes behind and through some neighbourhoods.  Apparently everyone decided that it was hamburger grilling day, because that was ALL that I could smell for most of the 14 miles!

I’m not a fan of lighting the BBQ (I’ll save the ‘why’ story for another day), and I was on my own for dinner, so decided to have Veggie Patties in the Panini Press.  I do this allllllll the time.  I’ve found that it’s the best way to get them crispy on the outside and get them to keep their shape.

Well, I don’t think that I must have cleaned the press very well after I used it last time, because these were all kinds of stuck.

Behold the veggie patty scramble:

This is two patties (I think…) with a side of collard greens and kabocha.  I’ll post the recipe for the patties sometime.  They’re yummy and EASY!

Because I was craving a ‘burger,’ I decided to doctor this baby up!

This is ketchup, mustard, pickles, lettuce, cheddar cheese and red onions on top.  Aka, how to turn a fail into a mouth-watering feast  :)

Monday night flew by and we had the LOUDEST thunderstorm in the middle of the night.  I have found that people are generally at polar ends of the thunderstorm scale: either you love em, or you hate em.  I LOVE them!  I don’t like that they sometimes carry destruction with them, but I love everything else about them :)

In the morning I had this,

Big fat slices of locally grown tomatoes (tomato capital of the world over here…you should see the acres and acres of greenhouses…) on half a toasted one bun.

That’s right, no cereal, or oats because I’m back on dairy restriction until Saturday.  Oh, did I forget to mention that I’m doing another half marathon this weekend?????  Eek!!!!!  Sadly, my foot *still* hasn’t healed from the last one.  My goal is to have fun this time.  Last time I was too nervous to have fun.  I’m still going to try my hardest, but I won’t be disappointed no matter what happens.

After this race, I have a different training schedule in mind and I’ll share it with you sometime next week.

Ok, where was I…  Oh yes, I brought some kabocha for my morning snack.

I then proceeded to get it all over my fingers and consequently on all of my papers too.  Oops!  I also ate one of these devils a little later, because that tomato sandwich just wasn’t enough this morning (ummm…could it be the lack of protein?  Duh).

My veggie-patty-scramble-burger-salad was so good that I decided to recreate it for lunch today too.  The scramble,

The lettuce (it’s under there), red onion and pickle,

And lots of mustard and ketchup.

Twas as tasty for lunch as it was the night before!  What goes great with a burger?  Fries!  Well, I didn’t have any of those, but how about a few multigrain pita chips.  Wow – these are great – and hearty!  I’ll have to wrestle up a picture of the bag before they’re finished…

I’m all out of grapefruit (this RARELY happens) so no grapefruit today, and I don’t see myself making it to the grocery store tonight… so no grapefruit tomorrow either.  I had my other apple to finish off my lunch.

When I got home, all I could think of was a stirfry.  Now, I know that when the word stirfry is used, it generally conotes oil…but I don’t use any oil generally.  Do you?  Do you find it changes the flavour or that you need it to get the veggies the way you like them?

Anyway, this stirfry consisted of mushrooms, red onion, red pepper, broccoli, kale, been sprouts, pumpkin seeds, garlic, basil, 2 T of sweet thai chili sauce, soy sauce, lime juice and red quinoa.

It was delicious.

Todd said that he thought that there was something growing in it.  The quinoa get little ‘tails’ when they’ve cooked through and it’s really evident with the red quinoa.  Ten bucks says that I take this for lunch tomorrow  ;)


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