And then you see the bigger picture…

1 Apr

Happy Friday!!!!  Err…. wait…. it’s Thursday.  But it’s sorta like Friday :)

Well, after approximately a four week hiatus, the oats have returned!

Oh glorious oats, how I have missed thee!  These were made with water (because of my 3-day dairy exile) and were good – not amazing like when they’re made with milk, but very good.  The peanut butter, chia seeds, walnuts and dried cherries certainly helped this cause.

Oats will again be in the breakfast rotation – it’s that darn kefir addiction that is preventing their return.  Wait a minute, kefir oats!!!!  Can’t wait!!!

Here are the snacks I packed for the day:

I had an apple and some desk almonds for a morning snack, but the other one and the banana came back home.  These apples are soooo tasty and were only $1 a pound!  I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were still on sale when I went to the grocery store after work  :)

For lunch, I spooned up a serving of my leftover leek, lima bean and cauliflower soup,

However, I only ate half of this – because I packed soooooo much food today!!!

Exhibit a:  Kabocha squash,

Exhibits b, c,d,e, and f: hard boiled eggs, coarse mustard, triscuits, jalapeno pepperjack and alfalfa sprouts,

And hiding in the back ground, exhibit g:  bread and butter pickles.

Now I only at about 75% of this…  Not only was I full – but I also ran out of time!!!

I really noticed that I felt satisfied all afternoon.  Usually I go back to work and I still feel hungry and force myself to wait at least an hour or so before I dive into my apple or banana afternoon snack.

So what was different with today’s lunch from normal (besides packing too much – I really ate the same amount as normal)?  What do I eat every single day for lunch?  A grapefruit!!!   I ran out.

I know that grapefruit are supposed to help with digestion, but is this why I feel sooooo hungry after lunch each day? Hmmm, something to look up I guess.  If anyone has any knowledge of this – please share!

Since I only ate about a half a cup of soup, I decided to have it for dinner too!

I wish I could get a picture that really shows the colour well  :(  It’s extremely bright green!  green and beautiful  :)

Of course, I couldn’t just have soup  ;)

A beautiful tomato and mozzarella sandwich on toasted 12-grain with alfalfa sprouts (can you tell that I’m the only one that eats them, so when I buy a container, I have to eat them a lot!?!  I’m okay with that though  :P) and coarse mustard.

Now this pic is absolutely hilarious to me, because my sandwich is actually sitting on this,

A case of beer!  Strong beer…  :)

It’s  3 day weekend, we’re having people over and we’re having a bbq – beer will be consumed :)  And chicken kabobs…

Hope you all have a Happy Easter weekend!!!  I hope to get a few posts in this weekend – but it’s going to be a busy one – starting with a 10-11 mile run tomorrow morning.  Wish me and my foot luck!


2 Responses to “And then you see the bigger picture…”

  1. Kelly April 2, 2010 at 11:45 am #

    Good luck to you and your foot! haha!

  2. Sweet and Fit April 7, 2010 at 1:33 pm #

    cant believe you took a four week hiatus from oats – I can’t make it a couple days!

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