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Knock, knock, knock!!!

14 Apr

So I haven’t real felt like blogging lately…  Not sure why…  I think that life has just gotten in the way of my blogging life  :)

My race on Saturday went great and I want to tell you alllll about it!  I hope to be back tonight to write an entry.  I haven’t gotten back to my normal gym/running routine since the race and I think that this (and the fact that Todd is on days and that means we share the puter) is why I haven’t felt the writing bug *although writing this right now feels oh soooo good*.



Why does he get to be the pretty one???

9 Apr

Happy Thursday!!!

Tuesday’s tomato sandwich was tasty, but certainly not filling, so I decided to crank it up a notch today,

This would be a non-dairy breakfast with not only tasty tomatoes, but protein too!  The added chicken (and the second half of the one bun) helped this breakfast to stick all morning.  So much so that I didn’t start to feel hungry at all until about 45 minutes before my lunch.  It’s not very often that I don’t feel the need for a morning snack!

And clearly, I’m all about the mustard.  Moving along….

Since I’ve embraced my whole positivity outlook, work has been going great!  I make a conscious decision to decide to have a great day at work, before I even get there.  Now my job isn’t that bad or anything, but I was finding it a little blah lately.  This has really changed my day.  Of course, I still count the minutes until 4 o’clock – but this no longer begins 2 hours after I get there anymore.  Now I look at how much work I can achieve in that time.

This seems to be working well now, while I have tons to do, but I do have to wonder if it’ll be the same when I’m in a period where I have less busy days, and less to do.  Food for thought!

And speaking about food…

My lunch was leftover homemade whole wheat pasta and mushrooms with a sprinkling of parmesan and a heaping portion of kale.  How do people not eat more greens?  They’re so tasty and are a great addition to just about any meal!

I also had some Pita Chips.  I had some of these earlier in the week and said that I’d snap a pic of the bag,

Tada!  Unfortunately I couldn’t seem to get a clear pisture to save my life.  They’re called ‘in snax’ and they were absolutely fabulous!  They’re very hearty and very flavourful!  This bag lasted Todd and I almost an entire week of taking snacks in our lunches and nibbling here and there.  I think I ate them 4 times and Todd probably had them even more than that.  Because of thier density, you don’t feel the need to eat very many – and unlike a chip, you actually have to chew them several times.  Now why didn’t I take a pic of the ingredients?  Next time, but they’re petty good though.

This last serving was about four whole ones, a couple of broken ones and a bunch of bits – and it was the perfect amount (and I totally cleaned out all of the extra herbs and seasonings from the bottom of the bag, mmmmm…..).  I’d definitely buy these again – and plan to this weekend lol!

And of course, my lovely grapefruit to cap off my lunch.

I completely forgot my grapefruit knife again and had to cut it up into segments.  I hate doing this when I’m in a room full of people, I just feel so improper and animal-like.  Huh, I don’t think I’ve ever referred to myself as animal-like before  :)

Speaking of nature (kinda),  when I was going through my pics before doing this post, I saw that Todd had taken one in the middle of all of my pictures.  Mr and Mrs Cardinal.  Don’t they look pretty?

This is across the street from my house.  Yes my neighbour has two satellite dishes.  Yes my neighbour has two different coloured shingles on his roof.  Yes my neighbour is a dealer.  Well, ok, I don’t actually know that, but there is a lot of traffic into that house and just some plain old suspicious activity.

Dinner was leftover stirfry.

Tell me again why people eat food out of boxes?

It took me forever (we’re talking a good 25 pics) to get a decent shot of this – I don’t know why.  I practically inhaled this and had a good portion of it gone before I even sat down.  :)

I had a bad feeling that it was going to be one of those nights where I just wasn’t going to feel ‘satisfied.’  I decided to have some peanut butter, almonds and chocolate bunny to curb the cravings I was having for chocolate covered almonds and Reece peanut butter cups.

It worked!  the peanut butter looks a little gross, but that’s because I took it from the side where it was a little dried out.  I figured it would stick to the chocolate better (as natural PB can get kinda thin).  Speaking of the chocolate, it looks like a tiny pice, but it’s actually standing on it’s end, so it’s a little bigger than how it appears (wow, usually I’m always telling you that something on my plate looks bigger than it actually is, never smaller! lol).

About an hour later I decided to have a substantial snack so that I wouldn’t just go and pick at stuff.

Peanut butter and pumpkin butter on a piece of toasted 12-grain.  Clearly I was hungry.  This hit the spot and I indeed felt satisfied.

After I ate this, I had a couple of friends stop by for a couple hours.  They have some major things that they’re dealing with right now and it was nice to be there to be an ear and to offer a kind word or two.  I haven’t seen the one friend much over the past 5 years or so, because of these major things and it was nice to not only catch up, but to definitely reconnect.

Okay, the plan is to stay up late and visit with Todd for a bit when he gets home from work….at 1130.  We’ll see if I make it…

Were you this close???

8 Apr

How was your Wednesday?  Mine was great!  I set out in the morning deciding that I was going to think positively and make it a great day!  I’m generally a positive and cheery person, but sometimes we forget how much a positive outlook is important and can change your life for the better.  Just ask Susan!

Btw – You may have missed my return from Easter post

The morning started off with a yummy bowl of kamut and harvest flakes, with 1/2 a banana, PB, dried cherries, chia seeds, walnuts, greek yogurt, kefir and skim milk (kefir and milk were post pic).

Looks awesome doesn’t it???  It was.  However, it was also a MAJOR FAIL!  In my sleepiness I completely forgot that I was on self imposed dairy restriction until Saturday!  Good thing it’s only Wednesday – it shouldn’t hurt me too much.

After breakfast, I somehow had tons of time on my hands, so took my time making my lunch while watching my favourite Morning Show Breakfast Television.

As I posed these two guys, it brought back a memory… but I couldn’t quite place my finger on what it was…

Then suddenly it came to me…  Do you remember the Cosby show where Cliff is talking to Vanessa’s date and asking him how close the two of them were?  He puts the apples closer and closer until he puts the two of them on top of one another.  To this the boyfriend has a mild panic attack and instantly takes the two of them apart.  Hilarity ensues!  What a funny show…

Remember yesterday when I bet you ten bucks that I’d bring leftover stirfry for lunch today?

Well, it’s time to pay up sucker!  :)  I love how dishes like this always seem to taste so much better after the flavours have time to meld together for awhile.

Along with my stirfry, I had a large piece of cauliflower

I was too lazy to actually break it apart.  I did that at lunch.  I didn’t just stick the whole thing in this,

Doesn’t that look completely yuck?  It’s about a T of italian dressing, 1/2 T of ranch and a bunch of white vinegar.  It was good, but I only used about half of it.  I’m more of a naked veggie person.

Look who made an appearance!!!!

My favourite little yellow friend (don’t tell the bananas….)!  I didn’t get to a grocery store last night (pure laziness…), but Todd had went earlier in the day and knew that I was out.

Lunch felt much more complete today :)

Sadly, I forgot my grapefruit knife and had to eat it in quarters instead (not the most polite way…).

Todd was a busy boy, because along with going to the grocery store, he also made some homemade whole wheat pasta!

I paired it with some collard greens that were sautéed with vinegar and red pepper flakes and some tomato because my plate definitely needed some colour!

I wasn’t sure what was actually on the noodles, but Todd has since told me that it’s just a little bit of chicken stock, olive oil, fat free sour cream, spices and garlic.  The noodles soaked most of the ‘sauce’ up, so you don’t see much, but the noodles are very flavourful.  There are also mushrooms and a few small pieces of chicken in it.

And how could I resist making my plate more colourful when I have tomatoes that are not only local (I actually bought them from the farm), but look as delicious as this??!!?!

After dinner, I quickly cleaned up, because I had a meeting across town.  I’m part of an organization called Leadership Advancement for Women in Sport, and we’re trying to reorganize right now.  There were some new people at the meeting and I think that the general message may have gotten buried in personal agendas.  I have hope that we can keep going and be even stronger.  We’re meeting again in two weeks, and I think that this will determine our direction for the next several years.

Hey, that’s me!  I think that someone didn’t realize that LAWS is an acronym  ;)

Hope you have a great day!

BTW – Do you make your own pasta?  If not, why not?  Do you think it’s difficult?  Do you think it takes a long time?  Would a tutorial be helpful?

From fail to feast!!!

8 Apr

Well, I guess that my Easter hiatus turned out to be a little longer than I intended! *blush*

Sorry about that!  And guess what?  In addition to not blogging, I took zero pictures.  No pictures of our Easter BBQ, no pictures of Easter dinner with the in-laws, no pictures of little chocolate bunnies or mini eggs.

That would be a big FAIL on my part…  Ooops!

But hey, I did manage to take one picture at some point during the weekend.  I think that this was what I ate before Todd and I took a nice 15km bike ride on one of the trails at Point Pelee.  I think.  Anyway, it was mighty tasty :)

Tuna with mustard, pickles (and juice), a pinch of mayo (I guess you really can’t pinch mayo…) and sprouts on toasted 12-grain.  Ever since I was a kid, I would avoid the butt end of the bread.  I’m not sure why…it’s absolutely delicious!

Now onto Monday’s eats… errr, rather drinks…

I know this looks gross, but I think it just plain looks interesting!  This is chocolate milk with kefir in it pre-stir.  If you’ve never had kefir before – you should! Yum.   I had such a great time on my ride with Todd the day before, that I decided to go on a 14 mile ride after work.  I drank this to re-fuel so that I could concentrate on making dinner.

My ride was through my city, and about half on a trail that goes behind and through some neighbourhoods.  Apparently everyone decided that it was hamburger grilling day, because that was ALL that I could smell for most of the 14 miles!

I’m not a fan of lighting the BBQ (I’ll save the ‘why’ story for another day), and I was on my own for dinner, so decided to have Veggie Patties in the Panini Press.  I do this allllllll the time.  I’ve found that it’s the best way to get them crispy on the outside and get them to keep their shape.

Well, I don’t think that I must have cleaned the press very well after I used it last time, because these were all kinds of stuck.

Behold the veggie patty scramble:

This is two patties (I think…) with a side of collard greens and kabocha.  I’ll post the recipe for the patties sometime.  They’re yummy and EASY!

Because I was craving a ‘burger,’ I decided to doctor this baby up!

This is ketchup, mustard, pickles, lettuce, cheddar cheese and red onions on top.  Aka, how to turn a fail into a mouth-watering feast  :)

Monday night flew by and we had the LOUDEST thunderstorm in the middle of the night.  I have found that people are generally at polar ends of the thunderstorm scale: either you love em, or you hate em.  I LOVE them!  I don’t like that they sometimes carry destruction with them, but I love everything else about them :)

In the morning I had this,

Big fat slices of locally grown tomatoes (tomato capital of the world over here…you should see the acres and acres of greenhouses…) on half a toasted one bun.

That’s right, no cereal, or oats because I’m back on dairy restriction until Saturday.  Oh, did I forget to mention that I’m doing another half marathon this weekend?????  Eek!!!!!  Sadly, my foot *still* hasn’t healed from the last one.  My goal is to have fun this time.  Last time I was too nervous to have fun.  I’m still going to try my hardest, but I won’t be disappointed no matter what happens.

After this race, I have a different training schedule in mind and I’ll share it with you sometime next week.

Ok, where was I…  Oh yes, I brought some kabocha for my morning snack.

I then proceeded to get it all over my fingers and consequently on all of my papers too.  Oops!  I also ate one of these devils a little later, because that tomato sandwich just wasn’t enough this morning (ummm…could it be the lack of protein?  Duh).

My veggie-patty-scramble-burger-salad was so good that I decided to recreate it for lunch today too.  The scramble,

The lettuce (it’s under there), red onion and pickle,

And lots of mustard and ketchup.

Twas as tasty for lunch as it was the night before!  What goes great with a burger?  Fries!  Well, I didn’t have any of those, but how about a few multigrain pita chips.  Wow – these are great – and hearty!  I’ll have to wrestle up a picture of the bag before they’re finished…

I’m all out of grapefruit (this RARELY happens) so no grapefruit today, and I don’t see myself making it to the grocery store tonight… so no grapefruit tomorrow either.  I had my other apple to finish off my lunch.

When I got home, all I could think of was a stirfry.  Now, I know that when the word stirfry is used, it generally conotes oil…but I don’t use any oil generally.  Do you?  Do you find it changes the flavour or that you need it to get the veggies the way you like them?

Anyway, this stirfry consisted of mushrooms, red onion, red pepper, broccoli, kale, been sprouts, pumpkin seeds, garlic, basil, 2 T of sweet thai chili sauce, soy sauce, lime juice and red quinoa.

It was delicious.

Todd said that he thought that there was something growing in it.  The quinoa get little ‘tails’ when they’ve cooked through and it’s really evident with the red quinoa.  Ten bucks says that I take this for lunch tomorrow  ;)

And then you see the bigger picture…

1 Apr

Happy Friday!!!!  Err…. wait…. it’s Thursday.  But it’s sorta like Friday :)

Well, after approximately a four week hiatus, the oats have returned!

Oh glorious oats, how I have missed thee!  These were made with water (because of my 3-day dairy exile) and were good – not amazing like when they’re made with milk, but very good.  The peanut butter, chia seeds, walnuts and dried cherries certainly helped this cause.

Oats will again be in the breakfast rotation – it’s that darn kefir addiction that is preventing their return.  Wait a minute, kefir oats!!!!  Can’t wait!!!

Here are the snacks I packed for the day:

I had an apple and some desk almonds for a morning snack, but the other one and the banana came back home.  These apples are soooo tasty and were only $1 a pound!  I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were still on sale when I went to the grocery store after work  :)

For lunch, I spooned up a serving of my leftover leek, lima bean and cauliflower soup,

However, I only ate half of this – because I packed soooooo much food today!!!

Exhibit a:  Kabocha squash,

Exhibits b, c,d,e, and f: hard boiled eggs, coarse mustard, triscuits, jalapeno pepperjack and alfalfa sprouts,

And hiding in the back ground, exhibit g:  bread and butter pickles.

Now I only at about 75% of this…  Not only was I full – but I also ran out of time!!!

I really noticed that I felt satisfied all afternoon.  Usually I go back to work and I still feel hungry and force myself to wait at least an hour or so before I dive into my apple or banana afternoon snack.

So what was different with today’s lunch from normal (besides packing too much – I really ate the same amount as normal)?  What do I eat every single day for lunch?  A grapefruit!!!   I ran out.

I know that grapefruit are supposed to help with digestion, but is this why I feel sooooo hungry after lunch each day? Hmmm, something to look up I guess.  If anyone has any knowledge of this – please share!

Since I only ate about a half a cup of soup, I decided to have it for dinner too!

I wish I could get a picture that really shows the colour well  :(  It’s extremely bright green!  green and beautiful  :)

Of course, I couldn’t just have soup  ;)

A beautiful tomato and mozzarella sandwich on toasted 12-grain with alfalfa sprouts (can you tell that I’m the only one that eats them, so when I buy a container, I have to eat them a lot!?!  I’m okay with that though  :P) and coarse mustard.

Now this pic is absolutely hilarious to me, because my sandwich is actually sitting on this,

A case of beer!  Strong beer…  :)

It’s  3 day weekend, we’re having people over and we’re having a bbq – beer will be consumed :)  And chicken kabobs…

Hope you all have a Happy Easter weekend!!!  I hope to get a few posts in this weekend – but it’s going to be a busy one – starting with a 10-11 mile run tomorrow morning.  Wish me and my foot luck!