Sorry for the hi-ate-us!!!

29 Mar

Hey all!  Sorry for the hiatus, it was a little bit longer than I had intended.  Thanks for all of the kind words and although nothing is resolved, I’m thinking positive and moving on (in terms of the blog anyway…)!

Saturday morning brekkie:

This is a one bun with peanut butter and pumpkin butter, oven roasted potatoes with an egg and spinach frittata and lots of ketchup.  Oh how I love my ketchup…

While Todd was watching tv, he noticed this and thought it was hilarious enough for a picture.  I agree :)

Around 11, we decided to go for a nice long run at Point Pelee National Park, where we have season passes and is only about 45 mins to an hour away.

Before we left for the drive to the park, I had a toasted one bun with tuna (mixed with a wee bit of mayo, pickle juice, mustard, garlic and chopped up bread and butter pickles) and a fist full of spinach.

I had a bad run.  I struggled the entire time and my foot was on the verge of being excrutiatng.  I was planning to do 11 miles, but did a mere 6.  I was quite bummed and disappointed :(

On a positive note, Todd had his best 11 mile time ever:  1:29:56 – yay Todd!  He’s really hoping for a personal best in the Martian Half Marathon next weekend.  I’m just hoping that my foot will treat me ok – or that I can block out the pain.  I’ll get it looked at after the race (if I do it after, I can’t be told not to run….  I know, Bad Becky!).

Seeing as though we were famished (even though I barely did half of what I had planned…) we had a yummy charcoal barbecue of chicken and Oktoberfest sausage,

Along with some salad that tasted strangely like dill…  The iceberg and the dill are sharing a crisper right now.

The sun was beautiful, but it was VERY cold.  The wind was brutal – it was colder than that time a couple months ago when we bbq’ed in the snow…

I had planned to have just a little taste of the sausage (haven’t had sausage in MONTHS!  …and I’m ok with that – it’s not really my thing), but it was soooooo amazing that I actually ate a whole one (sliced in half, on two one bun halves – think hot dog style…).

As soon as we were done eating, we got the heck outta there and into the nice wind-free Saturn.  On the way home, we decided to check to see if our favourite drive in called the Dairy Freeze was open for the season yet.  It was!!!  I was frozen, but I didn’t care!  One $1.80 cone dipped in chocolate please!  It was wonderful and I relished every lick.

Sunday was spent shopping Stateside – yay, another trip to Trader Joe’s!  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a single pic that day.  Oops!  We had a late dinner of club sandwiches and rice medley,

Very tasty and there was originally double this amount.  Todd took the picture.  I was too lazy to go get my camera :(

This is me minutes after telling Todd that I wasn’t going to fall asleep  :)

Clearly only one of us looks cute in this picture and I can’t believe I”m posting it :)

Here is my cereal packed up – for some reason I was not hungry at all when I got up.  Knowing that this wasn’t normal, I packed it up and brought it to work, because I knew that I’d be hungry and surprise, surprise – I ate it about an hour after I got to work.  It was great.

It’s kamut, some multigrain harvest flakes (or something like that – gonna have to look at the box) that I bought at Trader Joe’s, walnuts and raisins.  Milk and kefir is in the container underneath.

My cereal woes are over, I indeed needed a flake.  :)

Snacks for the day:

I ate the grapefruit with lunch (as always!), and had the apple in the afternoon with a handful of almonds.  The scary looking banana came right back home with me and went straight into the freezer.  It shall make a very tasty smoothie in its’ second life.  :)

Lunch started out with the leftover salad (if you can call it that….sadly it was mostly iceberg) from Saturday.  This is in just one of the (many) ziploc containers I own – it’s only about 4 or 5 inches in diameter…shoulda had something to show the size – because it looks humongous (it’s the same as the cereal pic above)!

With a little bit of italian dressing/white vinegar combo.

The main event:  Homemade spinach lasagna (homemade sauce and noodles!) in yet another ziploc container.  This was quite yum.  Isn’t it amazing how pasta always tastes better when it’s leftovers!?!?  ….and when someone else put in the effort to make it :)

Because my belly was still feeling like it needed a little something else, I ate this little guy:

Hahahhaha – Eek-ster Egg!  Get it?  It’s a scary vampire…   Eeek!!!  :)  Todd likes to write on the hardboiled eggs so that we don’t get them confused with the regular eggs.  I think he just likes to be silly and draw on the eggs  :)

When I got home, I ate this leftover eggplant in about 23 seconds.

Notice that article?  It is the most DUH! article on health I have ever read.  It’s basically about how to get healthy and the 4 word title says it all.  It does not get any more in depth than that.

And speaking of in depth – ok, not at all, I just needed a segue  :)

Anyway, I made this to go with the eggplant that I inhaled.  It’s garlic sauce and ketchup.  Sounds awesome doesn’t it?  Well, if you love garlic as much as I do, it sure sounds great!

Unfortunately, it was the furthest thing away from good.  Absolute fail.  straight down the drain it went.  If it hadn’t been for the time spent with the sauce, I would have had the eggplant gone in a mere 21 seconds  ;)

About a half hour later, I had some of the leftover TJ’s Brown Rice Medley from yesterday.  Wow, this stuff is absolutely delicious!

Here’s the package:

Throw this in your basket and you will NOT be disappointed!  Todd actually grabbed this…good job Todd!  Glad he likes to try new things.

I can’t get him on my kefir bandwagon though.  One of my favourite ways to have kefir is like this,

Chocolate milk with Kefir.  Mmmmm…  Looks kinda gross, doesn’t it?  Check out the full view:

It tastes a thousand times better than it looks  :)   It just needs to be stirred up.

Next up on my grazing train was leftover (twas the night of leftovers…) mustard dill salmon.

Once again, my proportions are odd – this is actually on a saucer and the salmon is smaller than the proverbial deck of cards.

I realized after I ate all of my many dishes that I ate a nice dinner…just over about an hour and a half  :)

And here’s my little supermodel basking in the sunlight…



One Response to “Sorry for the hi-ate-us!!!”

  1. beyondbennett March 30, 2010 at 8:21 pm #

    Ha! So this post answered nearly all of my email questions! :)

    I love that I learn new things about you guys though this blog — like Todd writing on the eggs. You know he totally does it just to draw on them! :) Love it! It’s egg-cellent!

    Glad you got out for a run at Pelee — I know you wanted to run more, but dude, SIX miles is awesome! You’ll get more in next time!! You will!!

    I’m so jealous that you have access to a TJ! Oh what fun!! (I’ve never been, but hey, I dream that it’s fun!)

    I love the salmon pic — it’s gorgeous! As well, Ms. Moxie is quite the model. Awww!

    Great to have you back!! Missed your posts!!

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