Smoke and Spice!!!

16 Mar

Last Saturday, my parents took Todd and I out for his birthday.  This place was so yummy that I decided that it needed a post of it’s own ;)

The restaurant was called Smoke and Spice and was amazing!  We had heard reviews from a few people and everyone loved it.  From the name, you can probably ascertain that it’s a Southern BBQ restaurant.  There aren’t any bbq restaurants in my city – there was one for a few years, but it wasn’t good and it FAILED.

We tried to get a reservation, but they only accept them for parties of 6 or more, so being a party of 4, we knew that we’d be taking our chances.  We got to the restaurant and the hostess was sure she knew me.  I don’t think I knew her, although she did look slightly familiar…  Anyway, within a few minutes she had our name, she hugged me (yes, you read that right) and we were sitting at the bar sipping a Keith’s, waiting with the throngs of people for our tables.

When we called, they said that 7 o’clock was a good time to go.  It didn’t look that way though!  Lots and lots of people!  We were pleasantly surprised to see several tables clearing and the people started to quickly dissipate.  About 15 minutes after we arrived, the hostess came to bring us to our table.  We were quite pleased to be taken to the mezzanine area.  Because this was higher up – it was a little quieter, which my Dad really appreciated, as did I.

When we looked at the menu – which you can see here, we knew exactly what we wanted right away.

This was perfect!  This way we each got to try just about everything!

Here’s how it looked with a crazy bright flash (as there were only 2 small lights for the entire mezzanine).

This is everything.  It looks like a ridiculous amount of food, and it is PLENTY, but the plate was small.  I eagerly polished this off.  The amount of food that they gave you with the ‘Pig Out’ was perfect.  Between us we were all satisfied, but not stuffed.  We finished all of the sides, and had some leftover ribs, chicken and pork that we brought home.

We were very happy with this meal and can’t wait to go back when there’s another occasion.  I mentioned that we were sitting in the mezzanine, which was really nice and only had about 10 tables.  Being there, we had the added bonus that we got to look over the kitchen!

Check out the chili peppers!  Awww, aren’t they cute :)

Here’s a view of the bar (which seems to have cleared out by the time of this picture), with the mezzanine above.  The rest of the seating area is in front of the kitchen and sits quite a few people.

Just writing this post makes me want to go eat some smoked food.  Mmmmm.  This was definitely a nice treat, and inspired Todd to make collard greens at home on Sunday  :)   These were also yum….


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