Well that’ll teach me!!!

5 Mar

Thursday morning started out on a missed note.  My alarm was going off and I just couldn’t seem to hit the touch screen on my cell and turn it off!  Poor Todd had to *try* and sleep through it.  Hoping that this was the worst thing to happen in the morning, I got up, hopped in the shower and went ‘ahhhhh…’  You know how sometimes the water just feels *that* good?  Well, amazingly enough, that was the end of my bad day  :)

My day continued going well with this tasty morsel,

Okay, there was nothing ‘morsel’ about this – it was huge!  Mmmm, an eggpuck with oregano and low fat ham on 12-grain toast.  I had to pack this up to bring to work with me, because despite getting up early, I managed to run behind again…

Never too busy to pack my snacks for the day:

I ate an apple in the morning – but not this apple.  My boss stopped in for a couple minutes – they were on their way to the States and you can’t take produce across the border, so I was the beneficiary of a gigantic apple – sorry no pic.   It was very tasty, but it was so hard that it actually hurt my gums :(

Lunch was trying to clean out the fridge a little – leftover tofu stirfry with lettuce in two whole wheat wraps.

I was also pleased to see that some of the guac that I made yesterday, had made it through the night and there was still some in the fridge.

I fixed it up by adding some Frank’s to it.  I ate it on some Guiltless Gourmet Chipotle chips, along with some black bean and corn salsa.  Very yum.

And because no workday lunch is complete without a grapefruit, I ate one of those too.  I was very satisfied after this meal and didn’t eat my afternoon carrot snack.

Because I love little condiment packages, I took a picture of the ones I brought with me today:

A little blurry, but the ketchup was for my eggpuck and the soy sauce was for my wraps.  The soy sauce was very much unneeded and basically just leaked out the bottom…

I mentioned yesterday that I had a meeting tonight at the University.  I am part of an organization called LAWS – Leadership Advancement for Women in Sport.  We haven’t done anything in about 2 years and we’re going to re-organize and get some good done again.  I had a bunch of errands to run, so did those, then grabbed a handful of minieggs chocolates (yes, you read that right, great dinner!) and a large coffee and was on my way.

For some reason, when I got there the doors to the building were locked.  I went to the West Entrance, but was informed that it was no longer an entrance (looks like one to me!).  So I had to go to the main entrance, which is also the entrance for the gym and field house, so crazy busy.  In between other people coming to the desk, the attendant informed me that the only way I could get to the particular part of the building where I needed to be, was to take the elevator, to which you need a key.  So he was off to find someone to watch the desk while he took me up into the elevator.  By this time I’m 10 minutes late.  I thank him and go to the first conference room.  There’s a janitor in there, so I go to the second onference room.  No one.  I ask the janitor if he can open the office to see if they’re in the small meeting room.  I chat with the janitor and he says he’s pretty sure there’s no one here.  I check and he’s right.  I thank him and pull out my phone, check my email and see that the meeting is actually on March 11th!  Gahhh!!!  The janitor and I have a laugh over this and I tell him that I’ll see him next week ;)  Wow – what a waste of time, and all because I didn’t read the email carefully.

When I got home, I started getting my clothes together for this weekend.  I’m going to my parents’ house for a few hours tomorrow night and we’re leaving fairly early Saturday morning.  I don’t want to feel rushed and am always afraid that I’m going to forget something , so I like to give myself a day or so to think of things I may not have remembered initially to pack.

While I was packing, I snacked on these to try to clean out the fridge,

The rest of the baked breaded eggplant, with garlic sauce and cheese (cheddar, asiago).  Dinner was definitely a meal very unbecoming of a food blogger.  :)

I ended up staying up until Todd got home, I had to go over a few things with him – grocery list, leaving time, his plan for Saturday, etc.  I feel much less overwhelmed now.  I hate when I feel like I have a zillion things to do and not nearly enough time.  Tomorrow night, I’ll be going to my parents’ house after work for a few hours and then I just have a little bit of tidying up to do, double check the things I’ve packed and make sure that everything is ready to go in the car the next morning.  Todd is leaving work 4 hours early, so he’ll be able to get his stuff together and I won’t have to stress about him being ready ;)

Now there’s just that pesky thing of 13.1 miles to worry about… ha!


2 Responses to “Well that’ll teach me!!!”

  1. Kelly March 5, 2010 at 12:36 pm #

    13.1 miles…no sweat! haha…can’t wait to hear how it goes! :)

  2. rollerkoesterrun March 5, 2010 at 2:18 pm #

    I love all your Guac pics- looks so good!!!

    ~Christie http://rollerkoesterrun.wordpress.com/

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