Oh sooooo hungry today!!!

3 Mar

Yesterday I had the conundrum about getting up at 615 instead of 630 – but really didn’t want to!!!  So I split the difference and got up at 623  ;)  And I must say, it definitely helped my rushiness (oh look, a new word!) this morning.  I think that I’ll probably try to get up at 615 tomorrow though.  I have a meeting tomorrow night, so I’d like to look my best – which means giving my bangs a trim (I hope my hairstylist cousin didn’t just read that…hi Tina!).  This is a process where you cannot feel any rushiness errrr, rushed.

Breakfast this morning was t-a-s-t-y!!!

Post Selects Blueberry with dried cherries, 1/2 banana, walnuts, almond butter, skim milk and kefir.  De-lish!

In the realm of tmi, I found 3 hairs in my breakfast this morning.  Ewwww.  And they weren’t mine.   Ewwww.  They were Todd’s.  What the…?  I have no idea where the hair came from – but it was definitely his, and all I can think of, is somehow it was on me and fell in, or was already on ….okay that’s enough talk about hair on a food blog (I just realized that I was talking about my bangs earlier too…)

Snacks for the day:

The apple was consumed very quickly with some almonds in the morning and at 230 ( I forced myself to at least wait that long, as I had no more snax!) I ate my banana and almond butter.  Tomorrow more snax will be brought.

Work was interesting today – I spoke up about the fact that my computer is as slow as molasses and I’m going to get a new one!  We have to buy four computers for terminals on the floor, and instead of putting the brand new ones there, some of the older computers will get replaced, and those will go to the floor where they don’t need a lot of capabilities in order to be effective.  Yay for speaking up!

Lunch!  This is leftovers from last night’s stirfry:  tofu, sprouts, mushrooms, broccoli, sunflower seeds, red and yellow pepper, lime juice , sweet thai chile sauce and YUMMINESS.

My red pepper was so good yesterday that I decided to have it again.  It didn’t disappoint!  I can’t wait until it’s fruit and vegetable stand season again!

And now a picture of a grapefruit that beholds the greatness that it is:)

It was a whopping 5C degrees and sunny when I left work, but no part of me wanted to go for a run.  I’m sooooo scared that I’m going to hurt myself before Sunday’s half.  I’m afraid that I’m going to trip and fall (hello, clutz here!) or put too much strain on my LCL’s, as both of them are bothering me now.  Nerves.  Those pesky nerves.  I can just imagine how many times I’ll be running to the bathroom come Sunday morning.  Instead of running, I took Miss Moxie for a nice long walk.  She loved it and is happily sleeping it off now.

My stomach was screaming CARBS! when we got back, so for dinner I decided on a panini,

This is low fat ham, cheddar cheese, garlic sauce, lettuce, coarse mustard, avocado and a little asiago on a 12-grain ciabatta.  It was tasty and just the filling thing that I needed!

After dinner I ate this little ditty,

Sorry for the blurry pic, but my camera died right after this snap and I didn’t have any other batteries charged…  Oh, hi lady on the left!  That’s actually the tv – almost looks like someone siting there.  This is a British show called ‘You are what you eat‘ and it’s awesome!  Well, it’s good, except where the host talks about the people’s poop.  No, you didn’t read that wrong, in fact, she not only talks about it but describes odor, texture and sometimes actually inspects it with the person.  Ick.  At least this part escapes the camera, and I’m pretty sure that this segment is shorter as the seasons go on…  But I swear, the rest of the show is good.

I made some guac to eat as a snack tonight

With these, lovely guacamole vessels:

But the thing is, I’m writing this post at 915 and have had no desire to eat any.  huh.  I guess that sandwich was as filling as I had hoped!  I wonder if there’ll be any left in the fridge tomorrow morning for me to take some for lunch…  Stay tuned for that…  I just realized that I forgot to put Frank’s in the guac.  Well, I’m not going to fix it now…

Breakfast tomorrow morning is either going to be an eggpuck, or oatmeal made with water.  I’m staying away from dairy until after Sunday’s race.  The.race.is.on.Sunday. Eeeeek!  Back in the realm of tmi, I find that milk products increase my mucous production and the less mucous with my asthma while I’m running, the better.

I’m watching Modern Family and the driving examiner just told Hayley to turn left and she turned right.  I DID THAT! The examiner told me to turn right and I turned left.  I realized as soon as I did it.  He had me do 3 more lefts and then turn right at that same intersection.  At the end he told me that because I turned the same way that I signaled, that he would still pass me.  After that I finally learned my lefts and rights  :)


3 Responses to “Oh sooooo hungry today!!!”

  1. whydeprive March 3, 2010 at 11:07 pm #

    lol I LOVE Modern Family! Its such a great show!!
    Your quacamole looks so good! Its probably my favorite thing next to hummus!

  2. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce March 4, 2010 at 12:32 am #

    oh baby! i would kill for a panini or guac right now..or your breakfast for that matter ;) YUM! wow you started blogging EIGHT years ago? that is so impressive!!!

    • flybynyght March 4, 2010 at 7:39 am #

      Yup – I started blogging in July of 2002 – the blog world has changed a lot since then – and so has my blog! In fact this is my fourth blog name – but this is where I’ll stay!

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