She likes to chase the real ones too!!!

2 Mar

Monday morning… errr, I guess it’s actually Tuesday, but it really felt like a Monday when I got up this morning.  I did not want to get out of bed!  My stomach said that it was time though and the clock said it was definitely time.  I really need to start getting up earlier- just 15 minutes would make a big difference.  But whiney me says that 630 seems sooo much later than 615 does, 615 is crazy early isn’t it?!?!

Early mornings are made much better when they start like this though,

This is Post Selects blueberry with half a banana, peanut butter, skim milk and my new favourite ingredient: kefir!  Wow, I rreeeeeaallyy like it!  I also like switching up my breakfast by eating different things or using different toppings.  I really can’t believe that until a couple months ago, I ate an eggpuck on a piece of 12-grain toast  Now don’t get me wrong, I love them – but I rarely looked forward to them.  Now that I only eat them once or twice a week, I actually do look forward to them!

I also looked forward to my snack this morning.  This is smoked gouda, which I ate with a small handful of almonds (this is the replenishment supply for my desk) and about 1T of dried black currants (from my desk).  This was tasty and something else that I used to have quite often as a snack – but burned out on.  Glad I brought it, an apple just wouldn’t have cut it today!

I was famished come lunch time and gobbled up these leftovers from last night’s dinner.  This is baked breaded eggplant with cottage cheese, homemade spaghetti sauce and spinach.  This was even more delicious than last night and is definitely earning a spot in with my ‘regulars.’

Along with the eggplant I had one of the best red peppers that I’ve ever eaten – it was juicy, sweet and wonderfully crunchy.

And to finish off, I had a grapefruit (surprise!).  You know how I was talking about eating the same things over and over, well, I’ve eaten a grapefruit nearly every single weekday for a year and a half.  I don’t see this changing – I LOVE them.  they are the perfect conclusion to my lunch.  They have a little sweet, they have a little sour, they aid in digestion and they smell intoxicating.  They also take a while to eat (I cut it in half and use a grapefruit knife), which fills up my half hour for lunch – instead of just twiddling my thumbs waiting to go back to my desk.

Remember how I said that work went fast yesterday?  Well, I guess I paid for that today – it just ddrrraaaagggggeeeddddddddd.  I was really busy so I thought that it would go much faster, but I think that I actually saw the time go backward once – I swear!  One thing that I had to look forward to after work was going home.  Directly home.  Do not stop at the grocery store, do not stop at the gym, go home.  I had no errands to run and being my taper week, I had no running or cross training planned.  I ate a banana (somehow I missed photographing it before it went in my lunch bag this morning) before I left work, but when I got home I was a hungry beast.  I ate one bite of easily 8 or 10 different things.  They were good.  I think.  It was either that or heat something very quick for dinner and eat right away.  I had better plans for dinner,

This is pan seared tofu with bean sprouts, broccoli, red pepper, yellow pepper, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, fish sauce, lime juice, sweet thai chile, basil, garlic and a splash of soy sauce.  Yum.  I also added crushed red pepper flakes and dropped in a few more than I meant to.  Dinner was fine heat wise, but we’ll see how lunch is once they have time to marry with the stirfry.

My portion.  I always eat stirfry with chopsticks.  It’s fun and it slows you down!

Speaking of fun, Miss Moxie hasn’t made an appearance on the blog for a little bit!

Here she is (in desperate need of a haircut…it’s not for another 2 weeks!) wrapped up sitting at my feet (I’m the lump on the right) hugging her squirrel, which is her pride and joy and an absolute wreck…

There is fur missing from several places, a gaping hole in the middle (she likes to hug it or cuddle it, she doesn’t try to rip it apart more) and not one, but two squeakers in it that don’t work.  She certainly loves this thing though, in fact I had to hide what I was doing in order to take that picture  :)

Todd is on afternoons right now, so won’t be home until 1130 – I told him I’d try to stay up tonight – but that’s still more than 2 hours away!!!  And like I said, 630 615 comes early, so my bed might win out…


2 Responses to “She likes to chase the real ones too!!!”

  1. Kelly March 3, 2010 at 1:01 pm #

    You eats look great! YUM!

  2. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine March 3, 2010 at 7:06 pm #

    You have some crazy good eats here girl!! Smoked gouda is definitely one of my favorite cheeses, and one of the only kinds of dairy I miss since cutting back on it! Good cheese is so much better than the pre-sliced stuff :) The breaded eggplant also sounds great, and I wish I hadn’t just eaten dinner so I could recreate that stir-fry!! I wake up at 6:15 on days I workout before my 9:30 class, and it is ridiculously early. It’s worth it to get my run out of the way, though!!

    Have a great night!

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