Gold Canada Gold!!!

1 Mar

…So I fell in love on Saturday.  But more on that in a bit…

I was crazy busy this weekend and sadly the ole bloggy was the one to suffer:(

I haven’t been around since Thursday, but I have good reasons….

Such as, Thursday was Todd’s birthday!!!!

Thursday morning was as rushed as any morning has ever been… and started with a rushed breakfast

IMG_1885This is 1/2 cup of oats with skim milk, two frozen cubes of pumpkin, a banana, dried cherries, walnuts, peanut butter and chia seeds.  And it was awesome.  It was also  waaaaay   too much.  I only ended up eating about half of this.  Oh, and I transported all of this to work and ate it there.  I’d like to say that I didn’t spill this in my bag on my way to work, but that would be a lie ;)

Lunch was homemade whole wheat pasta with the fat free cream cheese and tomato sauce, along with a spinach and romaine salad and (of course) a large grapefruit.IMG_1874IMG_1879 These are my snacks for the morning (apple) and afternoon (banana), as well as before the gym…

IMG_1882the gym was good, except I had a little bit of a blooper and hurt my right knee *a little*

When we got home from the gym, Todd decided that he didn’t want to go out for his birthday, he wanted to have:

French fries – errrrr rather, french bakes :)  This is simply your regular old potatoes with some granulated garlic, some italian seasoning and seasoned salt.  There was absolutely no oil used – the parchment paper is the trick!

Wow, they were phenomenal!

IMG_1890For dessert, and in honour of Todd’s birthday,  we had:IMG_1894 Birthday cake – sorta…Todd said he didn’t want a cake or pie or anything, but one of his co-worker’s gave him two chocolate Oreo Cakesters and we used them as birthday cake.  I thought that it was absolutely horrible (it literally tasted like chemicals)and after eating a bite, I gave it to Todd and grabbed a Fudgeeo out of the freezer to eat instead…

IMG_1902 IMG_1903IMG_1904

Isn’t he cute???  Ugly face and all :)

That night we ended up going out to Old Navy (hello, sale!) and we each picked up a couple of t-shirts.  Afterward, we sat and watched some Olympic coverage and called it a night.  A very low-key birthday – just how Todd likes it.  I think birthdays are very important and a fuss should be made (I threw Todd a surprise party for his 30th with 55 people!), he doesn’t care if anyone even says Happy Birthday!  I make sure that he knows he still needs to make *at least a little* fuss for mine  :)

As for Friday…

IMG_1917This was supposed to be peanut butter with banana, honey and cinnamon – but it ended up being minus the honey.  I thought that we had honey but was mistaken.  Boooo!!!!

Snacks for the day included,

IMG_1914I’m soooo on an apple kick right now…

I also had kabocha with some ketchup mmmm….

IMG_1911Lunch was pretty similar to yesterday – trying to use up the leftovers!

IMG_1908Mmmmm, I’m a big fan of different textures and temperatures, so after I heated this up, I added a great big fist full of spinach!!!

IMG_1907Of course, no workday lunch is complete without my grapefruit!

IMG_1910I didn’t think that the work day was EVER going to end!  It was a blustery day and we got a couple inches of snow…and once again I meant to take a picture of it and forgot…

Friday night was very low key and involved little other than the couch and the Olympics.  Even dinner was low key:

IMG_1921A hummus, spinach, ham, jalapeno pepper jack, tomato, coarse mustard and yellow mustard sandwich on a toasted One Bun.  And what goes great with a sandwich?

IMG_1928A cup of roasted red pepper and black bean soup – in a Campbell’s kids figure skating crock  :)

I got up early on Saturday 615 – waaaaaaayyyy too early!!!  Anyway, I felt the need to fuel up as soon as I got up and it was actually my hunger that forced me out of bed.  I had a banana, because Todd wanted to have a ‘breakfast’ this morning.  Todd got up about an hour and a half later and we had this,

IMG_1931Eggs and egg whites scrambled with red peppers, mushrooms and onions, pan ‘fried’ potatoes and a piece of 12-grain toast.  It was quite tasty!

We then took off for a day of shopping – grocery shopping!!!  As I’ve mentioned before, I live in a border city, and so every 4-6 weeks Todd and I take a trip to the suburbs of Detroit and grocery shop.  We do this for three reasons – prices are cheaper, the selection is vast and we can buy items that we can’t find in Canada.  Oh, and it’s fun!

On this particular trip we went to Costco, Meijer, Walmart, another Walmart, Kroger and my very first trip to Trader Joe’s!!!  There’s one about 5 minutes away from where we normally shop.  What a great store!  Todd liked it too.  We both were surprised by the prices – they’re MUCH LOWER than what I figured.  Lots of *different* products from what I normally see.  We eat very little packaged food and I noticed that there were a lot of packages, but there was lots of other stuff too!  We’ll definitely add this to the rotation!

When we were at Costco we grabbed an all beef hot dog and drink for 1.50.  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve had a hotdog, and this was meh.  I didn’t eat the whole thing – I needed to save some room for the fat free frozen yogurt…mmmmm…

After our shopping escapade, we came home and this is the point in which I fell in love!!! I fell in love with Pumpkin Butter!!!!  I had some on a piece of 12-grain toast and loved it soooo much that I gobbled it up before I could even take a picture ;)

Dinner was pulled pork from the slow cooker on a 9-grain ciabatta.  I like to have coleslaw on my pulled pork sandwiches (mmmmm), but forgot to buy some beforehand, so had some spinach instead.  This was great!  Definitely one of my favourite types of sandwiches.

IMG_1939 After dinner we went to a friends’ house for some poker.  There were 8 of us altogether and I won!  Woohoo!!!  It wasn’t for money though….  if only!

The drive home included some fast food and it was definitely a bad decision.  It’s been a loooooong time since we’ve had fast food (ummm, besides the hotdog earlier in the day…) and not only did it not really taste good, it certainly didn’t settle well.  Epic fail.

Sunday started early too.  I was up before 8, which is normal, but I didn’t get to bed until after 2 – you do the math…

I made cereal for breakfast and Todd was in a playful mood,

IMG_1940He put a lid over top of my bowl as I was trying to take a pic  :)

Here’s the real pic…

IMG_1947This is raisin bran with peanut butter, walnuts, more raisins and a half a banana and skim milk and it was very yummy!

We decided that this day would be spent on the couch watching copious hours of Olympic coverage and because it’s Sunday, NASCAR!

As we watched hour upon hour, Todd decided to make some spaghetti sauce.

IMG_1951This is onion, carrot, celery, a few mushrooms, italian seasoning and *a lot* of garlic. IMG_1953This is with the crushed and diced tomatoes.  Our freezer supply is replenished, and of course we had to have some for dinner!!!

But before dinner, I ate this awesome sandwich for lunch,

IMG_1958Toasted multigrain baguette with mozzarella and asiago, chicken, red onion and spinach.  Definitely a winner.  Also winners???  The Canadian Men’s Olympic Hockey Team!!!!

What an amazing game!  Gold Canada Gold!!!

When the game was over and we’d calmed down, we had sweet potato fries and homemade pasta with the homemade sauce and a few spears of asparagus.

IMG_1963IMG_1972Nom Nom Nom!!!!

And that brings us to today – Monday (finally!!!!).  This post is quite long, so I think that I’ll just run down the food for the day and little else…


IMG_1979Tomato and mozzarella with italian dressing on a toasted One Bun…mmmm…

The snacks for the day were an apple and a banana that escaped my lens…

Lunch was amazingly yummy:

IMG_1976A pita with garlic sauce, chicken, red onion, italian dressing, spinach, mozzarella and orange peppers.  This was absolutely amazing and may make a repeat appearance in the blog tomorrow… I also had some more orange peppers and a grapefruit (obvi)

IMG_1975I have to say that work was the fastest day ever – I hope the rest of the week continues on that trend!

When I got home, I went for a run.  It was gorgeous outside, sunny and above freezing!  I went just a bit more than 5k.  I was draggin a bit, but so glad that I went.  Oh, did I mention that my very first half marathon is in less that a week!?!?!?

When I got home I had this bitty sandwich, jalapeno cheese bread with ham, spinach and garlic sauce to hold me over while I made dinner.

IMG_1988Dinner was baked eggplant that I got from Sabrina’s blog.

IMG_1998It was very tasty, although I think that next time I will cut the eggplant a little thicker – it sort of disappeared in the breading…  I ate it with spinach, cottage cheese and homemade tomato sauce.  I ate all of the eggplant and most of everything else.  I also had this to drink:

IMG_2000This is fat free chocolate milk with some kefir mixed in.  After hearing Allie talk about Kefir allllllll the time I decided to try it and I love it!  And it was awesome in the chocolate milk.

Ok, I HAVE to go to bed….. I wanted to be there an hour ago…  Here’s to regular posts!


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  1. Kelly March 2, 2010 at 1:48 pm #

    Wow…lots of yummies in that post! Those oreo cakesters were cute but I agree that they taste NASTY! haha!

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