What a wonderful day!!!

20 Feb

What a wonderful day!

Todd and I planned a long run today and as I mentioned here we went to Point Pelee National Park to do it.  This place is absolutely gorgeous (even in the middle of winter) and only 45 mins or so away from us.

To prepare, I ate this when I first got up.

I’m loving all of the circles in this pic!  This is an eggwhite ‘eggpuck’ with oregano on half of a toasted One Bun, with some butter on it, all topped off with ketchup.  Way too much ketchup.  I ended up scraping much of it off.  I have one of those giant Heinz bottles that has some sort of a valve in it that causes you to end up squishing the bottle as hard as you can to start it, and then you get too much.  I guess Fancy ketchup needs a fancy package.

A couple hours later, I ate this for some more pre-run fuel,

This again is a toasted One Bun, but this time with most of a can of tuna, a little mayo (we had no avocados!), mustard, dill pickle brine, garlic and italian seasoning, topped with a bunch of romaine.  It was tasty.  I timed it that I finished about an hour and a half before we would begin running.  I try to avoid milk the morning before (and if possible, the day before) my run.  I find that milk increases the mucous production (tmi!!!) and I don’t need that with the asthma.

On the drive to the Park, we stopped at Timmy’s for a large coffee with cream (oops on the dairy…) and sugar and we actually pulled over about 20 mins later, because I was suddenly quite hungry.  Todd grabbed a banana from the back of the car for me and I chewed it as well as I could and hoped that I was leaving enough digestion time (ended up being about 50 mins, not bad).

I decided that I was going to do 11 miles (eek!) and Todd wasn’t sure if he’d do that far, or a bit less.  When we entered the park, we turned Todd’s Garmin on to see how far the roadway was.  You can see a map of the Park here.  From the entrance of the park to the Tip Exhibit Area (way down at the bottom) was about 5.62 miles.  We decided to park at the picnic area named Pioneer (near the middle of the map).  Todd went to the tip first and I went the opposite way, to the entrance first (because it was further).  He is *not* the world’s slowest runner, so we met up when he was on his way up to the entrance, and I had only run 4.5 miles at that point.  We had a little chat as we passed and both mentioned that we’d seen like 10 wild turkeys in a flock (a herd?).  Todd also saw a possum (in other visits we’ve seen deer…within 20 feet of us!).

Todd clearly finished much before I did, and when I was around mile 8, Todd drove up, parked and then ran along me with some water.  I was very happy to see him.  I had dropped some water at my start, so I rinsed my mouth and had a few sips when I passed by it again at mile 6.  I dropped it back off at mile 7, so I’d have it around mile 10 if I needed it.  Around 8.75 is where I turned around at the Tip Exhibit Area and I hit this sign as I turned around:


This sign marks the 42nd parallel, being the southernmost tip of Canada, this is the only place that the 42nd parallel runs through my country.  Cute sign, eh ;)

I got a little bit of encouragement from a family that was taking pictures at the sign and headed back for the homestretch.  As I approached 9.5 miles, I slowed down *considerably.*  Remembering that I call myself “The Slowest Runner Ever,” you can imagine just how slow I was going.  There were many times where I wanted to walk, but since the first time that I realized that I didn’t have to walk doing a 5 k – I have NEVER walked during a run again.  Today wasn’t the day to walk – although there were quite a few times in the final few miles where I wasn’t sure that this would be the case.  There was one point that I looked down at my Garmin and said to myself, that I didn’t care if I was at an 18 minute pace, I didn’t care, because I wasn’t going to walk.   Now of course an 18 min pace *probably* would be walking, but I wasn’t close to that and I was in a running stance, not walking.  Did I explain that right?

My last mile and a half, I probably looked more like a race walker (but hunched over…usually I have such great posture…) because I was HURTING.  The furthest I have ever run before this was 9 miles.  But Idid it.  At 11 miles I stopped my timer and walked.  To get back to Pioneer, it was a little more than another tenth of a mile.  I was sooooo happy to be done, but I was DEAD.

Here’s Todd’s Garmin,

Here’s mine,

I think I earn the title of “Slowest Runner Ever” rightfully, but how many people can’t run 1 mile let alone 11?  I’m proud of myself!  As my butt gets smaller (umm, have you looked at my stature?  I’m doing this at biggie size :P)  I hope that I only get faster :)

After our run, we had a bbq!!!  We were expecting 3 degrees Celcius, but only managed 1 degree. That’s warm enough to cook outside isn’t it?

Right after my run, I sat down with the best protein recovery drink ever:  Chocolate milk that’s been chilling out in the snow for 2 and a half hours.

Yes it’s in a mason jar and yes I’m in short sleeves.  I had a long sleeve 1/2 zip shirt over top but actually took it off at 3 miles.  That was quite a feat considering that my Garmin and my Zune were on the top layer.  I can’t believe that I was running at that temp in short sleeves (to contrast, Todd actually kept his gloves on the entire time!)…and I was still hot!  Thank goodness for layers!

Here I am stretching it out when I was able to move and had changed out of my sweaty clothes,

Yes, that is a yoga mat on top of a picnic table :)

As I was finishing my run, Todd was getting the charcoal going and then it was bbq time!  We had pork chops and grilled veggies,

As they were cooking, I got some calories and bubbles in me with this,

A banana and a Sprite Zero.  Notice my Olympic Mittens (Go Canada!!!) and also the black mark on my nose.  My sunglasses do that every time I wear them.  It sucks when I forget about it….

The finished product,

Yum.  I ate about 1/3 of a cup of veggies and 1/3 of a pork chop.  That filled me up – except that I felt that I needed some SUGAR to feel better ( I always feel sick when I run more than 6 or so miles…).

Oh look, here’s the elusive Todd!

Such a cutie :)  And this is after an 11 mile run! …wish I looked this good afterwards…  :)

When we left, we drove back home and stopped at Dairy Queen and shared a blizzard!  Wow, I haven’t had one of those in years!  …and probably won’t have another one for years :)

We’ve been home a few hours and I’ve stretched more and feel much better than I have after any longer run that I’ve ever done.  We shared a few Triscuits with melted cheese and black pepper (which were good) and Todd has eaten, but I just can’t seem to.  I shall try though.

We were supposed to go over to a friends’ house and play cards, but I was *not* up to it.  My night tonight is all about the couch.  We’re watching the Olympics now and I think I’ll be in bed within the hour.

If you got through this marathon post – kudos to you!!!

What a wonderful day!


3 Responses to “What a wonderful day!!!”

  1. Kelly February 21, 2010 at 11:00 am #

    How fun!!! Yall are an adorable couple!! Seriously! :)

    • flybynyght February 21, 2010 at 10:09 pm #

      awww shucks, thanks!!!

  2. beyondbennett February 21, 2010 at 9:33 pm #

    You guys are the best — I love how well you mesh as a couple. (Aww, I’m getting gushy.) Love the bbq in the snow — true Canadians through and through! YAY!

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