Uh-huh, I’m a scaredy cat…

17 Feb

As I aid earlier, I was hoping for a good day at work – and it was!  Not only did I get a lot done, but I had my review today (had no idea that it would be today) and I got a raise – yay me!  Of course, I would have loved a bigger raise – but I’m grateful for what I was given.

My cereal *really* stuck with me this morning.  In fact, I didn’t eat my kabocha for my morning snack.  Instead I had just a few almonds from my desk, which was the perfect sized snack.  I ended up eating the kabocha in the afternoon, before going to the gym, with these guys,

Half of a yellow pepper.  I haven’t had raw peppers in a while – I forgot how good they are!  Because I had my review, I ended up having to stay at work late.  This also meant that Todd went to the gym, then I got there just in time to say goodbye, as he was done.  I only spent a 40 mins at the gym, but I worked HARD.  Sometimes the short workouts are the ones where you get the best burn.

Todd had already made dinner by the time I got home (oh, darn!).

This almost looks like the eggplant and black bean patty from yesterday, but it is actually beef!  I can’t remember the last time I had beef.  On the weekend Todd made these patties with extra lean ground beef, onion soup mix, egg and bread crumbs.  He put them on the bbq and wow, yum.  I cut one in half, because they were a little thick for me.  This is on a One Bun with your classic burger toppings: ketchup, mustard, red onion, tomato, dill pickles, cheddar cheese, romaine and relish.  Yum.  It was served with this salad,

This was romaine, red onion, yellow pepper, broccoli, italian dressing, vinegar and black pepper.  You know, there’s nothing quite like a great salad.

I can’t believe that it’s Wednesday already!  Only two more days until the weekend?  Wow, I’ll take it!  No plans for the weekend, except for a long run (for sure) and hopefully get some things done around the house.  Speaking of the house, I heard a noise outside about 20 minutes ago – something hitting the house.  I was too chicken to check it out and Todd was out running errands.  He just got home and of course I made him check it out (that’s my wifely right, isn’t it?).  Turns out someone threw a snowball and it hit our roof.  Scary.  :)


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