If I have to write this post one more time…

14 Feb

Okay, so I wrote a very long post and it didn’t publish properly :(  Here is my attempt to re-create it.

Okay, so I recreated most of it and hit Save Draft.  It didn’t save it. Huh?  Here is attempt #3.  This post just keeps getting shorter and shorter.

So lots to talk about!  First off, I never got that nap in yesterday.  I was too excited about my new layout.  You like?  I do!  I’m still going to change my pic – but I don’t think I have any good ones right now.

I certainly wasn’t too excited to eat though!  Because I had such a big (and late) breakfast, I didn’t eat lunch until 330 or 4 o’clock.  I had some of the leftover stirfry mish-mosh from the day before (I forgot to mention that it actually had lentils in it too) in two whole wheat wraps

I added Sweet Thai Chile Sauce to the wraps and it was definitely the missing element from the day before.  I really like the way the plate looks in the glass…

These wraps were so filling that I didn’t eat dinner – that is WEIRD for me.  That night my friend Shelley came over and we watched some of the Olympics coverage.  I love the Olympics – I wish they were held every year!  We were having  a great time and then Todd called at 7 and said he was coming home early!  The 3 of us sat and watched the Olympics and had a few drinks (Vodka, Sprite Zero and Lime for me).  Eventually we munched on these:

Black Bean Guiltless Gourmet chips and the best salsa ever (Black bean and white corn, Great Value brand – yes, Walmart brand!  Trust me, I’m a salsa connoisseur!)!  Oh look, there’s my drink glass, empty of course.  And notice the Campbell’s kids bowl, in honour of the Olympics!

So today is the Superbowl.  What?  You say that it was last week?  Ah, well I mean the Superbowl of Nascar, the Daytona 500!  I’m not your typical Nascar fan, but a fan I am!!!  We’ve been looking forward to this race since the end of last season, a mere 3 months ago (looooooong season).  Todd decided a month ago that today would be pizza day!  We don’t have take-out very often and we probably only have pizza a couple times a year.  Well, yesterday, Todd decided to kick it up a notch and decided that we’d have “Sloppy Breakfast” today too.  I will let the picture do the talking:

This is pan-fried potatoes, two eggs (with the yolks!!!), crescent rolls with country gravy, Oktoberfest sausage  and an extra large Timmy’s with cream and sugar.

I felt sooooo sick after I ate this.  I think my body was in shock.  After we ate, Todd asked, “Can you imagine eating like this all the time?”  Absolutely not.  The terrible part is that many people do.  I won’t be eating Sloppy Breakfast again for a long time.

Did you notice the sausage?  It’s Oktoberfest sausage and that’s why it looks pink.  It’s just your regular linked sausage, but I modified it.  I took the casing off of each one and then reformed it into two patties.  This increases the surface area which increases the yummyness and decreases the fat (as the fat is able to escape the sausage).  If I were to do this again, I’d make each link three patties, and thinner.

After Sloppy Breakfast, Todd made hamburger patties for the freezer and made whole wheat pasta.  He used half of the pasta to make a spinach and cheese lasagna and we froze the other half.  I’ve never froze the pasta before, we’ll have to see how it does.  If it tastes ick, at least it was only a few pennies!

We had some lasagna for a late lunch.  I tried to get a few veggies in today,

The first piece out of the pan always seems to fall apart.  But it was VERY good.  Fresh pasta makes all the difference.

After lunch I bought a domain.  Yup.  And if you read my last post, then you know that I have no idea how to proceed from here.  It can’t be nearly as hard as it’s seeming.  If you’re reading this and have any assistance to give, I would be eternally grateful.

Oh, and I put my review up for The Elegance of the Hedgehog

I’ll be back later with pizza pics.  Have I ever mentioned that Windsor is marginally famous for their style of pizza?  Probably not, pizza doesn’t make many appearances on the blog :)


2 Responses to “If I have to write this post one more time…”

  1. Kristen @ Change of Pace February 14, 2010 at 9:35 pm #

    I could seriously eat that sweet chili sauce on everything! It is SO good!

    I bought my domain from blogger so I’m not sure if it’s different then wordpress… Mine just automatically went from blah.blogspot to blah.com. Well I think it took a day or two to direct it to the new site. Ok that was probably no help at all! Haha!

    Anyways, boy does your bfast look yummy! My body goes into shock too when I eat stuff like that. It says “What the hell were you thinking?!” Then I pay the consequences.

    Love your blog girl! Can’t wait to

  2. beyondbennett February 16, 2010 at 8:31 pm #

    Love the shot of the wrap — brilliant!

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