What, that’s not where you buy your shoes?

12 Feb

Happy Friday everyone!!!!  I got up early to write a post – but apparently I didn’t get up early enough because I barely left for work on time!  So one post for today will have to suffice.

The morning started out with a yummy bowl of oats cereal.  In the bowl is raisin bran, post selects blueberry, corn flakes, cinnamon, 1/2 banana, PB, walnuts and skim milk. Mmmm.

I topped this off with a large Timmy’s coffee with cream and sugar on my way to work (without the theatrics of yesterday).  The morning flew by and before I knew it, my tummy was telling me it was 11 o’clock and time to eat my snack. Kabocha!!!!

The apple was for the afternoon, but went uneaten because lunch was filling.  That poor apple had a few trips to work and back this week.  As for lunch,

This looks like an enormous amount of food – but it’s not.  Look at the size of the grapefruit compared to the food in the container.  Said food is actually:  leftover eggplant and garlic, black bean veggie patties (don’t they look like beef?) and pan fried tofu with black beans.  This was very tasty and surprisingly (sorta – the patties are basically a combination of the other items in the container!) a great combination.  Packing my lunch this morning began my dropsy day.  Not only did I drop a carrot on the floor (you’re welcome, Moxie), but I spilled nearly half a can of black beans on the counter.  Happy Friday!!!

My afternoon went surprisingly quickly – especially for a Friday!  One thing I don’t enjoy doing on a Friday is going to the gym or running.  It is my day-off-day.  Last night I said that I was going to test out my knee (and I really should be doing it today – logistically), but part way through the day I knew that this wasn’t going to happen.  I get so excited for weekends that I literally get butterflies in my stomach!  I don’t really do exciting things on the weekend, but just the fact that it’s the weekend gets me revved up!

Instead of running (ummm, half marathon in 3 weeks…umm…[aside: I honestly feel like I need an extra day to rest my knee.  Even though I felt zero pain today, I’m afraid that I’m going to go out for a run and I’ll be at square one again.  I plan to do about a 4-mile run and then test it out with a long run.  I’m just scared.  Not about being ready for the race, but about being hurt for the race] that’s really soon!) I decided to buy a pair of shoes!  Remember me telling you that I was cheap?  I mean, frugal?  Well, I went to the epitome of the shoe world….Walmart.  Yes, I bought shoes at Walmart.  And guess what?  I even had a gift certificate for them.  Otherwise I probably would have kept wearing the ones that I had.  Wow – for someone who loves to shop, this sounds pathetic  :)

Whaddya think?  Not bad for $19!  Oh hi, Moxie.

Once I got home I threw this together,

This is a mish-mash of:  alfalfa sprouts, red bell pepper, PB, chicken, tofu, black beans, broccoli-rabe, peanuts, lime juice and fish sauce.  The finished product,

It was tasty, but needed some sort of sweet component; not sure what, but something.

Now I have a bunch of blogs to catch up on and I think I may be changing my layout again…I know, I just did it – and I love it!  However, it’s not quite as functional as I’d like.  We’ll see what I can do…

Hope you have a great night!


One Response to “What, that’s not where you buy your shoes?”

  1. theemptynutjar February 12, 2010 at 9:01 pm #

    Wow, girl. Thanks for the great comment on my blog. So happy to have found yours. This is great. Your about page and story is AMAZING. I lOVE reading too.
    I would love for u to continue to read and comment on mine (i will add u to my reader and blogroll when i get around to it). I have to say however that my blog bounces from a mix of too personal, silly, poetic, dramatic, wordy, etc….not the typical “food” blog :)
    I guess I am on a mental and physical journey…not proud of it…and struggling. But trying to find my way.

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