Happy February 11th!

11 Feb

I decided last night that I’d try to do a post in the morning before work, so that my evening post wouldn’t be so long.  As you can see, it is now the evening hours and this is my first post.  Laying in bed seemed like a much better option – besides, I work at 730 in the morning, so you can just imagine what time I have to get up to do this.  We’ll try again tomorrow…

Right now, I’m sitting back, and enjoying a drink

Ok, it’s actually Sprite Zero, but sometimes you just need a pretty glass :)

As for breakfast this morning, it was a little rushed, meaning no picture.  I had raisin bran and corn flakes with peanut butter, walnuts, craisins and skim milk.  It was tasty, but I was definitely shoveling the last bunch of bites in so that I’d be able to leave on time.  I wanted to stop for a Timmy’s.  I managed to leave in enough time, but as I was driving down the street I tested my window to make sure it wasn’t frozen shut (clearly, I’ve learned from experience) and sadly it was.  This means no drive thru and having to go inside.  I’m not lazy and if the service was the same speed I’d be happy to go inside.  However, the service inside *easily* takes 3 times as long and I just didn’t have that time to spare.  So no coffee for me.  Or…I could get out of my car at the red light and use my ice scraper to loosen the gasket (or whatever it is) around the bottom of the window.  Ahhh, my large coffee with cream and sugar was a-mazing.  I’m guessing it’s because I had to work for it ;)

Despite missing my cereal picture, I did get pics of the food I packed for the day,

I ate the kabocha (with the teensy package of ketchup – did you hear that Heinz has plans to totally revamp it?) for a snack in the morning and I didn’t have an afternoon snack, so my apple went uneaten (and likely to show up on tomorrow’s post!).

It was lunchtime before I knew it,

Once again, lentil soup (I’d like to say that it’s the end of it – not because it’s not fantastic – but because it’s such a big batch!  There’s still more and it will be going into the freezer momentarily), but this time with multi-grain baguette and a large grapefruit.

The afternoon dragged and dragged and dragged.  I talked to Todd before he had to go to work and knew that I was forgetting something I wanted to tell him but couldn’t figure out what it was.  About an hour later, I remembered.  I wanted to say, “Happy February 11th!”  Todd and I met 11 years ago today and have been together ever since!   I *think* I’m going to try to stay awake until he gets home (1130 eek…that may mean no early blog post tomorrow).

After work I went for an adjustment with my Chiropractor.  My Chiropractor is also a friend so my appointments are also nice little visits.  She checked my knee out and just like I thought, it is my LCL that’s hurt.  However, she says it’s a good healer and she wants me to try it out tomorrow.  Hey, when the doctor tells you to run, you run, so I’ll be doing a few miles tomorrow after work.

When I got home I started getting dinner together right away – not having my afternoon snack left me quite hungry by 5 o’clock.  Todd made paninis (is the plural panini?) for his lunch and made an extra for me.

The panini had chicken, mozzarella, red peppers and red onions on 12-grain.  I dipped it in some coarse mustard that’s hiding behind the sandwich.  I paired it up with some eggplant sauteed with soy sauce and garlic (lots of garlic) and a little bit of the black bean patty (and an errant red pepper from my sandwich) from last night crumbled in with the eggplant.  Because my plate looked so dark, I decided to green it up with some of the best celery I’ve had in years.

After dinner I had two of these:

They were frozen and they were delicious.  Oh look, my wrist tat (or most of it), I’m such a bad ass.  :)

I’m sitting here watching Survivor (and doing laundry, I told you – bad ass!) and after trying to not watch a season and getting sucked back in, I have been looking forward to the Heroes/Villains season.  So far, it hasn’t disappointed.

When I came home I saw that Todd had bought not one, but two bags of Guiltless Gourmet

These are fantastic if you haven’t had them.  I was planning on having some with some salsa as a snack, but wow, that dinner really has lasted well!  I guess I’ll look forward to them for tomorrow night (I tell ya, bad ass!).

So I was reading Ali‘s blog and it made me realize that I really haven’t been putting much effort into my appearance lately.  One issue is that I’m cheap.  I don’t want to buy new clothes when I’m still getting back to my fighting weight, but I know that I can can make my clothes that I do have work for me.  I also need to spend more time on my hair – a ponytail is not appropriate for the office 2 or 3 days a week.  And makeup?  I lovvvve makeup but haven’t worn any to work in over a year.  Why?  1) I’m lazy and 2) I run or go to the gym everyday and I don’t want it to run down my face!

So more effort will be taken – starting tomorrow.  My office is business casual (emphasis on the casual), so I won’t be uber-dressed up, but I’m hoping not to look so schlumpy.  Yes, schlumpy.

Ok – time to reeeeelax.



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