I tell you, wateryness is a word!!!

9 Feb

I woke up this morning 5 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off and I really thought that it was still the middle of the night.  How sad was I to see that it wasn’t.  Despite that, and the fact that I forgot to make my oats last night, I had a fairly good start to my day.

It began with corn flakes and raisin bran, with half a banana, walnuts and almond butter

I realized after I took the pic that I forgot to put the skim milk on.  Whoops!  I must say that this was a tasty bowl and the walnuts absolutely made it.

After breakfast I packed my morsels for the day.  Behold, the snacks:

I ate the few pieces of kabocha (with the little packet of ketchup!) in the morning and I had the Braeburn apple and half of the banana (the other half was a mushy mess) with most of the almond butter in the afternoon.

For lunch I packed nearly the same lunch as yesterday:  lentil soup, cauliflower, carrots and cucumber, large grapefruit

And this was just as tasty as it was yesterday.  Have I ever mentioned all off the oggling eyes (of my lunch of course) in the lunch room?  I always tell them to just to put some effort into packing their lunch – I do and I love it every day!

Work wasn’t the greatest today – not as productive or as satisfying as it could be.  Speaking of satisfying…my friend Trish finally made it onto the Supply list!  She (we) graduated nearly 2 years ago.  Yes, it takes that long to get on the supply list – not to become a permanent teacher, but to be a supply teacher – and it’s not unheard of to be on the Supply list for 5, 6, 7 years!  Ridiculous isn’t it.  Am I next?  I hope so. I hate to even dwell on this topic because it is so frustrating, sad and disappointing.  Needless to say, I’m thrilled for Trish and can’t wait to see her next week to share in her excitement!

After work, I went to the gym.  I wanted to work out a few frustrations.  I had to balance this with the knee pain – which I’m pretty sure is my Lateral Collateral Ligament (how to heal it? Rest….grrrr…).  As I walked into the gym and put my Zune on, nothing.  No juice in the mp3 player.  Crap.  Maybe I should go home….  No!  I picked out an elliptical, threw my earbuds into the cardio theatre and got reacquainted with Oprah.  I did 40 minutes and probably should have finished after 30 – felt some major knee ‘twinges’ near the end.

When I came home, I had to shovel the sidewalk – we’re in the middle of a ‘snow event.’  Now you’d think that living in Canada that I’d have tons of snow right now.  Truth be told, 12 hours ago there wasn’t a lick of snow anywhere, and hasn’t been for weeks.  Now we’re supposed to get the better part of a foot between today and tomorrow.  Have I said that I’m ready for spring?

After shoveling (in my capris and running shoes of course), I fixed some dinner and was really craving raw onions.  Perhaps it was because of this guy:

Would you believe that he (yes, he) was only 50 cents at the market?  I’ll take two (and I did!)!

Raw onions led to a whole wheat mediterranean pita (made just round the corner from me!) with hummus, tomato, ONION!, coarse mustard, romaine, a small amount of chicken, sharp cheddar, black beans, garlic, mustard and italian spritzer.  I clearly like things saucey.  I had some celery that was the perfect bitterness/wateryness.

mmmmm – and notice the snow through the patio door.  Also notice that my patio furniture didn’t get put away this year….Oops!

I’m sitting at the dining room table right now because my back was too sore to be doing this on the couch.  I like to bundle up – slippers, torn (yes, torn) jogging pants, hoodie and a blanket on my lap work just as well as turning the thermostat up.  However, my adorable little doggy Moxie has decided to make a nest with the blanket that I was trying to keep on my lap…

What a goof :)  I see she’s even brought a toy in there…


2 Responses to “I tell you, wateryness is a word!!!”

  1. Shannon (The Daily Balance) February 10, 2010 at 2:36 pm #

    Moxie is the cutest! My dog does the same thing as far as burrowing and nesting – adorable ;)

  2. beyondbennett February 12, 2010 at 10:56 am #

    Oh, Miss Moxie, you are so sweet!! What a doll!! Aww…

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