Better buckle up, it’s a long ride…

8 Feb

So this is going to be a marathon post.  This weekend was quite full and I really couldn’t find any time to dedicate to a *quality* post.  If you get to the end of this post, I’ll be quite impressed.  :)

I think that I’m going to have to look back at my pics before I continue this….


The day started off a little bit on the wrong foot – I forgot to make my oats the night before :(   Instead, I had a mix of corn flakes and raisin bran with a tsp of PB, 1/2 a banana and cinnamon drowned in buckets of skim milk.

Very yum and a nice change.  I also stopped on my way to work for a large Timmy’s with cream and sugar.  I don’t drink coffee every day, so when I do, I absolutely enjoy the cream and the sugar.  However, I recently discovered that I actually enjoy black coffee – which is nice to switch it up to every once in awhile.

Lunch was exactly the same as Thursday.  So exactly, that I even used the same plastic containers.  I had the same jumbly mess of sprouts, whole grain rotini, red peppers, etc, etc, large grapefruit, baby carrots; with a banana and almond butter for morning snack and apple with almond butter for my afternoon snack.

When work was over, I decided that I’d go to a couple of places and pick up a few foodstuffs.  I had the urge to cook.  So, that meant that going to the gym was put on the back burner (Ha!  Back burner! lol.  Friday is usually my off day anyway).  Instead, I made my new favourite cookie. I got this recipe from AnneP and they were fannetastic (haha)!  The oats truly made the cookie and I think I might try to add a few more next time.

Mine turned out a little dark – but I’m still trying to figure out my new oven (..actually, I guess this was the first thing I made in it.  Wow, brave…).  Todd loved these and well, there aren’t any left!

As the cookies were cooling, I got to work on my next project.  I bought my first kabocha!  I roasted it in the oven and I can’t get over how amazing it was.  It truly tasted like a cross between a homemade french fry and sweet potato fry.  A-m-a-z-i-n-g.  I now understand why you would put ketchup on squash.

Doesn’t it look just scrumptious?  Todd wasn’t thinking that my french fry/sweet potato fry description was quite accurate, but he said he’d enjoy it as a side.  Mmmmm, I want to go to the fridge and get some of this now…

Where was I?  Oh, I was still right in cooking mode, so decided to make butternut squash in whole wheat ravioli.  Earlier in the week I had read that Whit had ordered a form of this when out for dinner with some friends.  Ever since reading that post, I couldn’t get it out of my head.  I mean, doesn’t it just sound awesome?  I based my recipe on Bobby Flay’s Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sage, Hazelnut and Brown Butter Sauce .  I didn’t have enough parmesan, so added cottage cheese to my mixture (good choice…), I used about a third of the butter and I used skim milk (heavy cream – um, no.) and I made my own pasta dough; otherwise I followed the recipe fairly closely.  This was a winner.

I threw the finished product in a pyrex dish and grated some mozzarella cheese on top (because cheese makes everything awesome) and then stuck it under the broiler.  Mmmmmm.  Todd thought that it was a little sweet and thinks that a different type squash would make this better.  I thought it was great – and the hazelnuts made the dish.

Homemade pasta is soooo easy to make, I have to wonder why I use the boxed stuff.  Oh, ya, convenience.

I didn’t really eat dinner – I ate a cookie, some kabocha and had some sprite zero while I was wrangling up the dishes and that was enough for me.  Making food doesn’t always equal eating food for me.


I love Saturdays.  I love Sundays too…  But back to Saturday…

Todd and I got up nice and leisurely and I had a lovely breakfast that mirrored my breakfast from the day before,

Notice the giant gob of PB. Mmmmm.  After digesting this lovely bowl of yumminess, we went to the gym. For a Saturday morning, the gym was packed. Remember how I tweaked my knee a little during my 9 mile run last week? Well, I was on the elliptical and did something to it.  Very painful. Now the pain is there, but it comes and goes.  Not happy about this. My half marathon (eek!) is in less than 4 weeks (double eek!) and I don’t want to be dealing with an injury.  So obviously my 10 mile run for Sunday was out  :(

After the gym, I had a leftover ravioli and some carrots with a couple of olives

This ravioli looks humongous, but it’s a little plate (check out the size of the knife…).  I didn’t end up eating the tomato sauce, it didn’t need it.  After getting cleaned up, Todd and I went to the market for some veggies and while we were there we spied the most amazing looking bacon (that’s right, I said bacon!) and for an amazing price.  We picked up a pound and lots of yummy produce.  Afterward, we went to a small little grocery for another kabocha (ya, hooked) and some yummy cheese.

When we got back from shopping, I decided to make a yummy lentil soup that I got from Lindsey‘s blog and somehow I didn’t take a single picture.  It was VERY good, the only thing that I did differently was use 4 cups of stock and 2 cups of water.

Todd and I then sat down and shared this:

Tuna mixed with salsa and dill pickle juice (yummmmmm) on multi-grain baguette with swiss emmenthal, provolone, dill pickles, olives.  We didn’t eat all of this, but it was just what we needed; it hit the spot!

That evening we went to a fundraiser for the Girl Guide Company that my nieces are in.  It was a pasta buffet and definitely not the type of food I eat.  *hence the tuna snack before*  I ate a few bites of a couple of types of pasta, and well, I didn’t enjoy it.  Not that I really thought that I would.  But glad that I could support their fundraiser!

Our friends Larry and Amanda went to the fundraiser with us and we decided to stop in and play some cards when we were going to drop them off.  We didn’t stay long though – the Budweiser shootout (yup, this girl is a NASCAR fan) was on that night and I wanted to be home to watch it.  The race was actually very good and full of action (no, I don’t mean crashes) – congratulations to Kevin Harvick!  I was zonked by the end of the race and asleep on the couch by 1030.  I’m such a party animal.


Since my run was not going to happen, I stayed in bed until after 8 (and yes, I fell asleep at 1030!).  When I got up I started tidying up and getting the house ready for the week ahead, along with laundry and I made yet another soup!  Todd made that delicious looking bacon for breakfast and I had 2 pieces on 2 pieces of 12-grain with cheese, lettuce, tomato, a smidge of low fat mayo and coarse mustard.  Nothing like a BLT to start the day!

That afternoon, one of my favourite people in the world Mendi, came with her husband Jim and her adorable daughter Ashlyn.  They were passing through on their way for a 2 week vacation in Florida (jealous!).

Aren’t they a cute family – okay, maybe Ashlyn dominates the picture – but trust me – they’re a cute family.  And speaking of Ashlyn…

Isn’t she precious???

Worst transition ever…

As for the soup, I used the leftover butternut squash mixture from the ravioli, with chicken stock and cottage cheese all blended together.  Sounds utterly gross, but wow. Yum.

I had a bowl (notice the cute Campbell’s kids on the side of the bowl?), along with two pieces of whole-grain baguette (perfect to dunk!) before we left to go to…. a Superbowl party!  A bunch of the usual suspects got together and it was nice because half of us were cheering for the Colts and half were cheering for the Saints.  It was a pretty good game (unlike usual), but I wasn’t a fan of the halftime show.  I’m all for classic rock – but wow, if it wasn’t for the interestingly lit stage, I think I would have fallen asleep.  Of course there was lots of tasty food – but I just had a small small bowl of chili with hummus on top of it (yum!) and one sweet square that was amazing, but one was more than enough.  I also had some Peele Island Shiraz, but I was driving, so only sipped at that.

When the game was over, we came home, but I was so awake, that I didn’t feel like going to bed!  Not good when you have to be up by 630.  I sat up with Todd for awhile and then read a few chapters in my book.  It was well after midnight that I turned the light out.

Unfortunately, I woke up at 430 and couldn’t get back to sleep…  :(


I had overnight oats in my usual manner (chia seeds, banana, cherries, almond butter, skim milk) thanks to Todd preparing it as I readied my clothes for the morning, late Sunday night.  It was delish as always.  I then packed up some of the lentil soup that I made on Saturday as well as some carrots and cauliflower and my usual grapefruit.  I also packed a banana and an apple and some almond butter.  I didn’t need a snack in this morning – oats really lasted today – so I had my banana in the afternoon and didn’t eat my apple.

After work, I actually stopped at a second hand store that was having a 50% off sale.  I found a pair of pants for work for a whopping $2 and a sweater for $6.50.  I’m all for a bargain, especially when my clothes don’t stay fitting for a long time (in the good direction).  The sweater is actually from the store where I used to work and I had coveted that exact sweater but I was wayyyyy too cheap to splurge on it.  So yay for stopping in to check the place out!

When I got home, I decided to just heat up some leftovers.

Behold, the leftover butternut squash ravioli with the butternut squash soup used as a sauce and some black beans.  That’s granulated garlic sprinkled on top (I’m an addict).  This was interesting and yummy.  The raw broccoli was a good addition, and tasty dipped in the soup/sauce.

After dinner, I sat down to write this post, but decided to have some dessert instead.  This is one frozen banana with approx 8 frozen raspberries and a smattering of chocolate chips.

I actually scooped out all of the raspberry – it tasted like the freezer.  Ewww.  The rest was tasty.

And this brings me to right here, right now.

I’m exhausted and I bet you are too.  Here’s to regular posting….


2 Responses to “Better buckle up, it’s a long ride…”

  1. Lindsey @ Sound Eats February 8, 2010 at 10:08 pm #

    So glad you liked the lentil soup! It’s definitely going into by standard easy soup rotation! :)

    P.S. Um, I’m in love with Ashlyn. What a gorgeous baby!!!

  2. Anne P February 9, 2010 at 8:16 am #

    Hooray for the cookies!! So glad you liked them :)

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