A grapefruit a day will keep the doctor away…

4 Feb

Well, believe it or not, I’ve photographed all of my food today (you know that sounds really weird if you’ve never heard of a food blog….)!  This is actually a first!  Now all of my pics aren’t great (my oats are actually quite fuzzy…), but I’m definitely getting better.  It’s tough though, this time of year I have zero natural light when I take my pics; but I do with what I’ve got!

Breakfast this morning was overnight oats with skim milk, chia seeds, almond butter, 1/2 banana, dried cherries.

They were absolutely delicious and I miss them every morning that I decide to eat something else.  As I take my lunch to work each day I pack it up and my snacks for the day, in the morning and need to photograph it then (the work peeps don’t know about this blog – hello if you do! – so whipping out a camera at work would be very strange).  You know, I always pack my lunch the morning of, I’ve tried to do it the night before, but I don’t always know what I want to eat the next day!  So here are my vittles for the day:

On the left is my morning snack of a banana with half of the almond butter pictured.  And on the right, my pre-workout snack of a small gala and the rest of the almond butter and a piece of 12-grain bread with natural PB.  This is pretty standard (although sometimes my afternoon snack is smaller or non-existent), but today my pre-workout snack just sat like a lump in my stomach.  Boo.

Onto lunch,

Leftover concoction from dinner last night (snow peas, red peppers, bean sprouts, black beans, whole grain rotini, walnuts, sweet thai chili sauce, lime juice, soy sauce), baby carrots and a large grapefruit.  I eat a grapefruit nearly every single weekday.  I lurrrve them.

I rarely eat anything that I didn’t bring from home, but I found some chocolate at work today that I wanted to buy for my freezer (I love having individually wrapped chocolate in my freezer – easy to satisfy a craving – and it’s amazing frozen) and decided to test drive one.  Or two.  Ok, it ended up being 3, but I have absolutely no problem with that.

I had 3 of the Deliciously Dark Cadbury Moments.  They were great.  I also bought the Heavenly Praline.  I thought Todd would enjoy them – he shares my affinity for frozen chocolate.  However, after taking this picture, I just haaaddd to have one.  It was good.  Craving officially satisfied.

After work I went for a short run – 3 miles – but it felt like it took forever.  My legs did not feel good, nor did they feel very cooperative, but surprisingly, I had a good (for the Slowest Runner Ever) time 34:34.  After my run I had to do a little running around and decided to do something else that I never do – I grabbed something for dinner and brought it home!

This is a Hummus Pita from the Pita Pit (with romaine, spinach, red onion, green peppers, alfalfa sprouts, tzatziki, and mustard) with some raw cauliflower from the fridge that I sprayed with italian salad spritzer and shook italian spice on) and it was a tad bit disappointing.  I would have put double the hummus on it if I were making it and other than that, it was just, meh.

Something that is slightly better than meh, is my new (to me!) stove.  It’s nothing special, but it’ll work just fine.

Ta da!  And isn’t it funny that I have a stove again and I decided not to cook!  :)  There may still be a bowl of cereal in my future – I’m a bottomless pit today.  Relax time…glad tomorrow’s Friday.


One Response to “A grapefruit a day will keep the doctor away…”

  1. beyondbennett February 5, 2010 at 11:56 am #

    Oh, aren’t the Cadbury Moments just divine?? And just oh so perfectly wrapped… mmm… wait… lost my train of thought there for a moment dreaming of freezer chocolates. Back to the entry: I love all the food photos! Fantastic. Makes me hungry for good foodstuffs!! Yay! And hey, 3 miles is better than no miles, right? Bravo!

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