I’m kinda like Costco…

1 Feb

Happy Monday!  I said that this was going to be a better week – and so far it has been!  Nothing spectacular at work today, but it was more or less stress free and went by VERY quickly.  And I just spoke with Todd and he’ll be home at 930 – which means I’ll actually get to see him! [aside: it sounds like the Toyota production stoppage is going to be far less lengthy than I/we all thought – another reason that the week has started off well!]  He’s happy because he’ll be home just in time for The Big Bang Theory.  This (and Modern Family) is the BEST show that you aren’t watching.  I dare you to watch this show and not laugh whole-heartedly out loud.  Love it!

I read quite a few blogs and every once in awhile a blogger will pose a question at the end of their entry that really gets me thinking.  Allie wrote an entry today all about the treadmill and her feelings about it mirror my own quite a bit.  When I first started running, I ran exclusively on the treadmill.  I couldn’t fathom running outside.  It was a scary thought – no television as a distraction, different terrain (I’m extremely clumbsy), and I have asthma (outdoor allergens aren’t very conducive to lung function).  When I started training for my first 5k, I realized that I needed to get my butt outside (seeing as the race wasn’t going to come to the treadmill…).  My first real run outside was quite unlike what I expected and it felt absolutely liberating.  I even cut one entire minute off of my best time for a mile.  One minute off my (slow) mile!  Insane.

Since that time, I’ve run nearly exclusively outside.  Some days (like yesterday), it’s quite difficult to get out there, but the worst day outside is 10x better than a day on the treadmill.  And now therein lies a new problem.  I hate the treadmill.  In fact, Todd and I sold ours (we hardly were using it and we have a gym membership that has much better treadmills – oh and I can actually see the gym from my livingroom couch – talk about motivation).  Now getting on the ‘dreadmill’ is absolutely torturous.  Now this is in conjunction with the fact that my gym seems to have a humidity issue.  It isn’t hot, but it has high humidity – which kills my chest.  I can run 9 miles outside, but 1 mile at the gym is very tough.  2 miles and I’m done.  Frustrating, no?  Well, I think there may be a little bit of a mental block with the treadmill and me, it’s probably not just the humidity (although, seriously, the humidity bothers Todd too and the gym has said that they are addressing their circulation issues), but I’ve actively been trying to work through it.

Enough about the treadmill…

Meals today were tasty, balanced and tasty.  Oh, did I say tasty twice?  Well, tasty it was.  Here’s the rundown…

  • Breakfast: Overnight oats with dried cherries, bananas, almond butter and chia seeds; water
  • Snack: Banana with almond butter; water
  • Lunch: Small (about 3/4 cup) salad of romaine, grape tomato, walnuts, feta, red pepper, mustard-dill vinaigrette; leek, lima bean and cauliflower soup; 9 grain ciabatta bun; grapefruit
  • Snack: Handful of Chipotle Guiltless Gourmet baked chips
  • Dinner: 1/2 cup of whole grain rotini with mushrooms, cottage cheese, feta, grape tomatoes, tomato sauce, garlic; marinated pork tenderloin (leftover from last night’s bbq); raw carrots; small glass of skim chocolate milk See pic below!
  • Dessert: Yup, I had dessert (weird, I know!).  Dark chocolate with coconut, cherries and almonds all melted together and then frozen.  Mmmm….

Note the Jack Daniel’s bbq sauce that was definitely dalloped on my plate.  Beside the bbq sauce is my blender glass (does this have a name that I’m not thinking of right now?) which now has a huge crack from top to bottom.  When I was blending my soup yesterday, it broke in my hand.  Yikes.  The mixture was hot, but it wasn’t boiling and nowhere in the instruction manual does it say that you shouldn’t put hot stuff in it (yes, I went back to the manual and read it) – in fact, it gives instructions for hot mixtures in the blender!  Gee thanks, Black and Decker.  However, I do think that I’ll be able to get it replaced for free (remember where I work???) and thank goodness because I use it most days.

I just heard this quote by Winston Churchill and thought it would be a great way to end this marathon post. Congratulations if you lasted all the way to the end of it  :)

“The further backward you can look, the further forward you can see.”  Winston Churchill


One Response to “I’m kinda like Costco…”

  1. Allie (Live Laugh Eat) February 2, 2010 at 12:20 am #

    Hey Becky!

    I didn’t even know you read my blog until I got this trackback :) Thanks!

    I have asthma too….SERIOUS asthma and allergies so running in the spring time especially at school is pretty much impossible. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I’ll need a mask or something. It’s a shame because the weather here in the spring is perfect for running. Oh well.

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