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He shoots, he scores!!!

24 Feb

Ok – gonna have to make this quick…  Canada v Russia Men’s Hockey is going to start soon and it’s going to be a great game!!!  Don’t want to miss any of it, so here we go…

Since I had oats for dinner last night, I decided on a bowl of cereal this morning,

This is corn flakes with Post Select Blueberry, a banana, peanut butter, a few raisins and a dusting of cinnamon, all topped off with skim milk.  This was quite tasty, but I sorta scarfed it down because ……yay we just scored!!!!!!  1-0 Canada!!!!

…sorry about that….  anyway, it was because I was running behind, took too much time looking at the giant pimple on my chin  :(

I packed the same snacks for the day as yesterday,

Yes, this is a recycled pic… but why not, when I packed the same things as yesterday and it’s actually the same banana and kabocha!?!  Unlike yesterday, I ate all of these today.  The apple and some almonds from my desk were my morning snack, the kabocha ended up accompanying my lunch and I ate the banana before I went to the gym.

When lunch came, I was absolutely FAMISHED!  On the menu was the leek and lima bean, etc, soup from earlier in the week, along with some yummy orange and red bell peppers.

I only ate a few of the peppers because, as I said, I ate my kabocha for lunch (famished, I tell ya!).  Afterward, I ended lunch in the same manner as I do every weekday,

With a grapefruit!!!  Sorry for the blurry pic, but as you can see from the window, it is A LOT lighter outside at that point compared to how it usually is when I’m packing my lunch (stupid zit…. :P).

Todd and I went to the gym for a quick one today – it was blasting hot in there again – yay we just scored again!!!!!! 2-0 Canada!!!!

Sorry again…..     I really hope they figure out this circulation issue.  Even though I only got about 10 mins of good stretching in and 30 mins of cardio, it was a quality workout.  And on nearly all of the televisions was the USA v Switzerland hockey game and *wow* was it good (you know, without actually hearing any of it….)!

We stopped by the grocery store to pick up some fruit on the way home from the gym and picked up this treat:

This is Doritos Unidentified Flavour II.  Sorry the bag is upside down, but that’s how Todd opened it and I didn’t want to spill chips everywhere.  We tried them and I think they have a kinda spicy tandoori flavour…Todd thinks I’m crazy…  They were definitely interesting though… wow – we just scored again!!!!!!  3-0 Canada!!!!

Dinner tonight started with a spinach and romaine salad, with some bell peppers and red onion.  I had some italian dressing and white vinegar with a healthy grinding of black pepper on top.

Russia just scored….3-1 Canada

Back to dinner…. along with the salad was homemade whole wheat pasta with a fat free cream cheese, garlic, tomato sauce with diced tomatoes, with a side of grilled pork.

Yay, Canada scored again!!!! 4-1 and this is still the first period!!!  Ok – I have to go cheer!!!


Who says pumpkin is just for Thanksgiving???

23 Feb

It’s 730 and I want to go to bed.  That’s not good.  Just one of those days where I’d like to wake up and it’s tomorrow.  Nothing wrong, but just meh.  Besides, my nice toasty bed would feel aaawesome :)

Last night after I posted I felt a little peckish and had this concoction:

This mess that you’re looking at consists of one mashed banana that was heated in the mic for about 30 secs, 10-12 chocolate chips, a drizzle of almond butter and a half dozen rough chopped hazelnuts.  Wow.  Talk about a tasty brainstorm.  I wasn’t sure about putting the banana in the microwave and heating it – I couldn’t figure out if I’d ever had hot banana before.  I still don’t know, but it definitely was good!

This morning I switched things up a little.

An eggpuck with oregano on top of a toasted piece of 12-grain bread with a smear of butter.  I ate this with a couple dots of ketchup on the top.  I used to eat this every. single. morning.  I still would, but my world has been transformed by adding oatmeal to it and putting peanut butter in my cereal.  Soooo tasty.

I packed all of these tasty snacks for my day today,

Usually I daydream about my kabocha until it’s time to eat it, but when I was hungry around 1030, I grabbed for the apple instead (the horror!!!).  The apple was very satisfying.  The kabocha and the banana ended up going uneaten (how, sad!), so expect them to make a repeat performance in the snack category tomorrow!

Lunch was easy to pack.  I took one of the paninis that Todd made last night.

This had chicken, mushrooms, green peppers and mozzarella cheese on a 9-grain ciabatta (Chewbacca).  The spinach in front is to put on the panini once I heat it up and can pry it apart.  Of course, there is my daily grapefruit in the background.  Along with this I had some carrots and hummus:

This bag of carrots has the tiniest little carrots, some of them are as thin as a pencil!  I also put some of the hummus on my panini – good choice.

I didn’t go to the gym today (I still have pain in my quads from my run on Saturday), and was quite happy to take a day off.  Todd went though.  He gets home more than an hour before I do and he usually waits to go until I get home, but today he decided he wasn’t going to wait for me.  I was happy to tell him that I had no intention of going anyway ;)

I was only home for 10 mins before Todd got home.  I folded some laundry and paid a couple of bills.  What an exciting life I lead!  Todd offered to make a big salad for dinner (so glad that he’s not one of those husbands that is afraid of the kitchen…) and got to work at the preparations.  I declined though.  Why, because I couldn’t get this out of my mind:

A big bowl of oats.  This has 1/2 cup of oats, 1 cup skim milk, 1/4 cup pumpkin, big spoon of almond butter, walnuts, 1T chia seeds, and dried cherries.  Breakfast for dinner, yum.  This was perfect.

Err, rather it was perfect.  I’ve been trying to pay attention to this – but I’m pretty sure that almond butter is bothering my stomach.  The last half dozen times that I’ve had it, I’ve found that my stomach hurts within a half hour of eating it :(  It’s now 2 and a half hours later and I can still feel it.  Almonds don’t bother me though.  And peanut butter doesn’t bother me.  Hmm.  I don’t think that I’ll be stopping the almond butter consumption though… (I’ll just complain about the effects :P)

Right before I sat down to write this post, I had one last snack (you know, cause I missed my afternoon one :P)

Salsa and homemade guac on Guiltless Gourmet chips.  Ya, still only think this flavour of chips is meh, but when you load them up….  :)  Even though they weren’t my favourite, I had about a dozen of the chips.

Caitlin mentioned this week that she froze some of her pumpkin.  I can’t get through a whole can of pumpkin before it needs to be thrown out, so freezing it sounded perfect!  I decided to freeze it this way:

The plastic wrap makes for less mess and an easy way to get the pumpkin cubes back out.  You can also wrap the cubes in the plastic afterward – I’m all about reusing!

Ok , got a men’s Olympic Hockey game to watch: Go Canada Go!!!

But before I go… Todd just took a series of pics of Moxie as she’s sitting beside me (yes I have flames on my sweatshirt…).

Oh what a tough life she leads…. :)

Well, that is shocking!!!

22 Feb

We got some snow today.  I shouldn’t be surprised because I do live in Canada, and it is February.  But we don’t get a whole ton of snow here (across the border from Detroit, MI) and I’ve honestly only shoveled 3 times this winter!  I just realized that I should have taken a picture of the snow (duh!), but it’s pretty dark out there right now – so, too bad!  I think we probably ended up with about 5 inches – just enough that everyone forgot how to drive.

Before my slow drive to work, I made this tasty bowl for breakfast:

Hmmm, maybe it doesn’t look so tasty, but I assure you that it was!  This is Post Selects Blueberry with half a banana, peanut butter, and cinnamon.  It hit the spot and kept me full until 11 o’clock when I had my morning snack of Kabocha

I ate this with an unpictured packet of ketchup.  Someone was in the lunchroom when I was grabbing this from the fridge and they couldn’t understand why I’d be eating squash as a snack.  Because it’s good – duh!  Wow, that was my second ‘duh’ of this post – am I 10 years old?

Lunch was some of the leek, lima bean, cauliflower, broccoli and asparagus soup from yesterday.

This soup is definitely better without the asparagus – it changes the texture too much.  I had a couple of dried out pieces of multigrain baguette in my soup and my daily grapefruit.  I also had carrots with my favourite dip of all time,

Hummus!  I can’t believe how many people haven’t had hummus before!  It’s a staple in my fridge and I can’t see going more than a week without it!  Weirdos.  :)

Work passed by today sooooo quickly!  Amazing considering that it’s 1) Monday and 2) my coworker who shares the office with me was sick (it was so quiet!).  Before I knew it, it was time to go home to the gym.  I ate this guy on the way there.  Notice how dark it is when I pack my food up in the morning…

I stopped at home and picked Todd up and away we went.  Todd did weights today and I stretched and stetched and stretched.  My quads are still super sore from my run on Saturday :(  I then took up a spot on an upright bike, turned on my Zune, started pedalling away and read my book!  I never read when I’m doing cardio, I find that my intensity isn’t nearly as high when I’m not focused.  However, today wasn’t about intensity, it was simply about getting my legs moving.

When we came home, we decided quickly to try to use some of the leftovers in the fridge.  Todd had a salad with a panini (with grilled veggies, chicken, and beef burger and I don’t know what else).  I opted for a salad – a ginormous salad.

This was huge.  This is not a cereal bowl.  This bowl is full of spring mix, a little iceburg (for crunch), spinach, red onion, yellow pepper, black beans, smoked gouda, sunflower seeds and walnuts.  I topped the salad with crumbled up leftover veggie patties

I couldn’t seem to get a clear picture of this.  I then topped everything with a little bit of italian and ranch dressings and about an 1/8 of a cup of white vinegar (I love vinegar – any kind – on salad).

All mixed up.  I ate all of the lettuce, but only about half of the fixings.  This will work nicely for a j.a. l. lunch tomorrow (just add lettuce!).  Ya, I just made that up – go ahead, call me a dork  :)

After dinner, Todd brought me my fave frozen gum drops

If you’re a candy fan and you’ve never tried it frozen – you should!  It tastes great and takes much longer to chew, so you end up satisfied with much less!

Today I got an email newsletter from Web MD.  I’m not really a fan of this one, but every once in awhile, they’ll have an article that is quite insightful.  Today was not one of those days.  The title of it was Fat Shockers: Surprisingly High Fat Foods.  The first item on their list –  chicken pot pie.  This is high in fat?  Since when?  Of course it’s high in fat, it’s a pot pie!!! Other surprising high fat foods included:  Ding Dongs, sausage, mini corn dogs, country fried chicken, and chocolate chip muffins – you don’t say…  Seriously, this is surprising to people?  I guess it explains this a little better:  This is why you’re fat.

Hummus 101…

21 Feb

I woke up this morning *extremely* hungry.  Oh, and at 62o.  Ick.  I managed to stay in bed until 7, but had to get up and eat.  I had a banana with almond butter and two giant glasses of water.  The banana reminded me of a butterfly!

In the background is a bowl that just stays on the table, full of these:

I’m a candy fiend and find that these satisfy that craving when it strikes.  And they’re yummy!!!

Todd and I had to run out and do grocery errands this morning.  Before we left, I decided to chow down on some Monterey Jack with Jalapenos.

Our first stop was at the market.  I guess we normally go there on Saturday, because a few of the vendors weren’t open.  We got some great looking produce though and a couple of pounds of bacon from one of the butchers.  This bacon is amazing.  We pay less than what you would pay for commercially packaged bacon and the taste is 10x more flavourful (maybe even more!).  We don’t eat bacon often, but when we do, we want it to be worth it.

Our next stop was to the small grocery market, where I saw tomatillos for the first time.  I’ve only ever seen these in Kitchen Stadium! We just picked up our usual staples from here, but spied a bag of the new Guiltless Gourmet Spinach Artichoke Parmesan Tortilla Chips.  When we got in the car we ripped into the bag (delayed gratification is highly overrated :P) and each tried a couple.  Meh.  Nothing special.  I like all of the other kinds better.

Next up was Costco.  I know lots of people who can’t go in there without spending a couple hundred dollars.  We spent $20, and this is double that we normally spend!  We get most of our bread products from here.  I also got a 1lb bag of spinach, so expect it to show up a lot in the next week.  We hit one more grocery store, for some decent looking Kale and then 4 different stores looking for an oven thermometer.  No luck.  My oven definitely runs hot, but I just want to know by how much.  Between stores Todd and I shared an unpictured banana, because by this time, my breakfast was just a distant memory.

When we got home, I worked at putting everything away, while Todd made paninis with the 9-grain ciabatta buns (Todd likes to call them Chewbacca buns :P) that we just got from Costco, leftover pork and grilled veggies from yesterdays’ bbq and some mozzarella.

We paired it up with some Campbell’s Minestrone soup – served in the cross country ski Campbell’s kids crock today  :)  I dunked my panini in this:

I don’t really remember what I put in here – I know that there is a teensy bit of ranch dressing, balsamic vinegar and I think sour cream (I made it some time ago…).  After I ate it, I realized that I couldn’t remember exactly when I made it – so into the can it went.  Thankfully my tummy found nothing wrong with it.

To up the veggie quota, Todd cut up a bunch or raw veg,

I ate a few of these, but that panini was big!  Oh, and remember the spinach I bought?  I threw a bunch into my panini before I ate it, but forgot that my pic was pre-spinach.

After lunch, I got to using some of the ingredients we just bought and made:

This is leek, lima bean, broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus soup – pre blending.  I also made,

Kale chips!!!  Sorry for the half blurry picture.  I got the recipe for this on Tina’s blog and wow – they were awesome.  Todd tried them and loved them too.  Since the oven was on,

Kaboacha ready for the oven.  This will make for some mighty fine snacks throughout the week.  Finally I (well, actually Todd made it and I documented the process) made hummus.  I have people ask for this recipe all the time and I have trouble telling people how to make it, because it’s not very precise.  So I decided to document the EASY process.

Hummus 101

You will need the following ingredients,

  • 19oz (540mL) can of chick peas
  • salt
  • tahini
  • lemon juice
  • water
  • 4-6 cloves of garlic

Start by getting this guy out,

This is actually the most important step.  You need to rinse your chick peas!  If you don’t they can totally change the taste of the hummus – and not in a good way…

This is the easiest way to do it.  Use your can opener and go nearly half way around, then skip about an inch and start opening again, leaving the last inch unopened.  Then flip the can over (in the sink) and take the entire top off.  When you run the water, the water will go right through the can, but the chickpeas will stay inside!  This rinses them very well.

As the chickpeas drain, add approximately 1/4 – 1/3 of a cup of lemonjuice (realemon, not actual lemon juice)

Next add approximately 1/2 a cup of tahini (sesame seed paste)

Sorry for the crappy picture – Todd scraped the spatula on the side of the food processor – which makes for good practice, but bad pics.

Also add approximately 1/2 tsp of salt

Next up, garlic!  This all depends on how much garlic you like – I like this VERY garlicky and use about 6 cloves of garlic.  You might want to dial it back to 4 or so.

I just realized that we actually put 7 in today!  But it’s kinda old and wrinkly, so it was probably right…

Throw the garlic in and a handful of the chickpeas.

Add approximately 1/2 cup of water,

Mix on high and as it’s mixing add the the rest of the chickpeas.

It should look like this when you’re done:

You can mix it shorter or longer depending on your preference for smoothness, or a few chunks.  Did you notice how I said ‘approximately’ before each ingredient?  This is because it really is by taste.  At this point you need to taste your masterpiece and decide if you need to add more lemon, or garlic, or even water if you think it’s too thick.  It all depends on your own personal preference, but the ratios of the ingredients are as above.  The more you make it, the more you’ll figure out the amounts that are good for you.

The finished product:

For dinner, I decided to have some of this!  I ended up having hummus, bacon (!), coarse mustard, cheese, spinach, avocado and tomato on romaine.

I made two of them – I took the top off one so that you could see it better.  I also had a small bowl of the leek, lima bean (etc) soup, from above, and the bread is to dip in it (I only ended up eating half of the bread – which is from a multigrain baguette – so full!)

Mmmmmm…  All in all it was a very tasty day!

Whew!  That was a long one!!!!

What a wonderful day!!!

20 Feb

What a wonderful day!

Todd and I planned a long run today and as I mentioned here we went to Point Pelee National Park to do it.  This place is absolutely gorgeous (even in the middle of winter) and only 45 mins or so away from us.

To prepare, I ate this when I first got up.

I’m loving all of the circles in this pic!  This is an eggwhite ‘eggpuck’ with oregano on half of a toasted One Bun, with some butter on it, all topped off with ketchup.  Way too much ketchup.  I ended up scraping much of it off.  I have one of those giant Heinz bottles that has some sort of a valve in it that causes you to end up squishing the bottle as hard as you can to start it, and then you get too much.  I guess Fancy ketchup needs a fancy package.

A couple hours later, I ate this for some more pre-run fuel,

This again is a toasted One Bun, but this time with most of a can of tuna, a little mayo (we had no avocados!), mustard, dill pickle brine, garlic and italian seasoning, topped with a bunch of romaine.  It was tasty.  I timed it that I finished about an hour and a half before we would begin running.  I try to avoid milk the morning before (and if possible, the day before) my run.  I find that milk increases the mucous production (tmi!!!) and I don’t need that with the asthma.

On the drive to the Park, we stopped at Timmy’s for a large coffee with cream (oops on the dairy…) and sugar and we actually pulled over about 20 mins later, because I was suddenly quite hungry.  Todd grabbed a banana from the back of the car for me and I chewed it as well as I could and hoped that I was leaving enough digestion time (ended up being about 50 mins, not bad).

I decided that I was going to do 11 miles (eek!) and Todd wasn’t sure if he’d do that far, or a bit less.  When we entered the park, we turned Todd’s Garmin on to see how far the roadway was.  You can see a map of the Park here.  From the entrance of the park to the Tip Exhibit Area (way down at the bottom) was about 5.62 miles.  We decided to park at the picnic area named Pioneer (near the middle of the map).  Todd went to the tip first and I went the opposite way, to the entrance first (because it was further).  He is *not* the world’s slowest runner, so we met up when he was on his way up to the entrance, and I had only run 4.5 miles at that point.  We had a little chat as we passed and both mentioned that we’d seen like 10 wild turkeys in a flock (a herd?).  Todd also saw a possum (in other visits we’ve seen deer…within 20 feet of us!).

Todd clearly finished much before I did, and when I was around mile 8, Todd drove up, parked and then ran along me with some water.  I was very happy to see him.  I had dropped some water at my start, so I rinsed my mouth and had a few sips when I passed by it again at mile 6.  I dropped it back off at mile 7, so I’d have it around mile 10 if I needed it.  Around 8.75 is where I turned around at the Tip Exhibit Area and I hit this sign as I turned around:


This sign marks the 42nd parallel, being the southernmost tip of Canada, this is the only place that the 42nd parallel runs through my country.  Cute sign, eh ;)

I got a little bit of encouragement from a family that was taking pictures at the sign and headed back for the homestretch.  As I approached 9.5 miles, I slowed down *considerably.*  Remembering that I call myself “The Slowest Runner Ever,” you can imagine just how slow I was going.  There were many times where I wanted to walk, but since the first time that I realized that I didn’t have to walk doing a 5 k – I have NEVER walked during a run again.  Today wasn’t the day to walk – although there were quite a few times in the final few miles where I wasn’t sure that this would be the case.  There was one point that I looked down at my Garmin and said to myself, that I didn’t care if I was at an 18 minute pace, I didn’t care, because I wasn’t going to walk.   Now of course an 18 min pace *probably* would be walking, but I wasn’t close to that and I was in a running stance, not walking.  Did I explain that right?

My last mile and a half, I probably looked more like a race walker (but hunched over…usually I have such great posture…) because I was HURTING.  The furthest I have ever run before this was 9 miles.  But Idid it.  At 11 miles I stopped my timer and walked.  To get back to Pioneer, it was a little more than another tenth of a mile.  I was sooooo happy to be done, but I was DEAD.

Here’s Todd’s Garmin,

Here’s mine,

I think I earn the title of “Slowest Runner Ever” rightfully, but how many people can’t run 1 mile let alone 11?  I’m proud of myself!  As my butt gets smaller (umm, have you looked at my stature?  I’m doing this at biggie size :P)  I hope that I only get faster :)

After our run, we had a bbq!!!  We were expecting 3 degrees Celcius, but only managed 1 degree. That’s warm enough to cook outside isn’t it?

Right after my run, I sat down with the best protein recovery drink ever:  Chocolate milk that’s been chilling out in the snow for 2 and a half hours.

Yes it’s in a mason jar and yes I’m in short sleeves.  I had a long sleeve 1/2 zip shirt over top but actually took it off at 3 miles.  That was quite a feat considering that my Garmin and my Zune were on the top layer.  I can’t believe that I was running at that temp in short sleeves (to contrast, Todd actually kept his gloves on the entire time!)…and I was still hot!  Thank goodness for layers!

Here I am stretching it out when I was able to move and had changed out of my sweaty clothes,

Yes, that is a yoga mat on top of a picnic table :)

As I was finishing my run, Todd was getting the charcoal going and then it was bbq time!  We had pork chops and grilled veggies,

As they were cooking, I got some calories and bubbles in me with this,

A banana and a Sprite Zero.  Notice my Olympic Mittens (Go Canada!!!) and also the black mark on my nose.  My sunglasses do that every time I wear them.  It sucks when I forget about it….

The finished product,

Yum.  I ate about 1/3 of a cup of veggies and 1/3 of a pork chop.  That filled me up – except that I felt that I needed some SUGAR to feel better ( I always feel sick when I run more than 6 or so miles…).

Oh look, here’s the elusive Todd!

Such a cutie :)  And this is after an 11 mile run! …wish I looked this good afterwards…  :)

When we left, we drove back home and stopped at Dairy Queen and shared a blizzard!  Wow, I haven’t had one of those in years!  …and probably won’t have another one for years :)

We’ve been home a few hours and I’ve stretched more and feel much better than I have after any longer run that I’ve ever done.  We shared a few Triscuits with melted cheese and black pepper (which were good) and Todd has eaten, but I just can’t seem to.  I shall try though.

We were supposed to go over to a friends’ house and play cards, but I was *not* up to it.  My night tonight is all about the couch.  We’re watching the Olympics now and I think I’ll be in bed within the hour.

If you got through this marathon post – kudos to you!!!

What a wonderful day!

That’s money, baby…

20 Feb

It’s Saturday morning and I was so busy Friday that I didn’t get my post in yesterday!

Friday started off with me not wanting to get up as early as my alarm wanted me to.  I had a little bit of running around to do before I went to work and realized that I forgot to eek out some time for breakfast.  I grabbed the first thing in the fridge that was portable and filling,

Yup, spinach and cheese lasagne.  The breakfast of champions!!!  Wow do I look tired in that pic!  Notice that I have no makeup on.  I LOVE wearing makeup, and used to wear it everyday.  Now I just don’t, because I hate when it runs into my eyes when I’m working out and I can’t be bothered to remove it before!

In my running around in the morning, I managed to pack some snacks,

I had the gala apple in the morning and it was fantastic!  It was so crisp.  Unfortunately, after I ate it, I actually felt hungrier than before I ate it!  That’s not fair!  I had the banana and almond butter in the late afternoon and it stuck much better.  Mmmmm almond butter….

I also packed a tasty lunch full of leftovers from last nights’ dinner

Quesadillas with brown rice and black beans, guac and salsa and shredded lettuce in the closed container.  I packed the lettuce in there so tightly that I didn’t want to take the lid off for the pic – I was afraid that I wouldn’t get it back on.  I cut up the quesadillas then heated them along with the rice then mixed everything together salad style.  OMG it was absolutely a-mazing!!!!  I will definitely be doing this again!

Along with my quesdilla salad, I had my regulatory grapefruit :)

And I had something a little different to finish off,

It’s leftover popcorn!  I love my hot air popper and anytime we use it, we always make a little extra.  Throw it in a tupperware container and it’s just as good the next day!

After work (which was extremely productive, and just a plain old good day!) we headed to my parents’ house, which is about 30 minutes away from me.  We were planning to have dinner and play some euchre.  We sat and chatted for a while and I noticed a lack of food cooking.  My mom said that we were having pizza!  Ummm…. remember last weekend? Ya, definitely hadn’t planned on having pizza so soon.  I loaded up on raw veggies and had just a couple of small pieces and a couple of garlic bread fingers.  It was very good – I don’t think it was in the same realm a last weeks’ pizza, but it was definitely yum.  I was quite satisfied with what I ate, but unfortunately it didn’t sit well in my stomach and I felt kinda ick for a few hours.  Sorry for the lack of pics, I never even thought to bring my camera.

We chatted so much that we didn’t even end up playing cards!  I guess that’s a reason to get together again soon!

When Todd and I got home, we watched Diners Drive-Ins and Dives and had a couple of drinks – not many though – we have a long run to do today!!!  We also opened these,

I’m not much of a cracker person, but I am a Sweet Chili person!  I absolutely lurrrve that flavour!  These did not disappoint.  I had a half dozen of them and they were really good.  It may sound kinda strange, but I think that they would be awesome with a crab dip.  Mmmmm, that may be in my future at some time.

Ok, we’re just packing up to go to the park for our run.  Did I mention that we’re going to have a bbq?  In February.  In Canada.  When the high is only 3 degrees.  Yup, we’re bad ass.

Wish us luck!

I put that *!%# on everything!!!

18 Feb

Not sure why, but I’m looking at my last post, and not all of the pictures are showing up.  They showed up fine when I posted.  Can you see them?

So my day was productive, and I think that I might actually get everything done that I should by the end of the day on Friday.  That will make my weekend a lot less worrisome.  Speaking of the weekend, Todd and I are planning a long run (10 or 11 miles) on Saturday.  We’re going to Point Pelee National Park which is the southern most point in mainland Canada.  We have season passes to the park and love to go there to run.  It’s been a while since we’ve been there and I can’t wait!

Friday is my workout day-off-day, and today I only ran 4 miles, to try to keep my legs fresh for Saturday.  As for my run today, the first 3 miles CRAPPY, but the fourth was good.  I was very happy to see 4 miles appear on my Garmin.  I feel like my legs are really tired and it’s almost like I’m dragging them behind me.  I have high hopes for Saturday though.  And hopefully the weather is something like today’s:  Sunny (for most of my run) and an astounding 3 degrees Celsius!  In February?  I’ll take it!

Before my run I ate this,

This is a toasted One Bun with Peanut Butter and a little bit of…homemade grape jelly!  It was yummy and a nice treat.  However, I don’t know how well it stuck with me, because an hour and a half later (as I was heading out the door for my run), I declared to Todd that I was HUNGRY!  Clearly I couldn’t eat that close to running, but maybe my pre-workout fuel needs to be re-worked.  It’s such a tough line between eating enough to have energy for working out, and trying to lose some weight!

When I got back from my run, Todd already had dinner made,

This is quesadillas (whole wheat tortilla with chicken, red peppers, green peppers, cheese, lettuce, salsa and Frank’s Red Hot) with a side of guac, sour cream and brown rice with black beans.  It was *very* yum and exactly what I needed after my run.  He even cleaned up and did the dishes!  We pretty much split the kitchen duties and I am soooo thankful for that.

Well, tonight will be more Olympics (must remember to tape Survivor!).  The Canadian Men are playing Switzerland tonight.  I’m hoping for a good game!

Rolling on the floor…

18 Feb

Remember how I said that Todd was out running errands (and couldn’t check out the scary noise)?  Well, he went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of things, including

08726.i.FudgeeO by redfrog144.(Source)

I love Fudgee-Os.  In fact, it’s one of the less altruistic reasons that I give blood each month.  So while I do enjoy a treat every once in awhile, I don’t believe I need to have them every day.  The trick is to remember that while the Fudgee-Os are in the house.  I put them in the freezer, but have discovered that the only thing better than a Fudgee-O,is a frozen Fudgee-O.  Although I won’t eat them every day, I had to indulge the first night they were in the house.  I had a pureed banana with one crumbled in for tonight’s snack

And another one as I was making it ;)

As I ate my delicious dessert, I was watching Modern Family.  Have you ever seen this show?  It’s hilarious!  I often have the tv on in the background for noise, but I don’t actually *watch* very many shows.  This and Big Bang Theory are my two favourites.  They both make me truly laugh out loud.

This morning I  had this lovely concoction for breakfast,

Raisin Bran, Cornflakes, cinnamon, 1/2 a banana, walnuts and almond butter.  This left me feeling full, but not uncomfortable like yesterday.  It was also a winning combination!  I just realized that I used to eat egg whites every morning and haven’t eaten them in weeks.  Tomorrow, perhaps?

I packed these for my morning snack.

The funny thing about my office is that it is *very* quiet.  I will be disturbing everyone with these crunchy carrots.  Maybe I’ll offer them around…  Maybe not.  :)

Lunch today consists of leftovers,

Leftover salad (romaine, red onion, broccoli, yellow pepper) with Mustard Dill Vinaigrette

And 2 small veggie patties (which I’ll crumble into the salad once heated). Todd cooked these on the bbq last night along with the beef burgers.  These patties are a-mazing.  I’ll have to share the recipe…  I’ll have to remember exactly what I put in it… Every time is similar, but not exactly the same.

Rounding out lunch is my usual grapefruit with a few pieces of swiss ementhal and provolone.

Today is one of those days where I’m going into work and I feel like I have a zillion things to do – and each thing depends on something else being done.

Wish me luck for a productive (and of course, quick) day!

Uh-huh, I’m a scaredy cat…

17 Feb

As I aid earlier, I was hoping for a good day at work – and it was!  Not only did I get a lot done, but I had my review today (had no idea that it would be today) and I got a raise – yay me!  Of course, I would have loved a bigger raise – but I’m grateful for what I was given.

My cereal *really* stuck with me this morning.  In fact, I didn’t eat my kabocha for my morning snack.  Instead I had just a few almonds from my desk, which was the perfect sized snack.  I ended up eating the kabocha in the afternoon, before going to the gym, with these guys,

Half of a yellow pepper.  I haven’t had raw peppers in a while – I forgot how good they are!  Because I had my review, I ended up having to stay at work late.  This also meant that Todd went to the gym, then I got there just in time to say goodbye, as he was done.  I only spent a 40 mins at the gym, but I worked HARD.  Sometimes the short workouts are the ones where you get the best burn.

Todd had already made dinner by the time I got home (oh, darn!).

This almost looks like the eggplant and black bean patty from yesterday, but it is actually beef!  I can’t remember the last time I had beef.  On the weekend Todd made these patties with extra lean ground beef, onion soup mix, egg and bread crumbs.  He put them on the bbq and wow, yum.  I cut one in half, because they were a little thick for me.  This is on a One Bun with your classic burger toppings: ketchup, mustard, red onion, tomato, dill pickles, cheddar cheese, romaine and relish.  Yum.  It was served with this salad,

This was romaine, red onion, yellow pepper, broccoli, italian dressing, vinegar and black pepper.  You know, there’s nothing quite like a great salad.

I can’t believe that it’s Wednesday already!  Only two more days until the weekend?  Wow, I’ll take it!  No plans for the weekend, except for a long run (for sure) and hopefully get some things done around the house.  Speaking of the house, I heard a noise outside about 20 minutes ago – something hitting the house.  I was too chicken to check it out and Todd was out running errands.  He just got home and of course I made him check it out (that’s my wifely right, isn’t it?).  Turns out someone threw a snowball and it hit our roof.  Scary.  :)

Just give me 15 more minutes!!!

17 Feb

Well, the Canadian men’s team ended up beating Norway 8-0.  It was a great game – save for the first period which was quite timid.  Goal number 6 by Iginla was gorgeous and the eighth goal (also by Iginla) was so amazing that I actually shouted out :)

I watched the 3rd period from bed, because as I stated yesterday, I do want to go to bed earlier.  I ended up turning my light out at least a half hour earlier than normal.  I’d say that this was a success!  However, I still adjusted my alarm in the morning (but just by a mere 15 mins), maybe tomorrow we’ll be able to go sans adjustment.

When I got up I ate this wonderful concoction:

This is raisin bran, corn flakes, a banana, craisins, cinnamon, walnuts, PB and after the pic was taken, skim milk (I’m not one for soggy cereal).  This was absolutely fabulous, but by the time I put everything on it that I wanted – it was huge!  Definitely a half banana next time and the craisins did nothing for it.  As for the walnuts, wow – they are my new favourite thing in cereal and oatmeal.

I packed some kabocha for my morning snack, although as of this point, I don’t know that I’ll need to eat it!  So full….

The little ketchup package is soooo handy.  Even though we don’t eat fast food, we have every kind of little single serving packet you can think of.  Todd has them in his cafeteria at work.  He uses the condiments at work for his food to prevent sogginess, but always end up bringing some home.  My favourites are the little individual soy sauces – talk about handy for lunch!

And speaking of lunch,

I have my leftover salmon piece from the other day with a small potato (wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve had potatoes!) and on the side some carrots and a large grapefruit.  Check out my grapefruit knife!  So many people at work have never seen these before.  They are soooo handy, you just cut the grapefruit in half and cut out each individual segment.  This way you don’t have to eat the tough membrane.

I think today is going to be a great day (that’s the spirit!).  I have a lot to do at work today, so it’s bound to go by fast and then it’s off to the gym!  As per my realization yesterday, I’m going to stay away from the elliptical.  There is another longer tracked elliptical that is more like running than marching that I’ll do though; this machine has never bothered me.  I’m also going to try to go to bed by 930 again, but man those Olympics just suck me in!

Ok, time to work…