They make bbq sauce too???

31 Jan

And she’s back (and better than ever?).  It was kind of a sucky week, but this is the start of a new week and it’ll be better.  I’m sure of it.  In fact, it did start well – did a nine mile run today.  That’s my first 9-miler.  You may remember that I’ve been trying to get an 8-mile run in for quite some time and the world kept conspiring against this (remember the plastic incident???).  So this morning, I decided that I’d skip 8 miles altogether and run 9!  And what a day to decide to do that – very cold and very windy.  I’d like to say that I enjoyed the whole thing – but I absolutely did not.  I’m no quitter though!  It certainly took me quite a while to warm up after getting home  – and I’m still wearing a toque 6 hours later :)

Nothing terribly exciting over the weekend – went and visited the in-laws, visited my parents and played some cards, bought new earbuds ($9.96 woohoo!  Same ones that just died, but they lasted a year and a half – nothing wrong with that!).  Today was pretty much centred around the long run and just relaxing (recovering!).

We just booked our hotel for the Chilly Half (in 5 weeks!).  Just your bare-bones hotel, but it’s a major chain and it has a kitchenette – which we’ll need.  I’m really getting excited for it.  I may be the Slowest Runner Ever, but I will finish, and I will run the whole thing (slowly!).  We were going to stay at one of my friends’ houses – but she’s still 50km away and I’d rather just be down the road.  Funny enough, she’s actually staying at my house that weekend (we live 3 hours apart), because she has a family birthday party here.  Maybe we’ll pass each other on the highway  :)

We’ve also made the decision to do the Martian Half Marathon in Dearborn, MI on April 10th (eek!).  After that, I don’t think I’ll be doing another race until Bran and I do her goal 5k at the end of May or beginning of June.  And then I don’t have any planned (yet, of course) besides the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon in October.  I love what my weekends have become :)

So, what did I eat today (sorry no pics, I need to get better at this…):

  • Breakfast: Wanted something filling and lasting – Onebun toasted with chicken, tomato, avocado, lettuce, mustard and coarse mustard; water
  • After Run Meal: Big glass of skim chocolate milk; leek and lima bean soup (if I didn’t mention it, the recipe I tried for this last week was PHENOMENAL, and this was my second batch); 9-grain ciabatta; 2 crystal light hard candies; sprite zero; water
  • Dinner: Salad of tomato, carrot, red pepper, feta, walnuts, iceberg, romaine, dill-mustard vinaigrette; 2×2 piece of bbq’d pork marinated in soy sauce, and asian sesame dressing (best pork I’ve eaten in my life, by far); 2×3 piece of london broil dipped in Jack Daniel’s bbq sauce; whole grain rotini with tomato sauce, mushrooms and feta; sprite zero
  • Afterwards: I have a glass of 20 Bees 2008 Shiraz breathing on the counter and I intend to enjoy and savour it very soon.

Well, days are over, so Todd will be on afternoons for the next 2 weeks (although much shorter days), which means that I will update more often *slaps herself on the wrist* and perhaps I’ll even have a pic or two!

….Todd just brought me my glass of wine… bye!


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