It tastes much better than it looks…

23 Jan

Good Morning!

For a change, I lounged in bed and read my book for a while after I woke up.  Nice and leisurely, ahhhh.  Now I have crappy tv on and am thinking that I should eat something.

Behold the eggpuck!

An eggpuck (about 3 egg whites) with oregano on 12 grain toast.  There’s a little butter on the toast (fat is not the enemy!) and a smattering of ketchup on top.  Notice my chocolate milk in the background.  Yes, I am 12.  I should be doing 8 miles (need to check the forecast still…might wait for tomorrow) in a few hours, so milk is a good way to get some extra protein and with running 8 miles, the extra calories are needed too!  I just realized that I’m missing a food group here, so I’m going to go grab a banana.

Now I’m off to tidy the abode – it seems like it’s in shambles actually – how does that happen?  One day it’s pristine and the next, kablamo! Mess!  I’m going to try to get my laundry done too (I tell you, my life is just full of excitement!), rather than trying to finish it Sunday night so that I have clothes to wear to work Monday morning!

I’m also going to make some Leek and Lima Bean Soup. The recipe is from my new favourite cookbook:

Besides the Joy of Cooking, this is my FAVOURITE cookbook!  There are sooooo many recipes.  They even give you side dish recipes to pair with the main dish.  And the pictures!!!  Oh, they are bright and beautiful and a picture for every dish! That’s where I feel that the Joy of Cooking is lacking – no pictures!  I’ll let you know how the soup is…

I’ll check in later I’m sure…


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