That pic of me in the bikini was taken in Maui last week…

22 Jan

I just got back from a Jann Arden concert.  If you don’t know who she is, here’s her pretty mug:

The concert was phenomenal.  She has an absolutely amazing voice and is absolutely hilarious.  She could have a comfortable living as a stand-up if she wanted.  Although after 10 albums, I think she’s kinda chosen her career path.  Great entertainment though – she even painted a canvas on stage and was auctioning it off after the concert to support World Vision in Haiti.  Yup, I had a great time.  There were 5 of us and I only knew one girl.  Met 3 other great people though and would excitedly get all together again.

Before the concert, we went to a restaurant called Thai Palace, where I’ve been wanting to go for quite a long time.  The food was awesome.  The decor/atmosphere, awesome.  The service – meh.  However, they were very busy (although our waitress had actually been taught by *two* of the women at my table, so you’d have thought we’d get awesome service!) and I won’t discount them for that.

So glad it’s the weekend.

Tomorrow night (I know, going out two nights in a row? Crazy.), I’m finally going to see Avatar.  I’m really not interested in the whole sci-fi thing, but from everything I hear, I simply *must* see it in the theatre.  I hope it blows my mind – or at least keeps me interested for 3 hours.

My parents also want to get together around lunch on Sunday for coffee.  Last time we got together around lunch for coffee, wine was involved and we said goodbye to them well into the evening hours.  We’ll see what happens :)

Today I was talking to one of my BFFs, Bran (via email, because neither of us are phone fans….hmmm, we should start texting Bran!), and I mentioned that we needed to get together – it’s been way too long (we live 4 hours apart).  Out of the blue I wrote: “Any interest in running?  We could do a 5k together.”  How surprised was I when she replied with an enthusiastic, “Sure!”  I’m sooooooo excited!  We’re going to eek out some training details and then we’ll need to pick a race!  I’m excited for my half-marathon March 7, and it looks like I might be doing another one on April 10 (not sure yet, but I hope so!) – but I would soooooo look forward to running a race with my Bran!

Ok, getting tired.  Time for a recap foodie wise:

  • Breakfast: Two pieces of 12 grain bread with tomato amd mustard dill vinaigrette (have to stop forgetting the oats!); black coffee
  • Snack: Gala apple with almond butter; water
  • Lunch: A mish mosh of brown rice, black beans, feta cheese, sprouts, lettuce, 1/4 cup of chili (weird, I know); half dozen rice crackers with hummus; grapefruit; water
  • Dinner: Tofu and Vegetable Pad Thai; 1 spring roll; large glass of Crew Cabernet Sauvignon
  • After Concert: Vodka with Diet Cherry 7Up

Night all – see you in the morning (oh, and Todd has to work o/t tomorrow, so you will definitely see me in the morning)….


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