Put your teeth away…

21 Jan

I decided that I would make today a post that was a little less discombobulated, so I wrote down points throughout the day when they came to my mind.  Of course, the list is sitting on my desk at work.  So I’ll start with my evening last night…

Todd and I made a date to do a 6 mile run at Malden Park after I was done work.  This would be his first run of any real distance since he ran the Detroit Freepress Half Marathon in October (and hurt his knee).  One mile in, my quads were ridiculously tight.  Painfully tight.  Pulled muscles painful.  Doing my strength training the day before had resulted in a little bit of quad pain, but nothing that I thought would affect my run.  I was wrong.  I finished my 6 miles (because I don’t ever quit…ever) and actually had a good time.  I did it in 1:11:48, which is good for me and a PR (under 12 min miles), but I *am* the SLR (slowest runner ever).  However, I went to get in the car and it was all I could do to get my legs in the vehicle.  My legs were wrecked.  Needless to say, I’m not going to continue strength training until after my half in March.

By the time I got home, I needed help getting across the driveway and up the stairs.  Sad, I know.  I tried to stretch a little, but it was too painful.  Instead, I plunked myself on the couch and didn’t move until it was time to go to work.  Hence, no post last night.  I hope that you’ll forgive me.  :)

I had hoped to go to the gym this morning before work (ummm…still could hardly walk), but that was just impossible.  I wasn’t going after work because today was Blood Donor Clinic time!  If you don’t give blood, you should!  It’s easy and it’s in you to give!  And if you know anything about giving blood, you’ll know that you have to eat cookies when you’re done.  No, really, you do!  I decided to not eat my afternoon snack, because I knew I’d be eating a treasure trove of Fudgeos.  This is the only time I eat cookies – every 56 days when I give blood.

After dinner I did some yoga poses to stretch out my legs and hips (ya, I don’t really *do* yoga, I just choose a bunch of poses and do what I can) and I think that it helped to relax the muscles some.  Before I started this post, I was also in the middle of making a new necklace (jewellery maker extraordinaire!) because I have a girls’ night tomorrow and need something different to wear.  I’ll tell you all about that in my next post though.

So let’s see how today’s food looks:

  • Breakfast: Tuna guac with dill vinaigrette on half a one bun (forgot my oats again and the tuna looked yummy!); banana; water
  • Snack: Two kiwi; handful of almonds; water
  • Lunch: Romaine lettuce with feta, black beans, baked tofu and 3 T of chili; one bun sandwich with hummus, avocado, lettuce, tomato and mustard; large grapefruit; water
  • Blood Donor Clinic Snack: 6 Fudgeos (yes, you read that right…that has to last me 56 days  :P)
  • Dinner: Stir fry with broccoli, yellow and red peppers, bean sprouts, pork tenderloin, snow peas, whole wheat noodles, black beans, walnuts, sweet chili thai sauce, asian dressing and lime juice; diet cherry 7up

Hey – want to see my dinner?  That’s right, I actually took a pic!

Mmmmmm… and notice the chopsticks on the side, you eat slower that way and it’s fun!  My picture taking abilities are improving, but I do wish that you could see the steam rising from the dish.   Delish!

And as I’ve been sitting here writing this post, Moxie well…. she was playin hardcore and got her hair a little messy…and notice the teeth pokin out…lol

A face only a mother could love…


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  1. Breakfast for dinner, mmm mmm mmm… « Flybynyght - May 13, 2010

    […] After you give blood, you’re supposed to sit for a few minutes and have a drink and some cookies.  I always have apple juice and fudgeeos.  I have a slight adoration for fudgeeos and they’re part (of course just a small part..) of my reason for donating blood, as has been documented here and here. […]

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