When being called a loser is a good thing…

19 Jan

Hey- sorry for the 3 day absence, I have to blame it on Todd being on days and me feeling like I’m a visitor to my own laptop.  He assures me that I’m not, but I still feel that way.

I had a good workout at the gym today – the sweat was poring (pouring?) off of me.  I also started a bit of strength training.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do as much as I thought that I would be able to do.  I know that I’ve mentioned it before, but I have a terribly fragile lower back.  There were a few basic moves that I couldn’t do and it caused me to come to the realization that I *really* need to strengthen my lower back.  I also need to strengthen my arms – pushups – ya right.  It was all I could do to do modified push ups (correctly).  I am wondering if this is the right time for me to be starting a strength training program though.  Between my running (the half is in 6.5 weeks!!!) and cross training, it leaves only a small window for strength training.  And then there’s the timing – starting to strength train this close to my race??

Ah well, we’ll see what happens.

What else was exciting today?  hmmm, nothing.  Biggest Loser is starting right now – that always excites me.  And bed excites me – I’m exhausted and plan to be in bed the second that the show is over.  Tired, but good tired.

Wow – I have to apologize for this awful post.  I need to gather my thoughts before I start writing, I think!

On the food front (sorry, no pics), I had a delicious and nutritious day!  Weirdly enough, I just realized that I missed both of my snacks today.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re crazy busy at work.

  • Breakfast: Tuna guac with homemade mustard dill vinaigrette on 1/2 one bun (weird, I know, but it just seemed like it would be tasty this morning!); Timmy’s with cream and sugar.
  • Lunch: Salad with tomato, red pepper, red onion and broccoli; ham and jalapeno monterey jack with lettuce and coarse mustard on a 9-grain ciabatta (panini style); grapefruit; water
  • Dinner: Bbq pork tenderloin kabob with garlic and rosemary; broccoli rabe; squash; salad with tomato, onion, broccoli, red pepper with homemade sundried tomato and oregano dressing; diet cherry 7up
  • I feel that there will be a snack in the near future: Hot air popped corn, touch of butter

Ok – tomorrow I promise that I will have a great post.  If nothing else, I have my 6 mile run tomorrow and I can document everything I see along the way :)    Ok, it’ll be better than that…  Maybe a I need a suggestion for a topic…


One Response to “When being called a loser is a good thing…”

  1. beyondbennett January 21, 2010 at 2:09 pm #

    Just catching up on the blog — love the new format!

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