10 Jan

I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.  Let me back up to yesterday morning and tell you what happened.

Yesterday was my long run of 8 miles and I decided to go to Malden Park where they plow the snow off the trails.  I thought this would be a nice change from having to worry about traffic and about ice.  It’s about a 1.75mile loop and near the end of my first loop, I was suddenly on my back.  I slipped, my legs went straight out and I landed flat on my back.  Hard.  Some people nearby came over to see if I was ok, and I 1)couldn’t hear them because my mp3 player was singing and 2)couldn’t speak because the fall knocked the wind out of me.   So I wasn’t moving and making no response, so I think I had them nervous for a minute, but I was just trying to catch my breath and figure out why I fell.  I took my earbud out and said that I thought that I was ok.  One man pointed out why I fell.  The trail was snowpacked in this area because it was right next to a toboggan hill and the kids would slide right over the trail.  I didn’t slip because it was snow packed, that I could see, I fell because someone had left a piece of clear plastic that they had used as a makeshift sled on the trail.  That’s right I fell because some dipwad left their plastic in the middle of the trail.  even though I was sore and shook up, I decided to do one more lap, but there was no way that I was going to be able to do my 8 miles.  This made me sad and angry.  Today I am very sore and stiff and I actually have one part of my spine that I’m a little nervous about having really hurt.  I have to say that I’m tired of dwelling on this pain though, so I’m not going to delve deeper into my injuries.

Despite that, I had a fantastic day and as exciting as hanging out with my parents was on Friday night, I think that I topped it by having Saturday game night with Todd.  I tell ya, I lead very exciting life.  Here’s a pic of our spread for the evening:

We had a great evening, as we usually do, and I’m thankful that I’m married to someone who I really enjoy spending my time with, and that he feels the same.  I’m not much of a night owl, so I was in bed by midnight or shortly after.

This morning I woke up and had hoped that I would be able to do my 8miler, but my sore body said no.  I did feel good enough to go to the gym though and I had a pretty good workout.  After showering, Todd and I went to a few shops to get some bits and bobs.  Once we got back, I did a little bit of kitchen re-organization, a little laundry and did some reading.  We’ve just eaten dinner and I look forward to some time in front of the tv.  A perfect Sunday if you ask me.

  • Breakfast: Corn flakes, raisin bran, half a banana, natural PB and skim milk
  • Lunch: A one bun toasted with hummus, avocado, spring mix, iceberg, tomato, mustard, and a little pesto parmesan dressing; handful of carrots; 2 large cauliflower florets; glass of milk
  • Snack with Shopping: Large Timmy’s with cream and sugar
  • Dinner: crockpot pork tenderloin, onions, potatoes and garlic; garlic green beans, kale with garlic (yes, I like garlic), spoon of gravy; water
  • Snack: Frozen banana/skim milk puree

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