This is getting to be habit again…

7 Jan

I’s nice being back here for a second post today.  I hope I can keep up the commitment.  There is one barrier though, Todd.  He’s on afternoons this week – and next – and so the laptop is all mine!  When he’s not on afternoons, I have to share (our desktop got hit by lightning a year and a half ago and haven’t felt the need, re: cash, to replace it).  If he didn’t use the computer much, it wouldn’t be an issue; however, he would use the computer all night, every night if I didn’t eek in there.  Now he has no problems giving the puter up to me, and if I ask, I’ll have it within 5 minutes.  But then I have it and I feel like I’m on a timer – even though he constantly assures me that I can have it as long as I want.  Ah guilt, isn’t it a great thing…

So it’s snowing fairly hard right now, and even though I live in Canada, this is something that doesn’t happen everyday in my area (think Detroit: quite cold, but really very little snow… I live directly across the border).  In fact, I shovelled for the first time this winter.  Todd’s shovelled once or twice, but January 7th is my first time this year, and I love it!  Did I mention that I used to live in the heart of the Snow Belt (opposed to the Banana Belt where I live now) and it would be nothing to shovel 4 times in a day. Ewww.

If you remember, I got a Garmin Forerunner 305 for Christmas (yay!), and I needed a name for her.  Well, I decided on ‘Gator’ – as in alligator – which sounds close to Garmin, right?  Well, it works in my head.  However, I didn’t use Gator today, because it was gym day today, no running.  I kicked my ass while I was there.  I had my nearly shoulder length hair down ( just a small headband) and when I was finished, every hair on my head was dripping.  It was great, and I feel great.  I usually use the bike and the longer style (think cross-country ski without the handles) elliptical.  Today I did that and I used the regular EFX (elliptical) and forgot how much of a calorie burner it is.  I went forward and backward and will definitely be adding it into my regular gym days.

What else happened today… Oh, I ate!  Even though I’m not the thinnest of chickas, I eat very healthy and recently have kicked it up a notch.  Wanna hear about the wondrous food I ate today?  Well, if you don’t, then bye-bye!

  • Breakfast: 1/2 cup oats with 1/2 cup skim milk, 1 tsp almond butter, 1/4 tsp brown sugar and a shaking of craisins; Timmy’s coffee with one cream, one sugar; water
  • Snack: Gala apple with 1tsp almond butter; 3 almonds; water
  • Lunch: 8 stuffed grape leaves dipped in vinegar and spicy thai chile sauce; leftover (probably 3/4 cup) rice noodles with mushrooms, spinach, sprouts and walnuts; large grapefruit
  • Before Gym Snack: about 6 grape tomatoes with 1 1/2 oz of mozzarella cheese; 1tbsp of peanut butter on 1 piece of 12 grain bread; water
  • Dinner: Spring mix lettuce with cucumber and yellow pepper, mixed with white vinegar, pesto parmesan olive oil dressing and black pepper; 3/4 cup of whole wheat spaghetti with random tomato sauce from fridge (Todd opened it, not sure what it was), 6 grape tomatoes, half slice of low-fat ham in cubes, shaking of parmesan and black pepper; five organic vegetable rice crackers; glass of milk
  • Snack: Pureed frozen banana and blueberries; water

Ok, just recounting that, sounds yummy!!!  All the experts say that it’s important to keep a food journal and I’ve tried it a few times and it just hasn’t worked for me.  Maybe writing it in my blog will help me in that arena.  Haven’t decided if I’ll do it yet though.  And what if I decide not to post for a day or two – do I still post what I ate?  Wow, boring to read, that’s for sure!  Recently I’ve come across the world of food blogging and these people not only document everything they eat, but they photograph it too!  Wow, what a commitment! I think I’ll include the occasional pic, but the peeps at work might think I was a little crazy if I pulled out my camera every day!

That’s enough for tonight… Laters!


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