as 2009 becomes 2010…

7 Jan

So I’m hoping that this is actually post one of two today…we’ll see.  Hope everyone (*crickets* seriously, do I have any readers left after such a long hiatus?) enjoys the new layout…I love it!

As I said, I want to reflect on 2009:

  • It was a bad year for the economy, and not a good year economically for me – but it could have been so much worse and Todd and I both still have employment
  • Speaking of employment, I lucked into a great job and am thankful everyday that I have it, even though it’s absolutely not what I want to be doing, or what I was ‘meant’ to do.
  • Realized that if Todd and I want to have kids anytime soon, it’ll likely be in our small 2-bedroom house.  That was a big realization to come to
  • I got rid of my lease and am the proud owner of a 2006 Saturn Vue
  • Todd and I continued on our healthy lifestyle change and have absolutely made it our life.
  • Todd ran a half marathon and I couldn’t have been more proud
  • My parents moved to a mere 1/2 hour from me
  • I challenged myself and am doing much more than I ever thought that I could do.
  • Went to Vegas (again…) and loved every second of it.  Every second – we only slept for 18hrs over 5 nights…
  • I’m sure there were many more events that occurred, but right now, I’m lost to what they were.

Ok, so 2010 (is it two thousand ten, or twenty ten?):

  • I will update the ole bloggy more often
  • I’m going start ‘actively’ trying to lose some more pounds
  • I will pay all of my bills on time (I have a habit of not paying them right away, even though I have the cash)
  • I will incorporate strength training again
  • I will start eating more ‘different to me’ foods
  • I want to start hiking/trail running (wish clumbsy me luck with this one…)
  • I want to reduce the amount of meat I eat, and incorporate more tofu (on my way to this one already…)
  • Put more pics on my blog
  • Put aside time to read each day

I’m sure there are many more and I will add them as an addendum as I think of them.

Well, there we go – can’t wait to look back at this in a few months!!  :)


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