6 Jan

I can keep a promise!  How do you like that new layout?  I have to say that I like it much better than the previous one.  Much easier to read.  And it’s cute too!  I updated the ‘About Flybynyght’ page and added some new ones – don’t forget to check them out every once in awhile.

Hmmm…It’s 928 and I’m desperately ready for bed (sad, I know), so I don’t think I’ll have my ‘2010’ entry today.

But as for today… BUSY!  Work was insane for me – as it has been since the holidays.  And I’ve just found out that I get to do a whoooole bunch more work in the same amount of time, with no help and of course, no more cash.  yay me.  And of course, this was all on the day that I do payroll, where I get depressed at how few pennies I earn.  But I digress…

Despite what it sounds like from above, it actually was a good day.  And after work,  I ran 7 miles (as per my half-marathon training regime) and had a boatload of frozen snot on my face to show for it at the end.  I ran in my usual slow pace (1:29:30), but I did it.  When I got home, I had a little trouble regulating my breathing (hi, asthma!) more so than I’ve ever had before.  I felt very off and when I was in the shower, I actually had to get out for fear of passing out.  Not had this happen to this degree before.  I’ll be watchin this one.  Other than that, the run was good!  There was even something new that happened.  My mp3 player died with 1 mile to go.  This is an asthmatic’s worst nightmare (okay, maybe not the worst).  So for my final mile I heard my breathing and all of the lovely cadence that went with it.  It sucked, but you know what?  I still was able to run!  I’ve been afraid that this would happen during a race and that I wouldn’t be able to complete it.  One more running fear conquered.  Yay!

Ok – it’s really time for bed now.  Definitely need to update more though, because I feel that I have so much to say!


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