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They make bbq sauce too???

31 Jan

And she’s back (and better than ever?).  It was kind of a sucky week, but this is the start of a new week and it’ll be better.  I’m sure of it.  In fact, it did start well – did a nine mile run today.  That’s my first 9-miler.  You may remember that I’ve been trying to get an 8-mile run in for quite some time and the world kept conspiring against this (remember the plastic incident???).  So this morning, I decided that I’d skip 8 miles altogether and run 9!  And what a day to decide to do that – very cold and very windy.  I’d like to say that I enjoyed the whole thing – but I absolutely did not.  I’m no quitter though!  It certainly took me quite a while to warm up after getting home  – and I’m still wearing a toque 6 hours later :)

Nothing terribly exciting over the weekend – went and visited the in-laws, visited my parents and played some cards, bought new earbuds ($9.96 woohoo!  Same ones that just died, but they lasted a year and a half – nothing wrong with that!).  Today was pretty much centred around the long run and just relaxing (recovering!).

We just booked our hotel for the Chilly Half (in 5 weeks!).  Just your bare-bones hotel, but it’s a major chain and it has a kitchenette – which we’ll need.  I’m really getting excited for it.  I may be the Slowest Runner Ever, but I will finish, and I will run the whole thing (slowly!).  We were going to stay at one of my friends’ houses – but she’s still 50km away and I’d rather just be down the road.  Funny enough, she’s actually staying at my house that weekend (we live 3 hours apart), because she has a family birthday party here.  Maybe we’ll pass each other on the highway  :)

We’ve also made the decision to do the Martian Half Marathon in Dearborn, MI on April 10th (eek!).  After that, I don’t think I’ll be doing another race until Bran and I do her goal 5k at the end of May or beginning of June.  And then I don’t have any planned (yet, of course) besides the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon in October.  I love what my weekends have become :)

So, what did I eat today (sorry no pics, I need to get better at this…):

  • Breakfast: Wanted something filling and lasting – Onebun toasted with chicken, tomato, avocado, lettuce, mustard and coarse mustard; water
  • After Run Meal: Big glass of skim chocolate milk; leek and lima bean soup (if I didn’t mention it, the recipe I tried for this last week was PHENOMENAL, and this was my second batch); 9-grain ciabatta; 2 crystal light hard candies; sprite zero; water
  • Dinner: Salad of tomato, carrot, red pepper, feta, walnuts, iceberg, romaine, dill-mustard vinaigrette; 2×2 piece of bbq’d pork marinated in soy sauce, and asian sesame dressing (best pork I’ve eaten in my life, by far); 2×3 piece of london broil dipped in Jack Daniel’s bbq sauce; whole grain rotini with tomato sauce, mushrooms and feta; sprite zero
  • Afterwards: I have a glass of 20 Bees 2008 Shiraz breathing on the counter and I intend to enjoy and savour it very soon.

Well, days are over, so Todd will be on afternoons for the next 2 weeks (although much shorter days), which means that I will update more often *slaps herself on the wrist* and perhaps I’ll even have a pic or two!

….Todd just brought me my glass of wine… bye!


at least I’m happy!!!

28 Jan

The best laid plans, I say. You know, I looked at the laptop for hours last night, but didn’t feel like blogging. I didn’t even feel like checking email. I was a little bit blah. Now I have a nice life, and I don’t want to throw myself a pity parade, but yesterday we got some not so good news. Todd will be going down to 5hrs (at best) a day for the next bit – due to the Toyota recall. This is not good. I make crap money and Todd makes ok money – but losing that much time –yikes! But I know that I must count my blessings, and this doesn’t mean that I’m going to lose my house, or that we won’t be able to eat. In fact, Todd is able to use his vacation time to top up those days and he does have a lot of vacation. I have to say that I always feel that it’s one step forward – many steps back. Just when I feel that we’re getting somewhere, something ALWAYS happens. I know to be thankful for what I have, but at the same time, these *things* have prevented many other *things* from occurring and I am not in the place where I would like to be in life. But I must remember that, unlike many others, I am happy.

So much for not having a Pity Party.


Not a fan of clowns here…

27 Jan

Sorry for the lapse in posting…I’ll be back tonight…just thought I should check in.  Until then, here’s something that has kept me laughing for days…

It tastes much better than it looks…

23 Jan

Good Morning!

For a change, I lounged in bed and read my book for a while after I woke up.  Nice and leisurely, ahhhh.  Now I have crappy tv on and am thinking that I should eat something.

Behold the eggpuck!

An eggpuck (about 3 egg whites) with oregano on 12 grain toast.  There’s a little butter on the toast (fat is not the enemy!) and a smattering of ketchup on top.  Notice my chocolate milk in the background.  Yes, I am 12.  I should be doing 8 miles (need to check the forecast still…might wait for tomorrow) in a few hours, so milk is a good way to get some extra protein and with running 8 miles, the extra calories are needed too!  I just realized that I’m missing a food group here, so I’m going to go grab a banana.

Now I’m off to tidy the abode – it seems like it’s in shambles actually – how does that happen?  One day it’s pristine and the next, kablamo! Mess!  I’m going to try to get my laundry done too (I tell you, my life is just full of excitement!), rather than trying to finish it Sunday night so that I have clothes to wear to work Monday morning!

I’m also going to make some Leek and Lima Bean Soup. The recipe is from my new favourite cookbook:

Besides the Joy of Cooking, this is my FAVOURITE cookbook!  There are sooooo many recipes.  They even give you side dish recipes to pair with the main dish.  And the pictures!!!  Oh, they are bright and beautiful and a picture for every dish! That’s where I feel that the Joy of Cooking is lacking – no pictures!  I’ll let you know how the soup is…

I’ll check in later I’m sure…

That pic of me in the bikini was taken in Maui last week…

22 Jan

I just got back from a Jann Arden concert.  If you don’t know who she is, here’s her pretty mug:

The concert was phenomenal.  She has an absolutely amazing voice and is absolutely hilarious.  She could have a comfortable living as a stand-up if she wanted.  Although after 10 albums, I think she’s kinda chosen her career path.  Great entertainment though – she even painted a canvas on stage and was auctioning it off after the concert to support World Vision in Haiti.  Yup, I had a great time.  There were 5 of us and I only knew one girl.  Met 3 other great people though and would excitedly get all together again.

Before the concert, we went to a restaurant called Thai Palace, where I’ve been wanting to go for quite a long time.  The food was awesome.  The decor/atmosphere, awesome.  The service – meh.  However, they were very busy (although our waitress had actually been taught by *two* of the women at my table, so you’d have thought we’d get awesome service!) and I won’t discount them for that.

So glad it’s the weekend.

Tomorrow night (I know, going out two nights in a row? Crazy.), I’m finally going to see Avatar.  I’m really not interested in the whole sci-fi thing, but from everything I hear, I simply *must* see it in the theatre.  I hope it blows my mind – or at least keeps me interested for 3 hours.

My parents also want to get together around lunch on Sunday for coffee.  Last time we got together around lunch for coffee, wine was involved and we said goodbye to them well into the evening hours.  We’ll see what happens :)

Today I was talking to one of my BFFs, Bran (via email, because neither of us are phone fans….hmmm, we should start texting Bran!), and I mentioned that we needed to get together – it’s been way too long (we live 4 hours apart).  Out of the blue I wrote: “Any interest in running?  We could do a 5k together.”  How surprised was I when she replied with an enthusiastic, “Sure!”  I’m sooooooo excited!  We’re going to eek out some training details and then we’ll need to pick a race!  I’m excited for my half-marathon March 7, and it looks like I might be doing another one on April 10 (not sure yet, but I hope so!) – but I would soooooo look forward to running a race with my Bran!

Ok, getting tired.  Time for a recap foodie wise:

  • Breakfast: Two pieces of 12 grain bread with tomato amd mustard dill vinaigrette (have to stop forgetting the oats!); black coffee
  • Snack: Gala apple with almond butter; water
  • Lunch: A mish mosh of brown rice, black beans, feta cheese, sprouts, lettuce, 1/4 cup of chili (weird, I know); half dozen rice crackers with hummus; grapefruit; water
  • Dinner: Tofu and Vegetable Pad Thai; 1 spring roll; large glass of Crew Cabernet Sauvignon
  • After Concert: Vodka with Diet Cherry 7Up

Night all – see you in the morning (oh, and Todd has to work o/t tomorrow, so you will definitely see me in the morning)….

Put your teeth away…

21 Jan

I decided that I would make today a post that was a little less discombobulated, so I wrote down points throughout the day when they came to my mind.  Of course, the list is sitting on my desk at work.  So I’ll start with my evening last night…

Todd and I made a date to do a 6 mile run at Malden Park after I was done work.  This would be his first run of any real distance since he ran the Detroit Freepress Half Marathon in October (and hurt his knee).  One mile in, my quads were ridiculously tight.  Painfully tight.  Pulled muscles painful.  Doing my strength training the day before had resulted in a little bit of quad pain, but nothing that I thought would affect my run.  I was wrong.  I finished my 6 miles (because I don’t ever quit…ever) and actually had a good time.  I did it in 1:11:48, which is good for me and a PR (under 12 min miles), but I *am* the SLR (slowest runner ever).  However, I went to get in the car and it was all I could do to get my legs in the vehicle.  My legs were wrecked.  Needless to say, I’m not going to continue strength training until after my half in March.

By the time I got home, I needed help getting across the driveway and up the stairs.  Sad, I know.  I tried to stretch a little, but it was too painful.  Instead, I plunked myself on the couch and didn’t move until it was time to go to work.  Hence, no post last night.  I hope that you’ll forgive me.  :)

I had hoped to go to the gym this morning before work (ummm…still could hardly walk), but that was just impossible.  I wasn’t going after work because today was Blood Donor Clinic time!  If you don’t give blood, you should!  It’s easy and it’s in you to give!  And if you know anything about giving blood, you’ll know that you have to eat cookies when you’re done.  No, really, you do!  I decided to not eat my afternoon snack, because I knew I’d be eating a treasure trove of Fudgeos.  This is the only time I eat cookies – every 56 days when I give blood.

After dinner I did some yoga poses to stretch out my legs and hips (ya, I don’t really *do* yoga, I just choose a bunch of poses and do what I can) and I think that it helped to relax the muscles some.  Before I started this post, I was also in the middle of making a new necklace (jewellery maker extraordinaire!) because I have a girls’ night tomorrow and need something different to wear.  I’ll tell you all about that in my next post though.

So let’s see how today’s food looks:

  • Breakfast: Tuna guac with dill vinaigrette on half a one bun (forgot my oats again and the tuna looked yummy!); banana; water
  • Snack: Two kiwi; handful of almonds; water
  • Lunch: Romaine lettuce with feta, black beans, baked tofu and 3 T of chili; one bun sandwich with hummus, avocado, lettuce, tomato and mustard; large grapefruit; water
  • Blood Donor Clinic Snack: 6 Fudgeos (yes, you read that right…that has to last me 56 days  :P)
  • Dinner: Stir fry with broccoli, yellow and red peppers, bean sprouts, pork tenderloin, snow peas, whole wheat noodles, black beans, walnuts, sweet chili thai sauce, asian dressing and lime juice; diet cherry 7up

Hey – want to see my dinner?  That’s right, I actually took a pic!

Mmmmmm… and notice the chopsticks on the side, you eat slower that way and it’s fun!  My picture taking abilities are improving, but I do wish that you could see the steam rising from the dish.   Delish!

And as I’ve been sitting here writing this post, Moxie well…. she was playin hardcore and got her hair a little messy…and notice the teeth pokin out…lol

A face only a mother could love…

When being called a loser is a good thing…

19 Jan

Hey- sorry for the 3 day absence, I have to blame it on Todd being on days and me feeling like I’m a visitor to my own laptop.  He assures me that I’m not, but I still feel that way.

I had a good workout at the gym today – the sweat was poring (pouring?) off of me.  I also started a bit of strength training.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do as much as I thought that I would be able to do.  I know that I’ve mentioned it before, but I have a terribly fragile lower back.  There were a few basic moves that I couldn’t do and it caused me to come to the realization that I *really* need to strengthen my lower back.  I also need to strengthen my arms – pushups – ya right.  It was all I could do to do modified push ups (correctly).  I am wondering if this is the right time for me to be starting a strength training program though.  Between my running (the half is in 6.5 weeks!!!) and cross training, it leaves only a small window for strength training.  And then there’s the timing – starting to strength train this close to my race??

Ah well, we’ll see what happens.

What else was exciting today?  hmmm, nothing.  Biggest Loser is starting right now – that always excites me.  And bed excites me – I’m exhausted and plan to be in bed the second that the show is over.  Tired, but good tired.

Wow – I have to apologize for this awful post.  I need to gather my thoughts before I start writing, I think!

On the food front (sorry, no pics), I had a delicious and nutritious day!  Weirdly enough, I just realized that I missed both of my snacks today.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re crazy busy at work.

  • Breakfast: Tuna guac with homemade mustard dill vinaigrette on 1/2 one bun (weird, I know, but it just seemed like it would be tasty this morning!); Timmy’s with cream and sugar.
  • Lunch: Salad with tomato, red pepper, red onion and broccoli; ham and jalapeno monterey jack with lettuce and coarse mustard on a 9-grain ciabatta (panini style); grapefruit; water
  • Dinner: Bbq pork tenderloin kabob with garlic and rosemary; broccoli rabe; squash; salad with tomato, onion, broccoli, red pepper with homemade sundried tomato and oregano dressing; diet cherry 7up
  • I feel that there will be a snack in the near future: Hot air popped corn, touch of butter

Ok – tomorrow I promise that I will have a great post.  If nothing else, I have my 6 mile run tomorrow and I can document everything I see along the way :)    Ok, it’ll be better than that…  Maybe a I need a suggestion for a topic…

Eminem and I have something in common…

13 Jan

Another fantastic day.  Is it that my days are really that good, or is it that I’m looking at them differently?  I started my day a half hour early, thanks to my bladder.  When I opened my fridge looking for my oats, I realized that I forgot to prepare them last night.  Boo.  But I didn’t let it ruin my day and I gave myself permission to get a coffee on the way to work, even though I’d already stopped twice this week.  I’m one of those rare people that don’t need any sort of caffeine throughout my day, but I do enjoy a warm bevy in the morning.

The sun was out all day today – I hope this becomes a trend!

Went to the gym after work – it was supposed to be a run today – but the weather guy says that it’s supposed to be 4 degrees warmer tomorrow, so I thought I’d wait.  Besides, I really kicked it up yesterday and I think I’ll need some fresher legs for my run tomorrow – 8 miles!  You know how I keep saying that the gym has been crazy (of course!)?  Well, today it was dead.  I’d say that there were a quarter of the cars in the parking lot compared to yesterday.  I had a good workout (15 mins on the bike – hills, 10 mins on the elliptical, 10 mins backwards on the elliptical) and some fantastic stretching.  I could have done more, but like I said, 8 miles tomorrow!

I’ve been updating my training schedule (did I tell you that I’m running a half marathon March 7? Eek!), because there is a difference of two weeks between the end of my training schedule and my race.

It looks like I was studying…oh how I miss studying (weird, I know).  Don’t I look cute staring back at you from my runlogger page?

And while I had my camera out, I decided to take some pics of dinner.  But first, the rest of my unpictured day:

  • Breakfast: 1pc 12 grain toast with 3 egg whites – puck style and smattering of ketchup; 1/3 banana; large Timmy’s with cream and sugar
  • Snack: 9 almonds (ya, I counted)
  • Lunch: leftover coconut curry tofu from dinner last night; spring mix with pesto parmesan/white vinegar/balsamic vinegar; large grapefruit
  • Pre-Gym Snack: 1pc 12 grain with natural pb
  • Dinner: Some of the leftover tofu from last night mixed with green beans, quinoa and black beans, with soy sauce; carrots; cauliflower; hummus; guacamole (avocado, tomato, Victorian Epicure guac mix, hot sauce); 2 garlic stuffed olives; water.  Better yet, you can see it!

And for dessert….

My hand looks kinda wonky in this pic.  Notice my water bottle in the background, it does a body good.  There may have been a few more of these chocolate mints several hours later.

  • Snack because I’m running 8 miles tomorrow: I just finished ~10 onion rice crackers with hummus, guac and mozzarella cheese.

Ok – I’m pretty tired, and this entry has taken me for-ever (and I feel like I’m forgetting about something).  I’m going to finish getting my stuff ready for tomorrow (including my oats!) and hit the hay.  Plus, my book is very enjoyable – it’s quirky, lighthearted and written in a way that it’s perfect for reading before bed.

Night all!

    Just realized, I ate no meat today…

    12 Jan

    I feel that I am coming along in the transformation that I set out for myself a year and a half ago.  I also feel that my blog is being transformed.  I think that the posts of the past few weeks are a better reflection of who I am now, than what my blog entries of the past state.  Not that there was anything wrong with my older entries, in fact, many are quite entertaining (at least I think so!).  Because of this, I decided to lock ’em up!  However, I’ll give you the password for them – you just have to write a comment asking for it and it’s yours, whether I know you in real life, in cyberspace or not at all!

    That all being said, remember that when you read my blog, to keep this in mind.

    Today has been a great day ALL DAY.  I jumped out of bed, hoping for a few more minutes of sleep, but knowing I didn’t need them as I had a great night’s sleep.  I enjoyed my breakfast instead of having to rush around and stopped at Timmy’s on my way to work.  Work was very productive and went nice and quickly!  It was also great to see that the sun was actually out for most of the day today – it’s been quite a long time for that.  My plan was to go to the gym after work, but seeing the sun out made me want to go for a run!  I didn’t think my body was quite up to my 8miler that I had disrupted on Saturday (still QUITE sore), but I knew I could bang out a 5k.  Because it was a shorter run than I’ve done in a while, I was actually able to get home before dark, and in the sun no less!  I decided that if I was still feeling energetic, I’d go to the gym! …it is a whole whopping 1 block from my house.  After a change from my sweaty shirt, I did some great stretching and hopped on the elliptical.  I did ten minutes forward, ten backward and then moved over to the bike.  I did 15 minutes of hills and felt wonderful.  I stretched everything out again and headed home, very satisfied with my activity today.  Now, just to try to add some yoga into this…

    When I got home I whipped up a little dinner and felt inspired to just throw some things in a pan.  I came up with tofu marinated in olive oil, curry and garlic, with sprouts, coconut, green beans and quinoa.  It was very yum.  Todd wold have looked at that and declared that he’d have a sandwich instead.  Not a huge fan of tofu (at least when it’s cubed and looks like tofu) and he’s not a fan of curry, so I try to eat the things he’s not keen on when he’s on afternoons and I eat alone.  Like the rice paper wraps I had last week.  Mmmmm.  The funny thing is, when Todd’s on days, he’s the cook 90% of the time.  I have re-discovered my love of cooking though and hope that this will change (sorta, it’s always nice to have a meal made for you!).

    Now I’m watching the Biggest Loser and as much as the weight loss is not realistic for people not working out 8 hours a day, I find it incredibly inspiring to see how hard these people work and to watch them turn into the people they want to be.  Off to bed when it’s over; going to spend some time reading my new book and then I’m going to have an awesome night’s sleep and have a great day again tomorrow!

    • Breakfast: Overnight oats with skim milk, almond butter, 1/2 banana, dried cherries, 1T of chia seeds; large Timmy’s coffee with cream and sugar
    • Snack: 2 kiwis; water
    • Lunch: Whole wheat noodles with sprouts, black beans, Asian dressing; spring mix with pesto parmesan/balsamic vinegar; piece of pita and 4 carrots with hummus; large grapefruit; water (sounds like more food than it really was….maybe I should be taking pics…)
    • Pre-Workout Snack: 1 piece 12 grain bread with natural pb; small gala apple with 1tsp almond butter; water
    • Dinner: Coconut curry tofu with sprouts, green beans and quinoa; 6 brown rice vegetable crisps; chocolate milk (:P); water

    *Sidenote – I actually thought about taking a pic of my dinner, but saw that Todd borrowed the batteries from the camera for something else.  Maybe tomorrow…  :)

    I guess I feel more like reading than writing…

    11 Jan

    So I don’t have much to say… Shocking, I know.

    Had a good workout at the gym today.  In true January form, it was crazy busy.  In fact, I think it was busier this Monday than it was last Monday.  When I see a new person working out, I say a ‘good for you’ under my breath and wish them good luck in their journey.  I try not to judge:  judge what they’re doing, judge how they’re doing it, or judge them.  I have to admit, this isn’t easy and I have to always remind myself not to judge others – I don’t know them or anything about them.  I know that if someone were to judge me on their first glance, they’re probably gonna be completely wrong.

    Just saw the most awesome musical montage on How I Met Your Mother…loved it!

    I feel like I should be cleaning.  Usually on Sunday I tidy the house up and get it looking less like a bomb went off.  This Sunday, no such luck and one untidy house remains.  Instead, I’m sitting here writing absolute crap.  Sorry ’bout that.

    So perhaps I’ll sign off for the night…

    • Breakfast: Overnight oats with almond butter, 1/3 banana and dried cherries
    • Snack: 2 kiwis; small banana with almond butter; ~10 almonds
    • Lunch: Leftover pork tenderloin, potato, green beans and kale; handful of carrots with hummus; large grapefruit
    • Pre-Gym Snack: 1 slice whole grain bread with natural peanut butter
    • Post-Gym Snack: 5 rice crisps; 2 jelly beans with 2 chocolate balls
    • Dinner: Whole wheat noodles with red pepper, sprouts, peanuts, black beans, pork, soy sauce and tbsp Asian sesame dressing; milk; water